How to Bolt Down Your Safe

  • Published: 06 September 2013
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    Hi this is Ed Jurwitz with the and today I am going to talk about bolting your safe down. It's very important to bolt your safe down. I've had a story about a fellow who did not bolt his safe down, 900 pounds.

    And these guys came into his house and they used these car jacks and they jacked it up and took it out the door. They tried to put it in their pick up truck and it took them to the point to where they couldn't put it in there so they just chained it up and dragged it down the street.

    They eventually got caught because everyone saw the purple pick up truck go down the street with a safe. The important thing is that you need bolt it down, even if a hurricane comes through your neighborhood and picks up a safe.

    I want to show you this here real real quick, here's a a fella here and there's his house destroyed. And but yet look at his safe just sitting there, and all his personal stuff and guns are still there. Very important.

    When bolting down a safe, if you bolt it down if you have berber carpet you've got to be careful because when you put this safe in place you'll just see four holes, okay down at the bottom there.
    Now this little plastic things will pop up and then you have your hole in the bottom. Now if you have berber carpet, a lot of times we say just put the place in safe and just take your drill and just drill down half inch with a masonry bit. And suck it up with a vacuum cleaner but when you hit the berber carpet it snags it so its in un-winding you carpet.

    So be very careful with the berber carpet. You got to mark it and then pull your safe out, cut the slots and then put it back in so that the drill bit does not touch the carpet. You'll be a sad puppy if you see your drilling and there's your carpet getting unwind. Otherwise if its a regular flooring or even tile.

    Tile you can take a masonry bit and it will just cut right through the tile. Now we use what is just called a wedge bolt, its a half inch bolt. It looks just like a tap con. These will withstand up to eighty thousand pounds of pressure.

    And use could use a red head but the red head when you buy those they got this bolt sticking up so when you go move your safe, a bolt with a nut coming off of it. Then you got to lift your safe up over this here and that makes it a little tough. So thats why I like things like this, a wedge bolt.

    And there's other bolts out there, concrete bolts but a good half inch. Most states will take a half inch, some will take three eighths. Now you can bolt down all four holes or you can do just two. One in the back and one in the front. We tend to do just two but sometimes we do four.

    Bolting it down in concrete is important, if you have a wooden floor and you screw it down into the wooden floor. Guess what? Someone with a crowbar is going to rip it right out of the wooden floor.

    So if you have a wooden floor, you might have to figure something out where you have a butterfly thing that goes through the floor and it opens up and it molly bolts.

    And so bolting it down is very very important. People say "No, I don't have to bolt it down." But a hurricane, their or anyone can be taking it away. So thats why we bolt down every safe we deliver here at the

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