Diebold safecracking


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  • Kelly Dyson
    Kelly Dyson  4 years back

    what a douche!  For those of us in the community, the first rule would be NOT to tape security senitive information to be some loser youtube hero.  By the way, your method for drilling ball bearings almost made me piss my pants.  Maybe a remedial course at cockmasters (where you bought your spikemaster).  Also love the "Used lock boneyard".  What to work like a pro you scissorsharpening fucktard

    • Ben Knarr
      Ben Knarr  4 years back

      i hope u charged a pretty penny to open that up

      • Thomas Paine
        Thomas Paine  4 years back

        THis is very cool !  As a guy who's always been fascinated by safes ! It's sort of amazing the small solenoid inside this. But I guess it has to be powered by a battery in the dial, where the battery can be replaced if and when it goes dead- It can't be inside the safe.
        I wonder if some large safes can be hooked up to 120 VAC power by a cord in the back, and would that give security issues ?
        Otherwise, the size of the solenoid and its spring, or the torque needed by a manually- operated mechanism, is a limiting factor on how beefy the lock mechanisms can be made.
        Also- can't they put a nice thick hardened steel plate on the door ? But would weigh + cost a lot ?

        • Mark Flack
          Mark Flack  4 years back

          Hundred dollars worth of bits and a new lock assembly $200 what a deal

          • joe baldwin
            joe baldwin  4 years back

            could have got in twice as fast with a hammer and chisel the safe is ruined once its drilled anyway.

          • David Hume
            David Hume  4 years back

            Were you not able to just drill through the spindle hole into the lock case to access the solenoid wires? I ask, because I am about to purchase a used 271-30 Cashguard and will also have to spike it.

            • dlevi67
              dlevi67  4 years back

              @David Hume the spindle hole in the safe is not in the right place to access the wires... unsurprisingly.

          • twilson1118
            twilson1118  4 years back

            generally to plug the drilled hole a couple ball bearings are pushed into the hole and depending on the spot the hole is, sometimes even a larger one is pushed in the back,esp right behind the lockset(its held in place BY the lockset) and hammered in place. Good luck drilling that spot easily again.

            • Jack
              Jack  4 years back

              Man, that's some serious precision there. Awesome job.

              • Utopia Utopia
                Utopia Utopia  4 years back

                I agree.  Why on earth would any responsible person post this online!  Why do they allow such a thing.  Supporting theft.  

                • csw4ak
                  csw4ak  4 years back

                  Sounds like this safe was returned to service.   What do you do to compensate for the drill hole?   New door?   A patch job of some sort?

                  • Jakezoroni
                    Jakezoroni  4 years back

                    You shouldn't let these secrets out... But I'm still so damn glad that you did xD
                    I'm actually looking into becoming a locksmith, but I'm still missing all the experience

                    • Braze IAR
                      Braze IAR  4 years back

                      @Jakezoroni Criminals will always get access to the info but it doesn't matter, since a criminal is unlikely to sit around for half an hour with a drill trying to get in.

                    • Jack
                      Jack  4 years back

                      Well once you take your foley belsaw online course, and perhaps become a "locksmith" , then you'll understand they didn't show you much on doing anything besides drilling a hole. Good luck doing what they did.

                  • The Keto Chief
                    The Keto Chief  5 years back

                    great job buy the way even tho it was old tech

                    • Joseph M
                      Joseph M  5 years back

                      Why would you show the frigging crooks this information ?  There goes my idea of buying a digital looking safe out the widow.

                      • Thomas Paine
                        Thomas Paine  4 years back

                        @Bobby Ross LOOOL- I am sure they all have the user and maintenance manuals for these....
                        If it weren't for all the metal over the solenoid wires, how about applying an electric or magnetic field that will induce the solenoid to move or the magnetic circuit to move ?
                        Was that a drill dent in the plastic case of the microproc? and an ECO where 2 of its pins were shorted?
                        The guts of this safe dont impress me much as a EE.

                      • Jack
                        Jack  4 years back

                        Oh no!! And they showed the combination to the safe at the end! I can't believe they're revealing so much info ( sarcasm for the original tard)

                      • Safe Crackers Inc.
                        Safe Crackers Inc.  4 years back

                        @Joseph Maximus You can look at this video a hundred times, and if you don't know what you are doing, have the proper equipment, the experience, you will never open this container. He has revealed nothing. 

                      • Joseph M
                        Joseph M  5 years back

                        @HaydenHatTrick Stick to the hat trick 

                      • HaydenHatTrick
                        HaydenHatTrick  5 years back

                        Just a hint... you cant afford a secure safe lock. Instead you have to assume that the crook does not know the exact model of your safe and have its datasheets in advance, with the correct tools.

                    • Evelen Santos
                      Evelen Santos  5 years back

                      estou no brasil. eu abro cofre aqui minha profissão.
                      eu quero compar este equipamento como eu faço?

                    • Ts3
                      Ts3  5 years back

                      Any safe can be cracked my friend honestly , people have tried for over two hundred years to make uncrackerble safe , we will always find a way to get them open in a pro manor .

                      • Kowan57
                        Kowan57  5 years back

                        That hardened plate sure ate those drill bits.

                      • JAY LEE
                        JAY LEE  5 years back

                        Im still trying to figure out how that relocker works exactly, It looked as if it had been set off, or am I wrong?

                        • KingOfHammer
                          KingOfHammer  5 years back

                          What function does the bb have?

                          • LockPicksPlusdotCom
                            LockPicksPlusdotCom   4 years back

                            @keifsanderson 100 percent correct.

                          • Safe Crackers Inc.
                            Safe Crackers Inc.  4 years back

                            @keifsanderson you are correct. What they actually do is make our drill bit s bind, thus breaking them...I normally try to hit it from the side and bypass the ball bearings, they are a bitch.

                          • keifsanderson
                            keifsanderson  5 years back

                            Ball bearings are hardened steel and therefore very hard to drill.  I don't work in this industry, by my higher-security dead bolts came with ball bearings to place under the mounting bolts, to make drilling from the exterior more difficult.  I'd assume they play a similar role here.

                        • HighwaterTech
                          HighwaterTech  5 years back

                          Could have been done a whole hell of a lot quicker with precisely placed Thermite charges. And a good kick.

                          • HighwaterTech
                            HighwaterTech  5 years back

                            @Bobby Ross I was refering to a tool that creates a plasma arc short enough to go through the metal without damaging the contents inside.

                          • Richard's World Traveler
                            Richard's World Traveler  5 years back

                            I think he wanted to be able to repair the safe so could be used again. He didn't want to obliterate it.
                             oh.. and I just saw at the end, he did fill the whole and fixed the safe.

                          • HighwaterTech
                            HighwaterTech  5 years back

                            @Lennart Nilsen A short stroke Plasma Cutter may work if you don't want to damage the documents

                          • Lennart Nilsen
                            Lennart Nilsen  5 years back

                            Wouldn't work for a safe filled with documents or cash...

                        • Ts3
                          Ts3  5 years back

                          Would of went over the top my self no ball bearings and saved time and d bits , granted would of ment new lock body but hay how what do I know , ps clean spike though well done.

                          • Aaron Pierce
                            Aaron Pierce  5 years back

                            Nice repair. wish mine looked that clean. Can you do some videos on repairs?

                            • Steve Platt
                              Steve Platt  5 years back

                              Im so frustrated with  vorkev 1 ..what an idiot..you must feel even worse :-)

                              • FORMAN ASAP Locksmith .Los Angeles

                                nicely done, I get a cramp in my stomache when I see a hard plate that elaborate. What brand of bits do you like? I'm going through 4 bits just to punch a basic 3/8 hardplate.

                                • FORMAN ASAP Locksmith .Los Angeles
                                  FORMAN ASAP Locksmith .Los Angeles  5 years back

                                  No I'm using carbide tip but I recently switched to a mounted/magnetic drill method and stopped using the lever rig and I'm conserving bits a lot better.

                                • bobwatters
                                  bobwatters  5 years back

                                  You ever try carbide, or is there a reason those do not work for this?

                              • Mintrend San
                                Mintrend San  5 years back

                                Faster and more destructive way is to put it inside a blast chamber and blast it off with a dynamite.

                                • joesuperman8
                                  joesuperman8  5 years back

                                  or you know you can just get a safe with a dial on it...

                                  • Jay G2820
                                    Jay G2820  5 years back

                                    What is your opinion on these cashgards? I own one that's Massive

                                    • PaMS1995
                                      PaMS1995  5 years back

                                      don't know shit about lockpicking but this was a great watch

                                    • darijan t
                                      darijan t  5 years back

                                      Hello big respect for your work anyone who open a safe should appriciete your work
                                      i have one qestion doo you know someting about wertheim safes i mean on dws 1600
                                      has 2 locks  one is key- secu (i mean it is imposible to open ) and s&g 8850 combination locks what is a problem people
                                      forget they combination if you know someting ( your opinion best way to open ) i will appreciate BIG RESPECT

                                      • RobMitshi
                                        RobMitshi  5 years back

                                        Seems this guy never heard of hydrolics, me thinks it would pop right open. 
                                        Also, get better drills, when you got those, make em even better.
                                        Use propper cutting and cooling fluid. Buy a Plasmacutter? ooh and best way to do it, ask any 316L metalworker/welder with a clue ;)  

                                        • Pamp Suisse Los Angeles

                                          Ok now I'm freaking out. I just bought a Liberty Lincoln 25 safe, w/ a group 2 mechanical lock. How long would it take you to get into my safe?

                                          • andrew garcia
                                            andrew garcia  5 years back

                                            would it have been faster if you hammered out the hinge?

                                            • Rask
                                              Rask  5 years back

                                              @LockPicksPlusdotCom Cutting the hinge doesn't work, but wouldn't using a crowbar on the door work? Or maybe you were trying not to destroy the safe?

                                            • andrew garcia
                                              andrew garcia  5 years back

                                              yea but with those thin walls, you could us a breaching tool and a sledge hammer to break the connection. i mean once you break two pins you can twist the entire door out. Or couldn't you break the handle off and use brute force to twist open the locking mechanism.

                                            • LockPicksPlusdotCom
                                              LockPicksPlusdotCom   5 years back

                                              No cutting or removing the hinge doesn't work on real burglary rated safes. There are locking bolts all the way around the door.

                                          • Abelardo Serna Perea
                                            Abelardo Serna Perea  5 years back

                                            Excelente work, what kind of drill do yo used and how many?

                                            • sebastian v
                                              sebastian v  5 years back

                                              @LockPicksPlusdotCom Have you tried 5% cobalt  drills? 

                                            • Abelardo Serna Perea
                                              Abelardo Serna Perea  5 years back

                                              Gracias por la informacion

                                            • LockPicksPlusdotCom
                                              LockPicksPlusdotCom   5 years back

                                              Strong Arm bits are my first choice, you never know how many you will need. One hole could use 10 but if you move over an inch and drill another it might take only one. It's pot luck. I always carry a bag full on the job.

                                          • chin nuts
                                            chin nuts  5 years back

                                            You cant dismiss this highly skilled ,very clean intrusion. Very nice indeed. Professional quality is what its all about.

                                          • eric lucena
                                            eric lucena  5 years back

                                            i've never thought of charging the solenoid!!!! are you just sending 9v to it???

                                          • Nadya Suleman
                                            Nadya Suleman  5 years back

                                            he cheated but he left that part out.....

                                          • Derek Morones
                                            Derek Morones  5 years back

                                            Thank you for the video, I ask does the  box have a swinging bolt? or is it a stiff bolt that swings when unlocked?  If it swings can you just drill for the bolt instead of the box? It would be a much easyer opening to reach in and push the bolt over . Lockman!

                                            • LockPicksPlusdotCom
                                              LockPicksPlusdotCom   5 years back

                                              Yes it does and yes you could but I wanted to reuse the lock again so this was less damaging to the lock.

                                            • John Griner
                                              John Griner  5 years back

                                              im in the same industry (bank service) i think you're talking about punching the bolt. This is normally what i do, when doing a cash locker, or coin vault, but generally when doing something like the vault he has you don't want to take a chance of firing the relockers. 

                                          • عبدالله احمد

                                            i forgot my combination and would like to open it without drilling or defacing, somebody answer me please.

                                            • LockPicksPlusdotCom
                                              LockPicksPlusdotCom   5 years back

                                              Call a safe tech or take it to someone's lock shop to open it for you.

                                          • David L.
                                            David L.  5 years back

                                            seems like it takes a while and looks like you ran through a few drill bits. very nicely done though.

                                          • TowerJimmy
                                            TowerJimmy  5 years back

                                            very clever way to push the drill

                                          • Mack Lu
                                            Mack Lu  5 years back

                                            Did it take you more than 15 minutes?  I always wonder if the UL rating was accurate for professionals using hand tools.

                                            • LockPicksPlusdotCom
                                              LockPicksPlusdotCom   5 years back

                                              Yes it takes longer in most cases.

                                            • John Griner
                                              John Griner  5 years back

                                              i have no connection to this video, but the tl-15 rating is 15 mins of working time. meaning your running the drill and pushing the drill in it takes 15 mins. But the rating does not count the down time. Time spent changing bits, resting, reposition the drill, ect. If I had to guess it took him at least a couple of hours. 

                                          • 2H2K
                                            2H2K  5 years back


                                          • tracy endicott
                                            tracy endicott  6 years back

                                            Help I have lost the keys to my safe!!

                                            • SHIMMY956
                                              SHIMMY956  6 years back

                                              How about a video of your silly ass sitting in jail for teaching other idiots how to crack safes!

                                              • LockPicksPlusdotCom
                                                LockPicksPlusdotCom   5 years back

                                                Been done already check out Master Minds Tv show. They called me a Master Safecracker, lol Hollywood

                                            • beco love
                                              beco love  6 years back

                                              Excellent vídeo as well have  the loock

                                              • LockPicksPlusdotCom
                                                LockPicksPlusdotCom   5 years back

                                                Thank for to kind words. I'll try and shoot some more. I'm not trying to educate criminals but rather show the public what to expect when using a qualified safe tech. We can open and repair it and you won't have to trash your expensive safe. Thanks

                                            • eman3082000
                                              eman3082000  6 years back

                                              Dude u are a sniper! Perfect drill placement! Made it look easy.

                                            • Rufus Chucklebutty
                                              Rufus Chucklebutty  6 years back

                                              if you use drilling paste, ie lubricant your drills will last 2 or 3 times longer

                                              • LockPicksPlusdotCom
                                                LockPicksPlusdotCom   5 years back

                                                Lubricant only helps on the first 1/2 inch or so in the mild steel but when you reach the ball bearings the tip of your bit snaps right off and usually welds itself in the hole that you now have to get out before you can continue drilling. Very effective barrier. Thanks

                                            • florin popa
                                              florin popa  6 years back

                                              dats kind of is old scholl cause all the new ones have all explosions and if u go drill it like this it like to drill an atomic bomb :P

                                            • Cybrax Cyberspace
                                              Cybrax Cyberspace  6 years back

                                              Fantastic skill, would have been nicer, if you explained some more detail, yes i guess a locksmith or safecracker must remain his trade secret but some more info could have and would have been informative and cool, also i was quite interested on the drilling time which was fast forwarded and never specified.

                                              Otherwise amazing

                                              • LockPicksPlusdotCom
                                                LockPicksPlusdotCom   5 years back

                                                I agree with you but I'm walking a fine line trying to educate the public and not would be thieves. Every time I post a new safe video my piers give me a bunch of crap over it. So what's one to do? You can't please everyone.