KORE Essentials Trackline Belt 1+ Year Review


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    KORE BRAND  2 years back

    KORE GUN BELTS  >>  http://www.KoreEssentials.com
    Our Concealed Carry EDC belts feature an indestructible, hidden track sewn into the back of the belt that provides over 40+ sizing positions in 1/4" increments. The Result >> is a perfect, secure fit that gives you a smooth fast draw. The belts made in Top-Grain leather or Nylon Web tactical (1.5" wide). Leather gun belts fit 24" to 44" and the tactical are 24" to 54".  Thanks to Reloading from the Hot Pot for the great review !

    • Reloading from the hot pot
      Reloading from the hot pot   2 years back

      Thank you for taking the time to watch KORE BRAND I really am happy with the belt and will continue to wear it on a daily.

  • Sean Hadley
    Sean Hadley  3 months back

    I've bought several different reinforced type belts over the years for CCW and Kore is far and away the BEST, hands-down, that I've ever worn. Easy to size and assemble right out of the box. The quality is outstanding and made clipping my holster and spare mag holder a breeze.

    • Robert Ditaranto
      Robert Ditaranto  3 months back

      Thanks Brother! You helped me make up my mind.

      • Jimmy Woolard
        Jimmy Woolard  4 months back

        I have Kore's x3 buckle with tactical belt and its outstanding!!! Cant say enough about the quality and construction. This belt can literally stand on its own. The click adjustments are perfect when you need a little more adjustment for a heavier carry. These Kore belts put the old duty belts to shame. Wish I would have had it when I was a correctional officer.

        • Michael Choma
          Michael Choma  5 months back

          I agree the KORE belt is outstanding. High quality and a great fit due to the ratchet system. I carry appendix with the buckle slightly off center and it is both comfortable and concealing. I have been carrying for 30 years, and it is by far the best belt system.

          • sean mehen C.
            sean mehen C.  8 months back

            I previously had a competitors belt that kept busting. But the Kore tactical belt is solid, and my pants stay on with comfort, haha!

            • The Green Man
              The Green Man  9 months back

              have been wearing my Kore gun belt on a daily basis for the last 7 weeks and I feel comfortable saying that this is the best compromise between a traditional leather gun belt and a full on law enforcement duty belt on the market. It's extremely sturdy and will easily support full size steel duty pistols in needed yet comfortable enough to wear casually all day. Excellent value for the cost.

              • Joel Gross
                Joel Gross  10 months back

                I wear a kore belt to carry OWB and IWB 9mm easily. If you don't carry a weapon on a heavy duty belt you're missing an integral component of concealed carry. This belt supports a semi-auto pistol, small and large, along with two spare mags easily. And even if you don't carry a weapon, it is a fine dress belt if you like a fully adjustable belt - easy on easy off. It is unbelievable well made and I love the ratchet buckle. You can back out the screws on the buckle, slide the felt under them, tighten them with the supplied allen wrench, and then use a pliers and towel to seat the teeth on the buckle clasp. I sincerely believe that this buckle will not separate in my lifetime. I liked the brown so much that I decided to buy another black and another buckle along with other KORE products If you like a well-designed product that had some thought into it, this is the belt. This is not some cheaply-made belt and buckle system! It is really well-designed, well-made and available at a great price! I love to ratchet this belt and it is SECURE! I used to have a great grip, but cutting this belt to size required some great effort! So I bought an oversized pair of scissors that I intend to test on my next belt You owe it to yourself to a KORE belt. It is so well made and so comfortable. Especially if you carry concealed. A heavy duty gun belt like this is a requisite.

                • Paul Castañeda
                  Paul Castañeda  10 months back

                  Quick question, are the belt buckles rust proof? Thanks!

                • Rosemarie Nechamyah Naphtali Randolph

                  My Kore belt is by far the best gun belt I've purchased. I wear it everyday with full size and compact firearms. The adjustable track on the belt is genius. This belt gives you the most comfortable and secure fit I've ever had. It's a good feeling knowing that you have a belt that will support your firearm, holster, extra magazines and give you a smooth draw.

                  • Steelsig
                    Steelsig  1 years back

                    I have a kore tactical belt and it's the best gun belt I have ever owned!  And I've actually owned a number of them.

                    • usarbo
                      usarbo  1 years back

                      To say I’m a fan of these belts is an understatement. I own 2 gun belts and 2 fashion belts. (Brown & Black). I can use the fashion belts for my small firearm. I could never go back to a standard belt after these. The adjustability of these have changed the game, always comfortable with great fit.

                      • jason edmonds
                        jason edmonds  1 years back

                        I have many “tactical” gun belts and my kore belt is by far the best. Having the ability to adjust the belt so easily and in such small increments makes all the difference when carrying a firearm.

                        • Drew McFarland
                          Drew McFarland  1 years back

                          In regards to gun belts, Kore belts are far and above the best for the job. Mine is stiff and keeps my fire arm very secure. It really takes on the weight and distributes it evenly across the belt, I don't feel like its pulling down the front of my pants or that my gun is sagging. To put it simply, this belt is absolutely great.

                          • theparadox101
                            theparadox101  1 years back

                            I bought a Kore X3 model gun belt in anticipation of getting my CHL permit and I decided to try it out as a regular belt prior to carrying a gun on it. I have to say that I greatly enjoy this belt. It allows me to adjust it to whatever is comfortable whether sitting or standing while being discrete. Once I started carrying, I noticed how the belt was perfect at holding the gun (XDM 3.8" compact) and the holster (Vedder Lighttuck) without being uncomfortable, which was a concern that I had due to the size/weight of the gun on an average sized guy. The belt has been great and my dad gave me a great comparison. He started carrying his ccw (M&P shield) in his holster (Vedder Lighttuck) with his normal every day belt. He told me that since his gun was small, he didn't figure that it needed a better belt. Let me summarize by saying that he is really looking forward to receiving his father's day gift of a Kore X3, since his regular gun belt has not held up well or done a good job of keeping the holster in place when he practices drawing his firearm. I have been extremely impressed with the quality of the Kore belt, it makes carrying a breeze and it doesn't scream "Tactical!" to any anti-gun friends of mine. It is just a great all-around belt and I would definitely recommend it.

                            • Jason Privitera
                              Jason Privitera  1 years back

                              I've had the Kore tactical belt couple of weeks and I am very happy with it. Looks and performs fantastic. Very comfortable for concealed EDC. The track system provides an almost custom fit. The belt itself is very sturdy. The only knock I can think of is getting used to a very rigid belt. But even the belt seems to be breaking in day by day. Overall it's a great belt!

                              • Paul Hollenbach
                                Paul Hollenbach  1 years back

                                After having quite a few gun belts and even regular belts, the Kore belt is by far the most comfortable and easiest belt to adjust. It;s definitely worth the buy for sure and holds everything so much better then my last gun belt.

                                • Mark T
                                  Mark T  1 years back

                                  Love this Kore belt. The ratchet system seems very durable. I can cinch this up tight as I need and it's solid. Keeps stuff securely in place. Best pistol belt made. It also has a great look for an every day belt. Still quite fashionable.

                                  • Martin To
                                    Martin To  1 years back

                                    do you have issues with the buckle's teeth damaging the belt and canting the angle of the belt? ive had this issue with slide belts and mission belts of the same ratchet design

                                    • KORE BRAND
                                      KORE BRAND  1 years back

                                      @ Martin - KORE reinforced gun belts (1.5" wide) have a strong inner core designed to support small to medium weight firearms. Mission belt and slidebelts are NOT gun belts and NOT designed to support extra weight, but merely fashion belts. At KORE we also make men's fashion track belts too, that are not interchangeable with our gun buckles and belts. See KORE gun belts here - https://www.koreessentials.com/collections/gun-belts

                                    • Reloading from the hot pot
                                      Reloading from the hot pot   1 years back

                                      Martin To no issues at all, I have 2 of them and expect them to last me for a long time

                                  • John 4Corners
                                    John 4Corners  1 years back

                                    I got one and the belts and buckle are high quality. The stiffness of the belt keeps my holsters firmly in place and allows for flawless quick draws. I purchased an extra belt and now wish I would have bought a buckle with it.

                                    • Owen Hayward
                                      Owen Hayward  1 years back

                                      My Kore belt is great, it looks really good and can be worn with dress cloths. When it comes to the use of carrying a gun it does a great job at that as well, it is very rigid and will not flex even when supporting a gun I carry a glock 19 gen 5 and it holds the weight perfectly, the Kore track line system is the best thing about it there are a ton of minute increments so you get the perfect fit unlike most belts, it's very sturdy and has a quick release, I have recommended this belt to everyone I know, whether they carry a gun or not.

                                      • JettyDeke
                                        JettyDeke  1 years back

                                        I bought this Kore gun belt to carry my Glock 19 with but it obviously does very well with my Kahr also. I have been wearing it to work also just on a normal day where i can't carry. It's a very comfortable belt, that sizes perfectly to your waist.

                                        • Dustin Cleveland
                                          Dustin Cleveland  2 years back

                                          Great video man. If you order any more use the discount code "save15"
                                          It obviously saves you 15% lol I just guessed a couple of times and found it out. I ordered mine today

                                          • Mitchell Nebrosky
                                            Mitchell Nebrosky  2 years back

                                            This is my first and last belt i'll ever buy.. I never had any type of gun belt and I needed one for my new p10c. I received my new kore belt in the mail about 5 business days after buying it and opened it immediately and wore it. I wore it with no gun at first because i wanted to try it without it and see how comfortable it is. It is the most comfortable belt I've ever worn, it kept my pants up, and it was super light! I love it! It is the Alpha and Omega of belts. I am already looking at buying another kore belt !! Worth the money and time!!

                                            • William Powell
                                              William Powell  2 years back

                                              So as you have already heard this Kore belt is a great gun belt. It's true. I am also using it with semi formal wear as it is also very comfortable partially due to the "click" way of adjusting. Just bought my third Kore belt, this one "Tactical," to use as my 3 gun belt for comps. very nice and am liking it better than the regular competition 2 belt (outer belt stiff) design i have used for the last 2 years. All Kore gun belts are stiff and that feature makes carrying much more comfortable and stable.

                                              • Matthew Johnson
                                                Matthew Johnson  2 years back

                                                I have to say, that this is a great gun belt! i really like the X4 Buckle it is very nice and looks great! also have the X2 and that is a great buckle too you can not go wrong with either buckle. i have wore a gun belt for over 20 yrs and the Kore belt is by far the Best GUN Belt i have ever wore. For those who have wore a duty belt (a good Duty belt) you can now have that level of stability it a belt for off duty carry. i purchased the Tactical Gun Belt because I'm one size bigger than their leather belt but I'm so happy that i chose their Tactical belt, it is the one i choose over all the rest and i put my money were my mouth is. I have already bought 2 more (1 Tan 1 Black) so that i can have them ready for different load out options .Keep up the great work on these great products. also the Kore Bi-fold wallet is very nice as well.

                                                • Rick Tysinger
                                                  Rick Tysinger  2 years back

                                                  This is without a doubt the best gun belt I've ever owned, and I plan on getting more!! It's fantastic how quick and discrete the belt can be adjusted to tighten as well as loosen the belt. For me it's a perfect belt for EDC.

                                                  • Rick Tysinger
                                                    Rick Tysinger  2 years back

                                                    This is without a doubt the best gun belt I've ever owned, and I plan on getting more!! It's fantastic how quick and discrete the belt can be adjusted to tighten as well as loosen the belt. For me it's a perfect belt for EDC.

                                                    • L G
                                                      L G  2 years back

                                                      The Kore gun belts are top notch. The buckling mechanism works extremely well and the leather is very high quality. This is my third belt from Kore - I wear them every day now, whether I am carrying or not and have started throwing out all of my old belts.

                                                      • Rudy Angelos
                                                        Rudy Angelos  2 years back

                                                        My kore belt is by far the most rugged and comfortable gun belt I've ever used. Very intuitive and clever design, and built to last. The only belt I've worn that makes me forget that I am carrying my firearm. 0% sag, holds its shape remarkably well, and really makes concealed carry effortless in the comfort department !

                                                        • Rafael Matos
                                                          Rafael Matos  2 years back

                                                          These Kore belts are the BEST EVER! I ended up buying all four gun belt styles and all four buckles. I wear them every day. As I mix and match the 16 possible combinations, it's like having 16 practical belts that work perfectly with my firearm, and look good!!!

                                                          • Jeff Atwood
                                                            Jeff Atwood  2 years back

                                                            I've worn my Kore gun belt 6 days a week for the past 2 years and it still looks and functions like new !  You can't beat it - it's an awesome belt !

                                                          • Matthew Botkin
                                                            Matthew Botkin  2 years back

                                                            I wear the Kore belt at work as a full-time police Detective. Most of my old "hole" belts were very thick leather and I was worried this belt would not hold my holster confidently like they did. Nope The belt is steady, the leather is solid stuff and it looks nice to boot. In the office I dump the gun and put it away. A quick belt readjust and all is well. Looks good, wears good and puts up with a full sized handgun in a kydex holster. Now I just need one in brown leather.

                                                            • John Fidler
                                                              John Fidler  2 years back

                                                              Kore belts are amazing. I've worn mine every day since it arrived, for both work and casual. I am a large man and the buckle doesn't dig into me when i am sitting for long periods of time, like most others do. Extremely comfortable and it does it's job. I carry a full size pistol, two magazines and a fixed blade knife and have no sagging issues at all. Worth every penny!

                                                              • ken wes
                                                                ken wes  2 years back

                                                                Every minute I wear pants I wear my Kore belt. I will never use any other kind of belt. Amazing workmanship and top notch materials. Great EDC belt.

                                                                • Anthony Ruiz
                                                                  Anthony Ruiz  2 years back

                                                                  I purchased my first Kore Essentials gun belt about a year ago and it’s been my everyday EDC belt since. The ability to adjust the belt in small increments with the track system and hold my firearm in place sets this belt apart from all the rest. Just purchased my second belt and couldn’t be happier.

                                                                  • Inept Duck
                                                                    Inept Duck  2 years back

                                                                    I just bought my second Kore gun belt. I bought the brown leather gun belt a few months ago and haven't looked back. The only. . . I guess self inflected issue. Would be what seems perfectly tight when you are standing. After seating the gun and going for the final tightening. Tends to be too tight when I sit down. So I would recommend getting it to your desired tightness. Then backing it off 1 click. Otherwise when I didn't. I would sit down and it would be uncomfortable. Take it from a particular type off A-hole. Who is particular about his equipment. This is worth it. If I had to do it again. The only thing I would change. Would be to buy the extra belt at the discount. Since now what would have cost me $80-ish. I am about to spent $120ish on. Buying my second belt in a separate order.

                                                                    • jpap1059
                                                                      jpap1059  2 years back

                                                                      I now own 2 Kore gun belts. The first is the X3 leather belt that I've had for over a year and it has held up wonderfully. I wear it to work every day and it has not worn or shown any sign of wear yet. The second I recently bought is the X4 stainless steel buckle and tan tactical belt. Wow! I have a couple of other belts from other manufacturers and these are better by far. First of all, it is stiff enough to hold my Glock 21 and 2 extra mags with absolutely no sag or buckling in the belt. It holds up perfectly and distributes the weight quite well. The best part about this belt though is the ratcheting system. No more having to lift up my shirt, undo Velcro and pull on a buckle that doesn’t give. This ratcheting system is pure genius. I can make those after meal adjustments with one hand and do so just a little bit at a time. So, if  you are looking for a great, comfortable, easy adjustable gun belt I highly recommend these Kore gun belts.

                                                                      • Armatis Reviews
                                                                        Armatis Reviews  2 years back

                                                                        This really is a great belt. I love mine. I’ve been using mine every single day for nearly six months carrying an M&P9c and spare mag and it’s still holding up strong with zero issues. I love the hidden Trakline that allows precise adjustments on the fly and it holds up to a lot of stress (I’ve got a gut). I highly recommend this for an EDC gun belt!

                                                                        • Martin To
                                                                          Martin To  1 years back

                                                                          Armatis Reviews
                                                                          do the teeth of the buckle pull on the leather of the belt over time and make the belt cant at an angle? ive had that problem with mission belt and slidebelt

                                                                      • Mark Malsom
                                                                        Mark Malsom  2 years back

                                                                        I purchased the Kore 1 1/2" tactical gun belt to use as a regular belt. The thickness and width of the gun belt styling prevents it from becoming misshapen, and the width prevents my pants from rolling over at the top when bending over, because the belt fills up nearly the entire loop. So far I am very satisfied with this belt. It is a quality belt and it looks great. I have worn ratchet style belts for many years. I love not dealing with holes that are too loose or too tight. Other types of belt buckles slip with activity. Ratchet belts are very adjustable with no slippage.

                                                                        • D10 DozerMan
                                                                          D10 DozerMan  2 years back

                                                                          I have 2 Kore gun belts. The X2 in black and X1 Tan Tactical. Love them both. The X2 black gun belt I been wearing over a year with no issues whatsoever. I have their new X1 Tan Tactical Belt for about 2 weeks and love it! Both belts hold up my G19 9mm and 2 extra magazines or my G36 45acp plus 2 extra magazines perfectly with no signs of wear. Top Notch Quality! I I'll never go back to wearing traditional belts. If you don't own one yet you need to do yourself a favor and buy one, you be glad you did. Kore Belts Rock!!!

                                                                          • Reloading from the hot pot
                                                                            Reloading from the hot pot   2 years back

                                                                            I agree completely, I plan on purchasing a another one and maybe a wallet as well. Glad to hear you are as happy with yours as I am. Thank you for watching....G

                                                                        • Dennis Flanders
                                                                          Dennis Flanders  2 years back

                                                                          I own 2 KORE gun belts and they're the best gun belts I have ever worn by a very wide margin. The X1 Tactical belt is rigid enough to properly support a full size 1911 in an OWB holster under comfortable tension. My daily CCW is a M&P Shield with a spare mag, both IWB, and the KORE gun belts allows me to carry all day without any discomfort. Most days I wear Jeans and a T-shirt, and I prefer the X1 Tactical belt when in these clothes. For anything less casual I wear the X3 Leather belt. Fit and finish, as with the X3 Leather belt, is exceptional, and both are attractive as well. Cutting the belt to fit and attaching the buckle is an easy task, and adjusting the belt is easier than any belt I've worn in the past, even more so than with prior gun belts. So I would recommend checking out KORE belts for high quality, comfortable gun belts.

                                                                          • InSight Freedom
                                                                            InSight Freedom  2 years back

                                                                            I just blew coffee all over my screen at "a few beers and burrito" line. Too funny.

                                                                            • slowlyprepin
                                                                              slowlyprepin  1 years back

                                                                              Wasn’t that funny you probably have a low IQ.

                                                                          • Bald&curious
                                                                            Bald&curious  2 years back

                                                                            I got cheap knock off from eBay for like $10 that I use as dress belt and like it , can't hang my LCP2 of it tho. Lol.

                                                                            • KORE BRAND
                                                                              KORE BRAND  2 years back

                                                                              Gotcha - no problem. I was just pointing out the difference for other folks. Thanks.

                                                                            • Reloading from the hot pot
                                                                              Reloading from the hot pot   2 years back

                                                                              Bald&curious Hey Bald, I am doing g another video of the Tactical nylon belt, I have been wearing it and really like it. I'll be posting it later this week.

                                                                            • Bald&curious
                                                                              Bald&curious  2 years back

                                                                              I wasn't questioning quality your belts. Just wanted to try the buckle and locking system .Kind of got used to simple instructor belts. One of your will be my next purchase

                                                                            • KORE BRAND
                                                                              KORE BRAND  2 years back

                                                                              The cheap knock offs are not reinforced gun belts, but rather fashion belts. They're bonded leather (leather scraps glued together and plastic coated). Our Kore gun belts are 2 single full length pieces of top-grain leather with a poly-core. We have a patent on it. Thanks.

                                                                            • Reloading from the hot pot
                                                                              Reloading from the hot pot   2 years back

                                                                              I would invest in the real thing them because it a very nice belt. I have hung a all of my guns on mine and have never had any issues

                                                                          • Big Johnson Guns and Gear

                                                                            Good Deal! Carry on

                                                                            • Alaskan Ballistics
                                                                              Alaskan Ballistics  2 years back

                                                                              Nice belt

                                                                              • ThecrazyScotsman
                                                                                ThecrazyScotsman  2 years back

                                                                                Good review interesting belt for sure

                                                                                • Charles Lawson
                                                                                  Charles Lawson  2 years back

                                                                                  Been wearing my Kore belt for about a year also. Like it a lot.