How secure is your hotel safe?


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  • paul hoskin
    paul hoskin  5 months back

    No way am I leaving my used comdoms in there anymore. Someone may steal them

    • dantae666
      dantae666  7 months back

      Replace the screws with security torx

      • Vincent Westberg
        Vincent Westberg  1 months back

        snap pin within a security torx and now you have regular torx do it on vehicles all the time

    • Frits van Schuttingen
      Frits van Schuttingen  12 months back

      Just put a note in the safe "You just wasted some time opening a empty safe and reading this note. Don't forget to smile at the camera's when you leave."

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        • LifelessHawk
          LifelessHawk  2 years back

          Put a safe inside a safe so your safe from being safe

          • Ria Reneé
            Ria Reneé  2 years back

            So who else locked themselves out of the hotel safe and is here to try and get back in

            • Jason Scharton
              Jason Scharton  4 years back

              I always figured there was some sort of bypass built into these safes. There's no way the hotel staff would not have access for a number of reasons - people forgetting their PIN, being a jackass and locking it when you check out, forgetting your stuff in the safe after you check out, etc. I never thought they were totally secure, just a bit of a deterrent, and better than leaving the valuable(s) in a drawer or having to cart it around with you everywhere.

              • John Cochran
                John Cochran  4 years back

                Anyone who's surprised at the safe being that easy to open is a fool. Since the safe is owned by the hotel and since to be honest, there's a lot of assholes in the world who would think that locking the safe just before checking out of the hotel would be a great joke on the hotel, the hotel has to have an easy method to open the safe so it could be used by the next guest. And hence the simple and fast bypass. I seriously doubt you'll find ANY hotel safe that can't be bypassed in such a quick and fast fashion. The only difference would be in how they hide it.

                • Jonathan DPG
                  Jonathan DPG  2 years back

                  the problem is it's not just a mastercode or anything no it's a easy to pick lock. Some systems have mastercodes and subcodes which a) allow you to see WHO unlocked the safe B) allow you to unlock it but not provide a huge hole.

              • CS77 Smith
                CS77 Smith  4 years back

                So what the Solution when we visit a hotel?

                • A-Town Funk
                  A-Town Funk  4 years back

                  orrrrrrr you can just put the little do not disturb sign outside of the door....


                  • Jonathan DPG
                    Jonathan DPG  2 years back

                    the idea is not to hide it from staff staff always has access it's about hiding it from malicious people.

                • Salient Eye
                  Salient Eye  4 years back

                  Wanna protect the safe and other stuff in your room? Bring a spare phone with you and use Salient Eye app to turn it into a burglar alarm camera

                  • GoodDay
                    GoodDay  4 years back

                    They are featuring your vide in yahoo news

                    • 182Burritos
                      182Burritos  4 years back

                      Awesome video. I will use this video for criminal purposes and when I get caught I will tell the police that Jim Stickley taught me and told me to use these tactics in order to steal from safes.

                      • rajeevpandrangi
                        rajeevpandrangi  4 years back

                        Did you record this on a HTC one m7

                        • john doew
                          john doew  4 years back

                          Ok first this man is a lock smith, I know this because I went to school for this, he should know better, he could do this to any home with a key lock set , that means your car key door, your front / back door and yes any safe you buy  in store, its a fact but it not a easy as he posting and showing.

                          • Jonathan DPG
                            Jonathan DPG  2 years back

                            it is easy. Even picking basic locks are easy..point we should use more secure methods

                          • john doew
                            john doew  4 years back

                            @Jim Stickley Jim you have experience in locks please don't say you don't. What you should  do is just get some random people off the street don't show then what you know and let then try and see if they could do what your doing.   That would show most how its not as easy as this . You work as a security adviser Jim your a expert on the subject

                          • Jim Stickley
                            Jim Stickley   4 years back

                            +john doew Hey John, I'm not a locksmith and as crazy as it seems, this really was as easy as it shows. I assume if someone has never picked a locked before, then it would probably take a few minutes for them to figure it out but the lock was basic enough that it did not require any real skill to pick.

                        • sam fran
                          sam fran  4 years back

                          it use tobe all you need to do is hit the top of those safe with a rubber hammer and the shock would disengage the locks and allow the bolts to turned.

                          • shades2
                            shades2  4 years back

                            Clearly there is a special key for this purpose to open the safe, when the resident no doubt forgets their pin-code or the safe loses power for some reason. Still, it's way to easy to defeat.

                            • wangbungal
                              wangbungal  4 years back

                              Newer hotels don't use hard keys anymore for their safe, they use a handheld to open safes for guest who forgot their code, and if they fail In opening one, you have to drill the 1/4" thick metal door to get it open, and discard the door, or get it re-welded.. maintenance guy five years...

                              • Allen Myers
                                Allen Myers  4 years back

                                The locking mechanism on these safes are operated by a battery. If it dies, it can be tough to get into the safe as I found out on a ship when this happened to the safe in our stateroom. I suspect that is why the mechanical as a back-up to battery failure. But I think the video shows that the back-up lock needs improvement.

                                • Jonathan DPG
                                  Jonathan DPG  2 years back

                                  yes that's what he meant and actually the backup is electronic when you open it it electronically unlocks

                              • QuadFlyer (now QuadMonkey)

                                Great video!

                                • John Costanzo
                                  John Costanzo  4 years back

                                  why show criminals how to DO this" idiot GRRRRR

                                  • John Costanzo
                                    John Costanzo  4 years back

                                    why show criminals how to DO this" idiot GRRRRR

                                    • Richz Zhou
                                      Richz Zhou  4 years back

                                      a hotel safe is safer than carrying it your bag

                                      • Kev Gray
                                        Kev Gray  4 years back

                                        If they're not bolted to the ground, if you drop the safe from a height no higher than halfway up your shin it will pop the locks straight away.

                                        I did this when I couldn't remember the password to my safe in my hotel one evening when I needed my passport.

                                        • chris james
                                          chris james  4 years back

                                          all hotel safes have a master code that the hotel uses to open any safe someone has changed the code and checked out without telling them the code .always stash your drugs in the smoke detector , no thief checks there.

                                          • Mac Mac
                                            Mac Mac  4 years back

                                            point is its safer than in your bag.

                                            • Desiree Jean
                                              Desiree Jean  4 years back


                                              The description at the end tho ahahahahaha

                                              • Sound Media
                                                Sound Media  4 years back

                                                There is a gadget called 'MILOCKIE' that can prevent them being opened. Nothing is 100% safe but this gadget would certainly put them off.

                                                • Sound Media
                                                  Sound Media  4 years back

                                                  Those hotel safes are notoriously insecure. Some can even be opened using the '0000' default pin number! The digital age is easier for theft than a good old heavy key! Good video for naive travelers!

                                                  • Rick Colvin
                                                    Rick Colvin  1 months back

                                                    @Samuel I on

                                                  • Samuel I
                                                    Samuel I  1 years back

                                                    Had one front desk tell me that when the pin I always use.. and used.. didn't open it.

                                                    Use 0000. Popped right open.

                                                    Never again.
                                                    I'd been keeping my gun in there.

                                                  • Jonathan DPG
                                                    Jonathan DPG  2 years back

                                                    no keys are quite unsafe as well. That 2nd way was a key.....PLus keys require you to change frequently so you don't copy it.

                                                • AoRxStealth
                                                  AoRxStealth  4 years back

                                                  Nice grammar

                                                  • Blue Carbon
                                                    Blue Carbon  4 years back

                                                    Why would a company build a so called safe like this? Oh, because Idiocracy is real.

                                                    • Jonathan DPG
                                                      Jonathan DPG  2 years back

                                                      the problem is the backdoor was too easy.

                                                    • Dumorimasoddaa
                                                      Dumorimasoddaa  4 years back

                                                      +John Eckart Security though obscurity they key hole is decently hidden but the ability to easy crack the safe lets hotel owner empty them after use and or law enforcement access. Simple fact is though any back door is still a backdoor.

                                                  • John Necholas
                                                    John Necholas  4 years back

                                                    Your warning is completely useless, childish even. Anyone disposed to being dishonest would not heed your warning. Why show the damn thing in the first place. Simply warn people that hotel safes are not as secured as you think and that those with the knowhow will be able to get in would have been sufficient. Thanks to your film, NOW it is more dangerous than ever. You are morons. Anyone ever told you that too much knowledge is bad for your health?

                                                    • Jonathan DPG
                                                      Jonathan DPG  2 years back

                                                      by showing it it places pressure for change as it's not safe and now everyone knows. Security through obscurity is the worst

                                                  • Julie J
                                                    Julie J  4 years back

                                                    This is y I never use the safes

                                                    • chipmano
                                                      chipmano  4 years back

                                                      That is scary, especially when they will cast doubt on your story of not leaving it open? So sir, its locked so how did they get in it?

                                                      • striker1211
                                                        striker1211  4 years back

                                                        I was at the *edit* Hyatt Regency in New Orleans and the safe wasn't even bolted down. I left it in the bathroom to make a point.

                                                        • Michael Hraba
                                                          Michael Hraba  4 years back

                                                          Thanks for showing this so hotels don't a) buy this safe, and b) have an explanation if this ever happens.

                                                          • john doew
                                                            john doew  4 years back

                                                            +Michael “Fishbits” Hraba       he's lock smith he could do this to any of your locks in your own home of any with a key lock set hole.. Its not as easy as he posting.

                                                          • Michael Hraba
                                                            Michael Hraba  4 years back

                                                            Even the nicer ones have these keyhole bypass.... I think all of them. Loved the vid and thanks for helping create safety. I would tell you, in a million years I wouldn't have figured out how something went missing, and would have likely blamed a guest for scamming us. ugh!

                                                          • Jim Stickley
                                                            Jim Stickley   4 years back

                                                            Many hotel room safes are very similar in design and the reality is that most key locks can be picked. I am not suggesting that this particular safe is worse than others, it just happened to be the one I filmed. My hope is that people will understand that a hotel room safe in general does not guarantee security and that they may be more secure either keeping valuables on them or else checking if the hotel has a safe deposit box they can use at the front desk.

                                                        • Michael Cook
                                                          Michael Cook  4 years back

                                                          Great breaking the law music. so light and friendly

                                                        • T H
                                                          T H  4 years back

                                                          I know your code now! MOahHAHAHAhA!

                                                          • albret hes
                                                            albret hes  3 years back

                                                            Ziern Gnutt pls shere with me

                                                        • CesNwk10
                                                          CesNwk10  4 years back

                                                          Every hotel safe I have ever used could be reset with 0000 or 1111 so why bother with all this?

                                                          • DJ ITZ BOLADAO
                                                            DJ ITZ BOLADAO  4 years back

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