Conor Benn: I wouldn't do WHAT YARDE'S DONE | I'll do Garton in 6!


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  • Truth Teller
    Truth Teller  2 months back

    Everyone should donate some shaving foam and a razor to Conor Benn.

    • grim reaper
      grim reaper  2 months back

      He needs to work on his defence but hope he makes it to the top tho💯

      • Bradley Jones
        Bradley Jones  2 months back

        Same as m8....people keep slagging him...fck know why?? I think hes good

    • Larry Merchants Ego
      Larry Merchants Ego  2 months back

      He needs to shave them chops! Haha love watching this guys progress

      • youlittlerocket
        youlittlerocket  2 months back

        That choker tattoo makes him look gimpish

        • Kevin Mohadeb
          Kevin Mohadeb  2 months back

          Soon as he steps up to British/European level he'll be found out.

          • Matt The Taffy
            Matt The Taffy  2 months back

            It hurt him,

            • Mike King
              Mike King  2 months back

              he's become a bit of an arrogant dick. but done nothing to earn the attitude!! IMO.

              • kev Leafy
                kev Leafy  2 months back

                His attitude since turning pro has totally changed .. mayb it's a age thing. Like watching him fight but hes not the same class his dad was. His dad had that power and heart.

                • tlig
                  tlig  2 months back

                  Never a good idea comparing fighter sons to their dads.

                • Robert Solar
                  Robert Solar  2 months back

                  @Harragoth the Lonely Smegol what's your point??

                • Harragoth the Lonely Smegol
                  Harragoth the Lonely Smegol  2 months back

                  and his dad can no longer speak properly due to the amount of dust ups he had

              • Segasocks
                Segasocks  2 months back

                Could have had a wash before the interview!

                • Mark Stubbs
                  Mark Stubbs  2 months back

                  He was easy hit last fight not slagging him of just stating what I seen

                  • Jeremy Jones
                    Jeremy Jones  2 months back

                    I like this kid

                    • LR266
                      LR266  2 months back

                      Pity they didn't stick Conor on the Loma/Campbell bill.

                      • Annjane Douglas
                        Annjane Douglas  2 months back

                        Benn is useless imo

                        • Nigel
                          Nigel  2 months back

                          I don't wanna judge the kud yet, he's young, he will grow, need to see him fight proper competition to see what he's reskky made of

                        • gcirc
                          gcirc  2 months back

                          Annjane Douglas he is trying to make his own way. You cant knock that

                      • Jose Antonio Delgado
                        Jose Antonio Delgado  2 months back

                        First, Salute To You Seconds Out.