SENTRY SAFE Electronic Lock and Card Swipe Security Safes

  • Published: 06 July 2013
  • Hi this is Josh from Sentry Safe. I am here to tell you everything you need to know about our Card Access Security Safe in 60 seconds or less. Let's put up a clock. Our Card Access Security Safe is a small capacity security safe with solid steel, it's designed to hold electronics, cash, jewellery, valuables. It's the perfect size for an office, for a dorm, for your home. It's got predrilled holes and it comes with bolt-down hardware so it can be secured through the back or through the floor. Entry to the safe can be gained through our simple and easy card access lock. First there is the traditional programmable code. You will notice they are motorised bolts and the spring assisted hinge open the door for you, there is an LED light that makes it easy to navigate the interior. You can also use any magnetic card, so I have got a Dunkin' Donuts gift card. Any card with a magnetic strip can be programmed. I hit the programme code button, swipe the card, locks the door. Same card can be used to open the door at any time. Those are all the great features in our Card Access Security Safe. This is Josh, keep it safe.

    SENTRY SAFE Electronic Lock and Card Swipe Security Safes
    * 2 live-locking bolts for more security
    * May be bolted to floor (hardware included)
    * Bolt-down hardware included as an additional bonus
    * Solid steel, pry-resistant door and body protect against unauthorized access
    * Interior LED light provides quick and convenient access to important documents and valuable

    The SentrySafe H060ES provides the ultimate flexibility with a reprogrammable electronic lock with the option of a key pad or card swipe entry. An interior LED light makes searching for important valuables and documents easier when the safe is stored in a dimly lit setting such as a closet floor. Ideal for hotel and tenant environments, the safe's solid steel construction, pry-resistant door and 2 live-locking bolts help protect against unauthorized access.

    H060ES, HL100ES

    ***Detailed Specs & Low Pricing on the SENTRY SAFE Electronic Lock and Card Swipe Security Safes CLICK BELOW*** - Sentry Safe
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Comments • 19

  • Monkeylove718
    Monkeylove718  2 years back

    does any card swipe work? or it has to be programmed?

    • 1331sgreen
      1331sgreen  4 years back

      This safe is bad because if a bad guy breaks in he swipes any card and he's in

      • Timothy Snyder
        Timothy Snyder  2 years back

        You can use any card, but once you swipe it to program it that card you used is the only one that can open it.

    • shane becker
      shane becker  4 years back


      • Jay Sensation
        Jay Sensation  4 years back

        someone had sold me this safe from off the streets and i installed it in my floor and and wall and been using it for 2 weeks and i forgot the code and can not open my safe to pay my rent what am i to do

        • MattVlogs
          MattVlogs  5 years back

          How to remove the lock cap ?

          • Mono MachinesLLC
            Mono MachinesLLC  5 years back

            Hi Raen! You should be able to unscrew and remove the key lock cap by hand. Try turning it to the left to unscrew until it easily comes off. 

        • tranehg vj
          tranehg vj  5 years back

          hello excuse my safe is closed and can not open it with the key can do

          help me

          • OChimp
            OChimp   5 years back

            @tranehg vj It sounds as though you may need to call Sentry for some technical support and troubleshooting help. You can reach them at 800-221-6879.

          • tranehg vj
            tranehg vj  5 years back

            @OChimp if I have the key but will not open with the key.
            turn the key but does not rotate, I think this blocked

          • OChimp
            OChimp   5 years back

            Sorry to hear of your troubles. Here is the link to Sentry's site where you can order a new key for your safe. You will need to provide:
            1. Safe Model
            2. Lock/Key #
            3. Serial #
            4. Notarized statement of ownership

        • Jack Greener
          Jack Greener  6 years back

          I am really sorry i didn't no when it has ... At bottem it means there is more sorry :(

          • Jack Greener
            Jack Greener  6 years back

            And sorry i meant when I get one if you swipe your card will somebody else be able to come swipe there card after so there card does like can you change witch card you use like you are using that one could you get another card and open it with that .sorry if you don't understand .

            • Jack Greener
              Jack Greener  6 years back

              Sorry i am doing lots of work i have not got that safe but think i am getting one i was just wondering sorry

              • Jack Greener
                Jack Greener  6 years back

                My safe is locked now but is different my dad is going to hit it with hammer is there another way and on that safe after you swipe card can another person come with there card swipe then swipe again so there card controls or is it like first swipe card is the only one thank

                • OChimp
                  OChimp   6 years back

                  Hi Jack, sorry to hear you're having issues opening your safe. There is a master override key that comes with the safe, which allows you access to the safe should the code or card you use be lost. Once a card is swiped, only that specific card will open the safe. If someone were to swipe a different card, the safe would not open. If you no longer have the master key, you can visit Sentry's website for a replacement form.

              • TurboTonyG
                TurboTonyG  6 years back

                Does it have a key backup?

                • voflbcr numnumnum
                  voflbcr numnumnum  9 months back

                  @OChimp how do you use them? I just reordered my keys and can not access my box. Batteries died

                • OChimp
                  OChimp   6 years back

                  Yes, these safes come with two Master Override Keys.