How to break into any electronic Safe (No Tools)


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  • あずりAzuri
    あずりAzuri  2 months back

    now let me wait till my parents are out then ill get my phone back :D

    • Kristina Schirmann
      Kristina Schirmann  3 months back

      wait. does this break the safe?

    • Kristina Schirmann
      Kristina Schirmann  3 months back

      yay! now I can get my phone back

      • Jack Mcgregor
        Jack Mcgregor  3 months back

        I am sure it will help thiefs

        • Charlie Connolly
          Charlie Connolly  4 months back

          Thanks mate really helped

          • Jamie Hester
            Jamie Hester  8 months back

            This does not work

            • pinkieandrainbow
              pinkieandrainbow  10 months back

              Had it on its side with bars on top, banged with a rubber mallet and my safe opened a few attempts with a bit of strong force, thanks dude

              • Mr Moto
                Mr Moto  1 years back

                Do3s not worrrrrkkkk

                • Johnny Attal
                  Johnny Attal  1 years back

                  yay i can get weed noww ay

                  • Dan McDonald
                    Dan McDonald  2 years back

                    This worked on my Sentry Safe X055. Thanks, way easier than jimmying the lock or looking for some stupid magnet. Need to buy a new safe, but I got my valuables out.

                    • John Durrett
                      John Durrett  2 years back

                      This video gave a good explaination

                      • IBSA_DA_SAVAGE Ibrahim
                        IBSA_DA_SAVAGE Ibrahim  2 years back

                        Thank You

                        • randomly Jumping
                          randomly Jumping  2 years back

                          Hey hey Wife lost my keys to my safe with my medication still in them. You helped me out big time!!! Now I️ have to wonder if my wife is trying to kill me haha

                          • paul caswell
                            paul caswell  2 years back

                            Thanks mate worked straight away. Bloody worrying thou how it opened so easily

                            • Tyler Frank
                              Tyler Frank  2 years back

                              It didn't work to mine please help me

                              • brian danielson
                                brian danielson  2 years back

                                Wow, it worked. My neighbor is gonna be pissed when he finds out!

                                • harri2626
                                  harri2626  2 years back

                                  MANY THANKS! I lost my over-ride key and the batteries were flat so this saved my life (passports and some currency)!

                                • hal0weeeeen
                                  hal0weeeeen  2 years back

                                  this legit worked

                                  • Farrel Dharma
                                    Farrel Dharma  2 years back

                                    It actually worked thank you!!!!!

                                    • X a n d a h
                                      X a n d a h  2 years back

                                      legendary I locked my weed in there and the batteries fell out on the inside I got the same safe too.

                                    • its litty
                                      its litty  2 years back

                                      I've been trying to open my safe for 2 years.. after watching this video it worked!! THANKS!!

                                      • Tanya Ryland
                                        Tanya Ryland  8 months back

                                        its litty really I’m trying to get mine open n I’m banging the top n turning the knob n I can’t get it open ?? Help no batteries

                                    • Lisa Mackey
                                      Lisa Mackey  2 years back

                                      I used the stick; worked great but now my safe will not lock back... any ideas???

                                      • Christian johnson
                                        Christian johnson  2 years back

                                        dude your the man this shit worked for me on my big ass safe

                                        • lukelak
                                          lukelak  2 years back

                                          thank you very much becuse My days locked My GTA games

                                        • Pygmy 149
                                          Pygmy 149  2 years back

                                          Or turn it on it's side and hit it so the bars drop easier lol

                                          • CELEBRITY STATUS EST2009

                                            your a life saver it worked first time

                                            • Jayla Pleasure
                                              Jayla Pleasure  3 years back

                                              it really worked

                                              • Mick J
                                                Mick J  3 years back

                                                Well done mate, did this, took 6 tries and the safe opened

                                                • earthpet
                                                  earthpet  3 years back

                                                  Any electronic safe? Not even close.

                                                  • that1girl2007
                                                    that1girl2007  3 years back

                                                    Omg thank you so much, my daughter lost my key and the batteries were dead on my key pad, all my car payment was in here, lifesavor!!!
                                                    But on the other hand this scares me lol

                                                    • hippieJOSH420
                                                      hippieJOSH420  3 years back

                                                      can't believe that actually worked!! wow dude!!

                                                      • Z Gmos
                                                        Z Gmos  3 years back

                                                        I opened it but when it's opened I accidentally locked it so I don't know how to unlock it while it's opened

                                                        • Faheem Patel
                                                          Faheem Patel  5 years back

                                                          Thanks for u r help