How to open a cheap safe in 30 seconds with out the combination or the key

  • Published: 08 June 2017
  • This video explains how to open a cheap digital safe if the batteries have run down and you don't have the key. It is destructive but these safes are about £30 online. This is is a good solution if you have not got the combination or your batteries have gone flat.
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Comments • 24

  • Paul Yates
    Paul Yates  2 months back

    Thanks a Lot. opened in 100 seconds.Good info.

    • James manning
      James manning  2 months back

      Thanks it works great got In it

      • deez nuts
        deez nuts  3 months back

        I broke in a house an I found the same safe thanks man I just opened it I found a 38

        • iced out
          iced out  3 months back


      • ItzTwix
        ItzTwix  4 months back

        Does it go back on

        • Terrell Mack
          Terrell Mack  5 months back

          Wimpy kid brought me here .

          • Kerry Hinsen
            Kerry Hinsen  7 months back

            Senty safes are easy as can 1. Buy a hockey puck magnet or 2. Hit it on the top corner with a rubber mallet as I turn the handle

            • Masarat Bibi
              Masarat Bibi  7 months back

              Ur showing people who can’t be trusted how to unlock a safe that’s stupid

              • googhan
                googhan  1 months back

                Masarat Bibi he is showing the way the people should know about protecting themselves arent that easy just by buying this 15 usd safe. Angle of perspective

            • aseyeseait
              aseyeseait  7 months back

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              • skynyrdrebellion
                skynyrdrebellion  10 months back

                didn't work for me, I destroyed front fascia and twisted the lock so hard I pulled it free and it's still locked

                • Peter Campbell
                  Peter Campbell  5 months back

                  @R ward that worked for me

                • R ward
                  R ward  9 months back

                  @skynyrdrebellion sounds like ur going to have to use an angle grinder on it
                  Think the back of the safe is weakest - like most safes
                  Or call a locksmith
                  As they may be able to help
                  Before u start forcing ur way into ur locked safe

                • skynyrdrebellion
                  skynyrdrebellion  9 months back

                  I tried that to start with and couldn't get it open so ended up here lol....I would recommend my safe as I haven't been able to get it open no matter what : )

                • R ward
                  R ward  9 months back

                  @skynyrdrebellion seen on utube
                  About how to hit the top of this safe while turning the handle then u can open it
                  Its to do with the weak spring holding the electric thing in the lock position
                  Stopping the handle from opening ur safe
                  Good luck

                • skynyrdrebellion
                  skynyrdrebellion  9 months back

                  It's bolted to the floor from inside lol

              • Janette Martinez
                Janette Martinez  10 months back

                How to reset my a digital safe lock

                • R ward
                  R ward  9 months back

                  If u can open ur safe then by the hinges is a reset button
                  If u cant open ur safe but u still have power u can push the reset button through the left hole in the back of ur safe
                  Videos on utube show u how

              • Bryan Taylor-Walker
                Bryan Taylor-Walker  1 years back

                March 2018. Did exactly as you said, needed a lot of grip but opened ... Phew !!! Save me £117 which was what lock smith wanted. OK had to buy a new one £30. Thanks for putting video up.

                • Chris Purcell
                  Chris Purcell  1 years back

                  Does it lock again or is it permanently opened

                  • Leigh Emmerson
                    Leigh Emmerson   1 years back

                    As I say in the video - this is a destructive method you must assume the safe will not be lockable after this procedure.