Sony X900F 4K TV - Hands On Review


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  • Ali Karaçay
    Ali Karaçay  2 weeks back

    What is Europe product code for this TV?

    • Reese
      Reese  3 weeks back

      Thanks for that detailed review, I'm going to have to pull the trigger and buy this this 4k HDTV (49")

      • linda ciasto
        linda ciasto  4 weeks back

        Just purchased the Sony 900 4K And need assistance with connecting my remote to the Sony surround sound

        • MrFLORESBR
          MrFLORESBR  4 weeks back

          WHAT ABOUT INPUT LAG FOR GAMES? Why all reviews games input lag are not considered? This is as much important as any other topic nowadays

          • Bibek Shrestha
            Bibek Shrestha  1 months back

            I am going to buy A Tv
            But i am Confused with Qled or OLed to get

            • Force Awakens
              Force Awakens  4 weeks back

              @Bibek Shrestha I heard that sony's oled doesn't burn, so you can get that.

            • Bibek Shrestha
              Bibek Shrestha  4 weeks back

              I am into OLed
              But due to its burning issue i ahvw changed my mind to Qled
              Thanks for your suggestions

            • Force Awakens
              Force Awakens  4 weeks back

              Vizio p series quantum on paper is like a qled, and people seem to like it, it has good brightness, blacks and other colors. But Google it for real user reviews to check if it is good in a long run.

            • Force Awakens
              Force Awakens  4 weeks back

              I would buy Sony xg950. Decent qled is q90 and it costs like how much? Twice as much as xg950 probably, but is it better? No, maybe only on paper, oleds are great, but try to find one that is as bright as xg950. Best way is to buy "mid range" tv, it will give you best price-value ratio, and it is good enough, it's great. If not xg950(still costy) then xf900, it's great, lg sk9500 looks great, but I didn't see it in dark room. In bright room it's not worse and maybe better that xf900 (my opinion).

          • Huy
            Huy  1 months back

            That looks like the old android tv interface, does it get updated? Like the 950g?

          • Alex Hein
            Alex Hein  1 months back

            Is that the 55 inch or 65?

            • Leo M
              Leo M  1 months back

              Well, I'm about to take the plunge and purchase the Sony XBR75X900F. I just hope that I do not get screwed as with my last Sony purchase. The TV had great picture quality BUT it didn't last very long past the warranty. I guess gone are the days of TVs lasting 5+ years. The new trend is plastic disposable TVs designed to last less than 2 years.

              • Michael Bulgatz
                Michael Bulgatz  2 months back

                I just purchased the Sony X900F over the weekend. I noticed ONLY with Netflix when I'm viewing a specific TV show or movie in HDR or 4K Ultra the black levels seem very deep almost where it's almost impossible to see the scene. For example, the Netflix show Sabrina is almost impossible to watch. Is this the TV or is it the show itself? I know there are some other shows along the genre of horror which have deep black levels. Is that normal?

                • CHRIS-MJ87
                  CHRIS-MJ87  1 months back

                  You can mess with the picture setting. I have an oled lg and just tweaking the picture a bit helped alot. So it should be the same with a Sony

              • Owen3
                Owen3  2 months back

                Down to 1300. decent deal

                • Forrest Proctor
                  Forrest Proctor  2 months back

                  I have the X900E. I only recently found out it won’t/can’t be updated to Dolby Vision, so I’m stuck with HDR-10. And SONY has publicly stated that they will not support variants like HDR-10+. Not that they would add it to MY tv if they did offer it. You have to watch the people at Best Buy, they’ll always maneuver buyers into buying old product.

                  • Scott Z
                    Scott Z  3 months back

                    I just purchased this set, and noticed that the picture from my cable box (HDMI1 input) will constantly show lots of pixelation. It only lasts for a second or two usually, but it keeps happening over and over. My Roku picture (HDMI2 input) never does this. Is this a problem with the TV potentially, or the cable box, or something else? I'm not sure how to go about troubleshooting this issue. I don't want to go through the hassle of taking the tv back if it's not a tv problem.

                    • Revilleza Lucky
                      Revilleza Lucky  3 months back

                      Has Dolby Vision came?

                    • Cube Hire
                      Cube Hire  3 months back

                      what tv stand is supporting this tv on this video?

                      • bfoley933
                        bfoley933  3 months back

                        My dream tv 😍

                      • William Willittolife
                        William Willittolife  3 months back

                        Can anyone assist. I have a Sony X900f and when I press 'INPUT' 'It detects the PS3 perfectly & states 'PS3 (Player1)' instead of 'INPUT 4'. How so I get it to do that for other devices? I have a PS4 Pro, PC, etc connected as well and it just stays as 'INPUT 1 & 2' for those. I feel like I've tried everything and can't seem to locate anything about this online. The devices all work without any issues... I just want to know why the Input names don't update. The television software is fully updated.

                        • Mina Das
                          Mina Das  3 months back

                          The blues looks so good and natural.

                          • Egon Spengler
                            Egon Spengler  3 months back

                            So does the app system suck?

                            • ก็แค่ คนธรรมดา


                              • minh bach Ho
                                minh bach Ho  3 months back

                                ก็แค่ คนธรรมดา, I stop to keep thinking about it, I just order the 85" at PowerBuy, they below the price.

                            • Rajdeep Sinha
                              Rajdeep Sinha  3 months back

                              Is it running Android Oreo?

                              • C B Taylor
                                C B Taylor  4 months back

                                Please review Sony X800G 65 inch

                                • ryan
                                  ryan  4 months back

                                  It's rubbish looks like a piece of paper I see nothing good you idiot

                                  • Jason Clark
                                    Jason Clark  4 months back

                                    Having a few of these installed in a new home. This review was great and I am ready to roll with Sony.

                                    • Alan Diego Villalobos
                                      Alan Diego Villalobos  4 months back

                                      x900f vs x950g???

                                      • Nebojsa Pantovic
                                        Nebojsa Pantovic  4 months back

                                        Is this tv better than lg oled c8?

                                      • Joey Jojo
                                        Joey Jojo  5 months back

                                        What are your thoughts on WiSa?

                                        • Rahil
                                          Rahil  5 months back

                                          How are the black levels

                                          • Sean
                                            Sean  6 months back

                                            How do I watch Netflix easily on this TV without using the android os? I’m new to this

                                            • rnorred1986
                                              rnorred1986  6 months back

                                              I currently have a Sony XBR43800D (43") that I bought two & a half years ago for $650 plus tax & it's been a great TV with excellent picture quality, but may upgrade to this model (55") soon. Been wanting to upgrade to a bigger TV for a while.

                                              • melissa ewert
                                                melissa ewert  6 months back

                                                great job, thank you. I will buy 5 now

                                                • Mehdi AupaATM
                                                  Mehdi AupaATM  6 months back

                                                  Thank you the video is really good

                                                  • ESP87
                                                    ESP87  6 months back

                                                    Is this worth buying in 2019?.

                                                    • TheThingKing
                                                      TheThingKing  6 months back

                                                      I'm pretty sure it will be. The TV has been updated with Dolby Vision. This is going to be my 4K HDR TV of choice when my current 1080p TV bites the dust.

                                                  • Josh Lol
                                                    Josh Lol  7 months back

                                                    Like if Sony is a great technology company, everything they make is good, except there mobile devices

                                                    • Incognito
                                                      Incognito  4 months back

                                                      Even their mobile devices are really good but people don't understand it and they don't know much about Sony smartphones because of ignorance certainly and they are more interested by koreans or chineses crap which filled the market, that's why Sony is not so popular in the smartphone industry but again their devices are really good or maybe better the competition but nobody knows it.

                                                  • syncho tron
                                                    syncho tron  7 months back

                                                    You sound just like the guy from facts verse

                                                    • blkinvestor
                                                      blkinvestor  7 months back

                                                      Does the logo illuminate on the bottom?

                                                      • Thimble
                                                        Thimble  7 months back

                                                        After two weeks of ownership of this tv I can hear a “drumming” sound from the back of the tv. It happens when is on or off and is intermittent in nature..

                                                        I have a Bose soundbar with sub woofer system using an optical cable connected directly from the tv to the system. It happens on both my xbox one x and watching tv.

                                                        They are going to replace it next week as I have owned it less than 30 days . I could have got a refund but decided not to as Its great for a mid range panel for the price. Anyway, I have an extended warranty.... from currys so if it happens again they can replace it.

                                                        Has anyone else come across this drumming noise from the back of the tv on the 900F as the salesman looked genuinely surprised. If so what causes it? If it happens again I will just go back to Samsung

                                                        • ken guy
                                                          ken guy  4 months back

                                                          Normally that is a grounding issue that causes feed back. Unplug one item at a time, till the noise goes away and you found your culprit.

                                                      • 69 Kevrolet Fastback
                                                        69 Kevrolet Fastback  7 months back

                                                        The Sony X900F is a piece of shit! The blooming is absolutely relentless.

                                                        • Paul Anthony
                                                          Paul Anthony  7 months back

                                                          I have always liked Sony TVs and where there technology has gone and is going towards. Is it the best marketable TV? probably not, but it's a great all round TV to watch for most programs and movies. I have the XBR65X900E which for me is a great choice for what I want it for. Apart from the review, I do like the TV stand in this video!! Looks good!!

                                                          • Zachary Miller
                                                            Zachary Miller  8 months back

                                                            How is gaming on this tv? Especially compared to Samsung nu8000.

                                                            • Dzenin Zus
                                                              Dzenin Zus  8 months back

                                                              Can i plug in my headphones

                                                              • Alex S
                                                                Alex S  8 months back

                                                                Love my 75x900

                                                                • Tbruno 99
                                                                  Tbruno 99  9 months back

                                                                  Hey it actually has 2 prosecutors

                                                                  • Bob Carpenter
                                                                    Bob Carpenter  9 months back

                                                                    Great info, helps me make a buying decision.

                                                                    • Razib Shahrier
                                                                      Razib Shahrier  9 months back

                                                                      Sony 49" 4K Android TV (X8000E) VS Sony 49" LED 4K UHD HDR Android TV (X7500F)
                                                                      Can anyone please confirm me which TV would be best as I badly looking for experts suggestions. Thanks in advanced.

                                                                      • David Silva
                                                                        David Silva  9 months back

                                                                        At max, I can buy a 50" TV due to a custom cabinet... with that said, are there better options rather than this Sony (which I can currently now buy for $900)? Please keep in mind this is for a living room that does have quite a bit of light (worried about the reflection)

                                                                        • Neil
                                                                          Neil  9 months back

                                                                          This or Sony Z9D?

                                                                          • Mikey Teflo
                                                                            Mikey Teflo  9 months back

                                                                            I had the Sony Z9D, and currently own a 75" X900F. If it is a 65" your going for, without gaming, get the Z9D, if your a gamer go for the X900F. They are both extremely close as far as quality. Any other questions let me know.

                                                                        • lhundup zopa
                                                                          lhundup zopa  9 months back

                                                                          Thank you for being review tv otherwise! Example me zero knowledge about tv😇😇😇

                                                                          • Kel
                                                                            Kel  9 months back

                                                                            How does it handle FAST action sports. No one ever talks about that