Best Home Safe 2017 * TOP 10 Safes For Home


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  • Gollammeister
    Gollammeister  2 years back

    id personally go with a tumbler dial with glass relocker good thick door thick walls

    • Dave Dogge
      Dave Dogge  2 years back

      Those finger print recognition safes are nice but in an emergency if your fingers are wet then will it still work ? my mobile phone finger print entry doesn't work if I've just stepped out of the shower. Also I saw on a TV show that a basic crew broke into a Music promotion business and tackled a small floor safe and the used a gas cutter (I think it was Oxy-acetylene not sure) but they caught them because they stored the fuel for it in a 1.5 liter plastic bottle and they left it at the scene and they used the barcode on the product to trace the sale and the buyer ! lol). Question is which big, fire proof safe is the best against Oxy-acetylene torches, plasma cutters and thermite lances ??? if money wasn't an issue.

    • Davide Botto
      Davide Botto  3 years back

      Cool video