Liberty Safe Accessories: Electronic Locks


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  • Joe Elchert
    Joe Elchert  3 months back

    So is the Biometric Emp safe?

  • J D
    J D  5 months back

    Im about to buy a USA 30 safe and have been going back and forth between manual and digital lock. Im leaning mostly towards the manual lock because electronics will fail eventually the dial wont. I only plan to buy the one safe and want to make the right choice.

    • J D
      J D  5 months back

      From what i've read the lower end securam in the USA 30 aren't EMP resistant though. Am i wrong? Thanks for the reply. I'm looking forward to getting a safe finally.

    • Liberty Safe & Security Products
      Liberty Safe & Security Products   5 months back

      For ease and speed of access the digital locks are the way to go. They are very reliable and each digital lock goes through literally hundreds of operations before it is ever put on a Liberty Safe. They have also been EMP tested and passed.

  • xeries
    xeries  11 months back

    How do u open if u forget the combo

    • David Velasquez
      David Velasquez  10 months back

      iConvixonz - you cant that’s why the manual says do not put booklet in the safe and keep password safe.

  • Spencer Steward
    Spencer Steward  1 years back

    What happens if the battery dies?

    • Pranesh Pal
      Pranesh Pal  1 years back

      Spencer Steward change it. It’s in the keypad

  • Nick P
    Nick P  2 years back

    Can I have the lock changed by any local certified locksmith and still be under warranty?

    • Spencer Steward
      Spencer Steward  1 years back

      What happens if the battery dies?

    • PhlyanPan
      PhlyanPan  1 years back

      If the safe is more than 5 years old, is the warranty concern no longer applicable?

  • the derek team
    the derek team  2 years back


    • Retired Top43
      Retired Top43  3 years back

      I don't like the 5 yr warranty. It just seems to me that it is something that could break. I just bought a Liberty safe and opted for the standard dial lock. Lifetime warranty. Easy-peasy.

      • dakrat
        dakrat  3 years back

        I see that the D lock has been updated with a build-in light. IMO, the light switch is too close to the keypad where you could press the wrong button in the dark and enter the wrong combination. every seconds count. I much prefer the magnetic light about the keypad.