Firearm security - Keeping Kids Safe around guns


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  • joejoe9810
    joejoe9810  5 months back

    Good god. Even when it stares you in the face, guns are great for everyone to own, apparently.

    • Trigger Happy
      Trigger Happy   4 months back

      Good one. So why are you so scared of guns? Are you a pussy or just a brainwashed libtard?

    • joejoe9810
      joejoe9810  4 months back

      @Trigger Happy Oh dear, homophobic as well. Typical hank red neck. Get back to sleeping with your sisters

    • Trigger Happy
      Trigger Happy   4 months back

      Scared of guns I see. It’s ok. I’m sure your boyfriend doesn’t hold it against you.

    • joejoe9810
      joejoe9810  4 months back

      @Trigger Happy Only firearms safety is not to have one. Now go shove you head up you butt you moron

    • Trigger Happy
      Trigger Happy   5 months back

      My guess is that you’re anti-gun and like to troll channels. There is no tunnel vision here. I simply made a video advocating firearms safety. Sorry that bothers you. Now kindly leave.

  • Milwaukie Oregon Transparency

    Great point when saying talk and communicate with your children about firearms being a tool and having a purpose. In my house it's open discussion all the time and anytime the want to handle a firearm they ask and we review safety then they get to play with the gun keeping in mind safe handling. Because of this they view the gun as a tool and playing with it has become boring. They now see it as it's there when I need to use it as a tool. You made great points in the video stay cool.

    • Solomon Li
      Solomon Li  2 years back


      • yourarkangel
        yourarkangel  3 years back

        Not enough of these videos on youtube. thank you!

      • Dani Roberts
        Dani Roberts  3 years back

        this is a very useful video thank you i read about this which piqued my interest in looking more up on this subject

        • virtual_aviator
          virtual_aviator  3 years back

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          • isabel ham
            isabel ham  4 years back

            I'll remember to be safe around guns thanks for the video it helped me out alot

          • Glenn C.
            Glenn C.  4 years back

            great video

            • PhlyDaily
              PhlyDaily  4 years back

              thanks for the video, helped me out

            • Scott F.
              Scott F.  4 years back

              Good info and reminder...

              • fullpull83
                fullpull83  4 years back

                great video as a gun owner myself with no kids i honestly think its good to have a save or a pistol safe just incase something happens and your not home its one more obstical to keep a firearmout of the wrong hands