Gun Safe from Box Store vs. USA built 100 foot drop test

  • Published: 02 July 2011
  • A gun safe from a Big Box Store go's up against a Liberty Franklin gun safe made in the USA. Both dropped 100 feet as a demo to Liberty's Professional Safe Dealers across American.

    Shot with a Flip cam (RIP)

    Terry has some specs, if you just want to --

    Specs, it is just mainly the physics of what we are going to try to do here. Dropping a hundred feet, it is approximately a hundred feet, gravity, the acceleration due to gravity, 33 feet per second or 9.2 meters per second, every second, translates into the impact velocity of about 64 miles per hour. The energy on impact, considering the safe is weighing about 850 pounds, is a little over 67,000 foot pounds of energy. Wow! That is the physics. That is a lot of energy.

    We have done this before, and we kind of think we know what is going to happen. But, but it could all change in just a minute.

    I am not sure you can stand far enough back!
    The circle is getting wider and wider. That's right!

    You guys ready?

    Everybody ready?


    All right let her rip!

    All right let us turn it over.

    There you go!


    Pry it open.

    Shot with a Flip cam (RIP)
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  • Xiaolong Shao
    Xiaolong Shao  3 years back

    If you want to test the quality of both, you have to hold other variables constant, such as price, volume.

    • DeanSafe
      DeanSafe   3 years back

      Lets face facts, any who would buy a safe based on the pull, pry, drop, or any other "safe" test video would be better off if someone held on to their credit cards for them. Customers should go to a real safe store that carries more than one brand.
      Thanks for watching,

    • Brian Cramer
      Brian Cramer  3 years back

      and the fact they hit at different angles which as you know for anything cutting or breaking produces much different results. Point of impact is smaller on the very tip of the corner so much more pressure but it also deforms the immediate area vs the whole thing, this can be good or bad depending on the way it's made and it's engineering. Safes aren't made to be hit from one single point of impact with no force whatsoever on any other side. I guess it would be helpful if it were orbiting the earth and a meteor hit it strictly from one side and right on the corner as well, instead of a meteor replace that with a chinese satellite because we can't put up our own anymore because our education system. This test is like taking two kitchen knives from different brands and throwing them at a wall and if one sticks you jump up and down pointing that the brand must be better I mean of course, it must cut tomatoes better look at how well it stuck to the wall.

    • DeanSafe
      DeanSafe   3 years back

      Price, weight, and size was a very close match. Liberty knows not to
      cheat in front of a 100 of their best dealers, some of who carried the
      other brand.

  • john owen
    john owen  5 days back

    For all the morons that say this test is pointless are dumb.
    The test shows how hard it would be to pry the door open on the cheap safe vs the liberty. It's one of the many ways thieves break into safes.
    And the measurement of gravity is not constant. It varies by elevation

    • Jason Zerillo
      Jason Zerillo  4 months back

      thinking I might catch the meth head setting up a crane in my front yard lol

      • Um anônimo legal
        Um anônimo legal  4 months back

        Agora imagine fazer isso sem a resistência do ar interferindo e com uma altitude de 1 km. Qual seria a velocidade que ele atingiria o solo devido à gravidade ?

        • Gilberto Herrera
          Gilberto Herrera  7 months back

          If the Chinese build cheap stuff I don’t know how they have astronauts in space nuclear weapons the fastest bullet trains and so on

          • DeanSafe
            DeanSafe   7 months back

            Our right, don't forget the Iphone. Its not that they don't build some good stuff, it's just that's our industry is only wants to import the very low end safes. I should do a video on that. Thanks for watching, John

        • Benjamin Ellsworth
          Benjamin Ellsworth  7 months back

          Im always having issues with dropping my safe.

          • master power
            master power  7 months back

            wood still rather buy that $20 china gun safe and put my porn video in there and use the rest of the money i save for hookers and more porn.

            • Victor Crowley
              Victor Crowley  8 months back

              very impressive morale if you want to open a Chinese safe throw it from 100 ft. and if you want to open an American safe ehhw well keep the throwing it until it's opened
              lesson learned

              • ricky martinez
                ricky martinez  1 years back

                everything china sells is crap

                • Erick Wardwell
                  Erick Wardwell  1 years back

                  Last time i checked, criminals dont pull up in a crane in the middle of the night at your house. They use a crowbar and explosives.

                  • DeanSafe
                    DeanSafe   1 years back

                    So true, but they do push them out of windows, down stairs, etc and it's nice to know they'll hold up.thanks for watching,John

                • Dirt Road
                  Dirt Road  1 years back

                  If you Google it, some Liberty safes are "made in China or Korea" lol

                  • DeanSafe
                    DeanSafe   1 years back

                    I’m a Ford Truck guy, but I still see the value in the Chevys etc.  Sorry you don’t like the Liberty's but that’s
                    why we carry other brands (like Amsec, Fort Knox, and others) in different price ranges. Yet customers who did their research gave Liberty safe over a $100 Million in sales last year.You may even change your mind about Liberty when you see the latest door pull tests results with the new military style bolts. It raises the bar on the entire safe, not just it's frame.

                  • Kevin Johnson
                    Kevin Johnson  1 years back

                    Dirt Road liberty safes are junk...huge door gaps...NO door casement only the same sheet metal rolled into a door seat...Champion.. Superior..ft knox..Amsec BF ...are all much better made the the liberties! Research it !

                  • DeanSafe
                    DeanSafe   1 years back

                    Your info is old, for the last three years 100% of all the Liberty gun safes have been made in Payson, Utah.
                    In the past they have (from time to time) imported some low end Gun and Home safes for the chain stores and the mass marketers. Even now some of the home safe for chain's are still made in China
                    But keep in mind the Liberty safe makes more gun safe in the USA than any other safe manufacture. so we should give them some credit for bucking the odds.
                    Thanks for watching,
                    PS The Korea safes are easy to recognize they were "in-the-floor" type safes and Drop safes Liberty imported in the 1990's

                • LitMonika
                  LitMonika  1 years back

                  Nice, the door stayed on.
                  (door fused, can't get guns out)
                  (cut safe in half)
                  (guns destroyed on impact)
                  (scorched from cutting open)

                  *gUESS I'LL BUY THE cHINESE SAFE*

                  • DeanSafe
                    DeanSafe   1 years back

                    Thanks for watching,John

                • Tony Dadon
                  Tony Dadon  1 years back

                  When's the last time anybody tried to open a safe by dropping it 100 feet?

                  • DeanSafe
                    DeanSafe   1 years back

                    +Tony Dadon I think that was the last time. I know it’s not the way we do it when need to get in.
                    Thanks for watching.

                • Mike M
                  Mike M  1 years back

                  should have put my ex in it before you dropped it.

                  • SAVAGE308SNIPER
                    SAVAGE308SNIPER  2 years back

                    If I see a couple of criminal looking guys driving a crane near my home I'll start getting suspicious about my china made safe.

                    • SAVAGE308SNIPER
                      SAVAGE308SNIPER  2 years back

                      Damn. Good thing my Chinese safe isn't going to fall off something that high up.

                      • Cody Janssen
                        Cody Janssen  2 years back

                        And here’s the difference between a $500 safe and a $5000 safe

                        • DeanSafe
                          DeanSafe   2 years back

                          Price, weight, and size was a very close match. Liberty knows not to
                          cheat in front of a 100 of their best dealers, some of who carried the
                          other brand.
                          Thanks for watching,

                      • John Hermesmeyer
                        John Hermesmeyer  2 years back

                        You know if I ever plan to trow my safe out a 100 foot window or drive into it as 65 MPH ill buy American but if thats not a issue ill go with what I can afford

                        • DeanSafe
                          DeanSafe   2 years back

                          Your in luck the American made safe was $30 cheaper at the time of the video.
                          Thanks for watching,

                      • Jeff H
                        Jeff H  2 years back

                        Yeah. Someone is gonna break in your home. Drag a 500lb safe out. Hook it to a crane and drop it. 🙄

                        • Joe Beland
                          Joe Beland  2 years back

                          unaccurette test ...

                          • 荒野
                            荒野  2 years back

                            because you are a US safe company, so your result must show exactly what you want.

                            • whoz thatdude
                              whoz thatdude  2 years back

                              buy korean safes they cant get anything that high up into the air :)

                              • DeanSafe
                                DeanSafe   2 years back

                                At least let's hope not I'm in Los Angeles :)
                                Thanks for watching,

                            • SmokeFan2014
                              SmokeFan2014  2 years back

                              Quit buying Chinese garbage!! Invest in the American worker!!

                              • Oakleyworld
                                Oakleyworld  2 years back

                                give me the Chinese one, it's much cheaper and ill take the risk of my burglar having a crane

                                • DeanSafe
                                  DeanSafe   2 years back

                                  The safes in the video are within 5% of the same price. In this case I'll go for the Liberty safe.
                                  Thanks for watching,

                              • Daniel W
                                Daniel W  2 years back

                                Seemed they were both equally ruined. The liberty could be easily finished off with some pry bars

                                • Ronald Pham
                                  Ronald Pham  3 years back

                                  What Americans are going to work for $3.75 an hour to make a $600.00 safe? I do agreed with several You Tubers here and let take a $600.00 safe from the US vs China. The test is BS. Let take a Toyota Tundra vs Ford Ranger or a F250 vs Tacoma. It is value vs cost.

                                  • DeanSafe
                                    DeanSafe   3 years back

                                    Actually there is less than 1 man hour of labor in this Liberty Gun Safe. Its really all made with precision robots.
                                    That's why the price of the two was so close. By the way the Toyota is a Japanese Co, and the trucks are made in Texas and Mexico
                                    Thanks for watching,

                                • Ken ibn Anak
                                  Ken ibn Anak  3 years back

                                  So the lesson learned here is that both Kryptonians and Daxxamites (and probably Asgardians too) find Chines safes burst open with only one punch, while USA built safes may need two punches or a kick too.

                                  • Brian Cramer
                                    Brian Cramer  3 years back

                                    Well that's great when you are determining what will hold up when you throw a safe out of the tenth story of a building after you rob it and then run down and go with it only having one point of impact. Very scientific as well having completely different angles of impact good job.

                                    • Michael Theurer
                                      Michael Theurer  3 years back


                                      • plainwornout3
                                        plainwornout3  3 years back

                                        This video makes a valid point. I liked the demo.

                                        • TheBlueMeanie
                                          TheBlueMeanie  3 years back

                                          not really. either safe, a $20 circular saw, and about 5 minutes would yield the same result... Peeled tin on dry wall.

                                      • Kantarevich FL
                                        Kantarevich FL  3 years back

                                        I'm sure Chinese can make expensive quality products too
                                        All you have to do is be willing to pay

                                        • Kantarevich FL
                                          Kantarevich FL  3 years back

                                          That is some quality concrete parking lot

                                          • fatsackcat
                                            fatsackcat  3 years back

                                            this is a really cool idea on destorying the product but never compare it to others.

                                            • Olagonin Chancer
                                              Olagonin Chancer  3 years back

                                              One random Chinese safe against a safe from the company who's doing the test...very scientific. If you want a cheap safe, then that's the quality you get...nothing to do with where it's made.

                                              • EVAN CUI
                                                EVAN CUI  3 years back

                                                这个测试意义何在? 一个枪柜只要不被撬开,不被开锁,不被搬走就可以了。为何要从100英尺高摔下?难道偷枪的贼会2 。3个人搬着这个柜子,爬到一栋高建筑上往下摔吗?即使摔开门或摔不开门,里面的枪也都被震坏了。结果是一样的,枪坏了贼和主人都无法使用。这样的两个箱子成本和进货价明显不是一个数量级,也许市场价是一样。你们美国经销商把差价赚走了,你却告诉我中国的东西质量差??你是不是在搞笑?

                                                • insomthegreat
                                                  insomthegreat  3 years back

                                                  Made to manufactures specifications, I gotta agree with you.

                                                • J Otto
                                                  J Otto  3 years back


                                              • noopdude1
                                                noopdude1  3 years back

                                                This guy has no idea what he is talking about. Energy is not measured in ft-lbs and acceleration due to gravity is approximately 9.81 m*s^-2 not 9.2

                                                • gunnutmike
                                                  gunnutmike  3 years back

                                                  I couldn't tell from the video if the liberty safe door was open or not after they turned it over. I heard someone say "try to open it", but it was edited after that.

                                                  • Ram-n_dodge
                                                    Ram-n_dodge  3 years back

                                                    I don't always break into safes... but when i do i always use a crane.

                                                    • Steve Campbell
                                                      Steve Campbell  3 years back

                                                      Have a liberty love it!

                                                      • Mike D
                                                        Mike D  3 years back

                                                        Definitely better spend $5000 on the american made. You need a gun safe that will withstand a bomb in the event of a Luftwaffe air raid or when your kids play with the dynamite your wife gave you for christmas.

                                                        • stchman
                                                          stchman  3 years back

                                                          I guess thieves with 100 foot cranes can break into anything.

                                                          • itsquick2
                                                            itsquick2  3 years back

                                                            Unrealistic comparison - mine is 4"" of the floor. Waste of time and money.

                                                            • Ret Samwal
                                                              Ret Samwal  3 years back

                                                              What does this prove? The whole point of the safes is to keep things locked away from people. Ok..............So the Chinese one busted open and the USA did not. The only thing that this proves is that you're going to need either King Kong or Superman to drop this from a hundred feet and break in to it. I don't think any thief has a 100 foot crane handy. So Ill just with the more cheaper product.

                                                            • 21steveman
                                                              21steveman  3 years back

                                                              USA all the way baby

                                                              • MrHeepspo
                                                                MrHeepspo  3 years back

                                                                Awesome! I've always been afraid of someone breaking into my house, hoisting my safe up 100' in the air and dropping it on concrete... because that's how they get into it, right?
                                                                All joking aside, China sucks.. simple as that.

                                                                • DirtyHarry G
                                                                  DirtyHarry G  3 years back

                                                                  So then, what doesn't suck WeTheTech? Maybe with a change of who's running this country things can get back to an "America First" mentality and our Gov't does things to benefit it's people and the country itself and not the rest of the world.

                                                                • WeTheTech
                                                                  WeTheTech  3 years back

                                                                  Murica sucks as well, don't forget they are the ones destabilizing middle east and outsourcing our jobs...

                                                              • Protector 95
                                                                Protector 95  3 years back

                                                                Cheap or not, a gun safe is better than none at all. Just make sure you bolt down the safe so no one takes the whole thing, or if not, add weights on them to make them very heavy.

                                                                • Greg Kline
                                                                  Greg Kline  3 years back

                                                                  Most correctly installed safes are bolted to a cement floor. First you have to pry it off the floor by breaking the anchoring bolt(s). Then, to get it open, just push the safe out the back door of the house that conveniently has a 100 foot cliff at the bottom of the steps.

                                                                  • Dan G
                                                                    Dan G  3 years back

                                                                    in the bottom half of the safe where it hit and crinkled you can see each individual spot weld every 6 inches