3 Ways to Make a Secret Safe


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  • Chase Family
    Chase Family  4 months back

    Brilliant! These are all amazing!

    • Lee Guy
      Lee Guy  4 months back

      You're a nut, get it?

      • Lee Guy
        Lee Guy  4 months back

        No I don't get your direction joke

        • Tagline Smokes
          Tagline Smokes  9 months back

          2:29 “Oh shit Mike, company is coming over in 20 minutes hide the carrots in the DVD player!”

          • Randall Sarka
            Randall Sarka  1 years back

            Instructions for taking a number two.
            Step 1:
            Now empty
            Step 2:
            And wash your can.

            This video is hilarious. Lmfao

            • Süleyman bayram
              Süleyman bayram  2 years back

              ovv yeaaa sfsdfsdf

              • Alex Florczyk
                Alex Florczyk  2 years back

                may I ask, ...............what is in that candy that makes it precious enough to hide in a safe?....................

                • Dawn Rankin
                  Dawn Rankin  2 years back

                  Lol u are a an idiot

                  • optic killer456
                    optic killer456  3 years back

                    u sound like grew from despicable me

                  • yoanne legentilhomme
                    yoanne legentilhomme  3 years back

                    Hello, you set what as size of jar, thank you

                  • young Hadene
                    young Hadene  3 years back

                    check this video this guy is glowing up you might like it

                    • Julia L
                      Julia L  3 years back

                      where to get safe can opener\

                    • Inf3n0
                      Inf3n0  3 years back

                      were you the voice actor for Gru in Dispicable me?

                      Just kidding lol

                      • SaekoLemon
                        SaekoLemon  3 years back

                        "No one will steal my carrot"

                        • cris rose
                          cris rose  3 years back

                          and if you want something to be super hidden then put it in the can part of the vase...

                          • Jamimu
                            Jamimu  3 years back

                            for the first one wat if it was a homeless person looking for food lool

                            • ThePotatoBee
                              ThePotatoBee  3 years back

                              The bottle is good

                              • Da_Cow_Gaming
                                Da_Cow_Gaming  3 years back

                                The funniest part of this video is at 1:35

                                • SandPaperToYourDickTip
                                  SandPaperToYourDickTip  3 years back

                                  0:49 oh yeah indeed

                                • waterzero
                                  waterzero  3 years back

                                  okay! I won't touch you're carrot man! Just don't hurt me!

                                • Daniel Jakob
                                  Daniel Jakob  3 years back

                                  that one direction joke made me cringe so badly

                                  • Kilisiano
                                    Kilisiano  3 years back

                                    Now I can stash my weed.

                                  • blurry vessel
                                    blurry vessel  3 years back

                                    I got it 😂😂

                                    • Tech Space
                                      Tech Space  3 years back

                                      Congratulations you officially invented the worst joke in the history of the world 🌍

                                    • john gault
                                      john gault  3 years back

                                      Genius. MacGruber!

                                    • Jenni Lopez
                                      Jenni Lopez  3 years back

                                      😂😂😂the carrot

                                      • Bossness Septickdude
                                        Bossness Septickdude  3 years back


                                        • Zahabia A.
                                          Zahabia A.  3 years back

                                          wow!!!! its so cool, I don't know who you are, but if these ideas are really yours then you seriously have a talent. it is like nothing I've ever seen. good going!!!!!

                                          • Dragon RA Open
                                            Dragon RA Open  3 years back

                                            This is good for drugs xD

                                          • HeadPhones In
                                            HeadPhones In  4 years back

                                            I loved this vid,but one small problem,the dvd safe,I know if someone broke into my house,then they'll steal that first. Probably a shock selling the bones of a dvd player lol

                                          • kyoohannah deul
                                            kyoohannah deul  4 years back

                                            Your voice is kinda weird. Its ridiculous.

                                          • apurture world 101
                                            apurture world 101  4 years back

                                            When said joke: waaaaa? I dont get it man. 20 sec later: LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OOOOHHHH!

                                            • crushedz
                                              crushedz  4 years back

                                              Nice ideas.Nice execution.Thanks.

                                            • Justine Alcaraz
                                              Justine Alcaraz  4 years back

                                              His voice sounds like Dracula from hotel Transylvania

                                              • Kouttexr
                                                Kouttexr  4 years back

                                                +Justine Alcaraz So he sounds like Adam Sandler?

                                            • Thedosaguy
                                              Thedosaguy  4 years back

                                              what was that sound in 1:43 lol it was like sooo funny

                                            • E Games
                                              E Games  4 years back

                                              I bet Shake the Future wont reply to this he never replys to comments

                                              • E Games
                                                E Games  4 years back

                                                @Shake the Future I just wanted to see if you would reply to this xD

                                              • Shake the Future
                                                Shake the Future   4 years back

                                                +E Games
                                                Since when I never reply to comment? :)

                                            • R3ddoKebab
                                              R3ddoKebab  4 years back

                                              are you spanish?

                                            • Nelson D Cunha
                                              Nelson D Cunha  4 years back

                                              Of course if the thief want to steal the food or the computer parts that safes don't work that well but thanks...

                                              • Dani
                                                Dani  4 years back

                                                Can you do a secret wallet? A wallet that doesn't look like a wallet - but looks like something we carry in our bag?!?

                                                • Dani
                                                  Dani  4 years back

                                                  +Shake the Future Yay! That way I can make my valuables burglar-safe AND pickpocket-safe home and away.

                                                • Shake the Future
                                                  Shake the Future   4 years back

                                                  +Danielle Stormborn
                                                  That's an interesting suggestion. I might make it. Cheers!

                                              • Caranth Solfer
                                                Caranth Solfer  4 years back

                                                this is amazing thanks by the way you sound a little bit like Christopher Walken jejejeeje

                                              • BrickfilmPT
                                                BrickfilmPT  4 years back

                                                I knew he was portuguese just by the accent...
                                                But when I saw the "Santander Totta, um Banco qualquer coisa"

                                                • CologneCarter
                                                  CologneCarter  4 years back

                                                  +BrickfilmPT What would you say if I told you he was Latvian currently living in Spain?

                                              • Deathmetal 2468
                                                Deathmetal 2468  4 years back

                                                The can safe works great my mom never found snacks

                                                • Shake the Future
                                                  Shake the Future   4 years back

                                                  +Deathmetal 2468
                                                  Usually it's other way around :-) I am glad it worked!

                                              • Mariah Johnson
                                                Mariah Johnson  4 years back

                                                the can safe is stupid because someone will try to make the beans and see what's in the can!!!, obviously

                                                • CologneCarter
                                                  CologneCarter  4 years back

                                                  +Mariah Johnson How often do thiefs break into houses to cook themselves some beans? Just to be safe you could use a can of dog or cat food.

                                              • Nasif Dewan
                                                Nasif Dewan  4 years back

                                                PUN CITY!

                                                • Rich
                                                  Rich  4 years back

                                                  OH YEAAAA

                                                  • HardstyleZ GER
                                                    HardstyleZ GER  4 years back

                                                    that pun tho

                                                    • Gurnoor Bedi
                                                      Gurnoor Bedi  4 years back

                                                      You are simply "amazing"

                                                    • Jojo & Roro
                                                      Jojo & Roro  4 years back

                                                      " no one. Will steal. My carrot!" Lmao XD XD XD

                                                      • Derek Cozart
                                                        Derek Cozart  3 years back

                                                        +john gault rather have those than beans

                                                      • john gault
                                                        john gault  3 years back

                                                        lol no one will steal those valuable miniature Hersheys either.