Kudu Bull, Black Bear and Archery Elk Hunt

  • Published: 14 December 2018
  • Kudu Bull, Black Bear and Archery Elk Hunt

    In todays video, catch a mashup of a few of our favorite hunts from episodes of The High Road. Be the first to see Matti's fall Black Bear hunt in Saskatchewan, Canada for the 2019 season of The High Road; watch Keith on an African safari spot and stalk for a massive Kudu he shoots at 300 yards; and last but certainly not least, Keith takes a long archery shot with his compound bow at a trophy Bull Elk. If you like and want more videos like this, be sure to leave a like, comment and subscribe!

    Warning! The following video contains hunting and shooting that is educational in nature, but may be offensive to some people. Viewer discretion is advised.

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    Every successful person has a mentor, a coach, someone they can trust and turn to for guidance. Keith Warren is that person for both aspiring and avid outdoorsmen alike. Keith has hunted everything from deer, bear, and hogs with air guns, pistols, rifles, and thermal gear.

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    Keith currently hosts The High Road with Keith Warren and Keith Warren's Deer & Wildlife Stories, nationally broadcast on the Pursuit Channel.
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Comments • 52

  • ismet
    ismet  5 months back

    It's so beautiful let's kill it!!!

    • John Connor *
      John Connor *  5 months back

      Great shooting!

      • Banner gaming
        Banner gaming  5 months back

        You mother fucker why you kill

        • Lunatic BILLY
          Lunatic BILLY  5 months back

          Why are you killing these beautiful creatures just for fun and yet in a few years youll act as if you are so concerned about these animals getting extinct lets have some humanity people.

          • Kit Cat
            Kit Cat  4 months back

            It's the same reason you eat burgers. For Food.....and the experience.

        • Jasmine Briscoe
          Jasmine Briscoe  9 months back

          Poor animals.... just let them live 😔

          • Kit Cat
            Kit Cat  4 months back

            A man's gotta eat

        • David B Gill
          David B Gill  9 months back

          One day I'll get me an Elk. That is on my bucket list. Great Shooting Keith and Mattie

          • Kit Cat
            Kit Cat  4 months back

            I hope you end up getting the opportunity !

            That is something that is on my bucket list too

        • Genesis kids Outdoors
          Genesis kids Outdoors  9 months back

          What gun did you use in the kudu hunt

          • Sarah Goodly
            Sarah Goodly  9 months back

            What's with the music? Doesn't even match the mood, it's like a child made these videos. I like your old videos, more down to earth and passionate.

            • Montelbon Teengar
              Montelbon Teengar  9 months back

              Wow that would be a nice bear pallet. And the meat mmmmmm!! Good shot! 👍

              • Андрей Журавлев

                пидор старый. матери своей в пизду стрельни,чтоб такие ублюдки как ты не рождались. ублюдки

                • Tyus Sanchez
                  Tyus Sanchez  9 months back

                  What caliber did Matty use for that bear

                • Zyra Gale Almazan
                  Zyra Gale Almazan  9 months back

                  What is the point of killing a innocent bear.. For God sake think first..

                  • Keith Warren
                    Keith Warren   9 months back

                    Hard to eat them if they're not dead. Population control.

                • harimau malaya
                  harimau malaya  9 months back

                  Sir...u just not a great hunter.u are a legend to me....from malaysia

                  • Keith Warren
                    Keith Warren   9 months back

                    Thanks for watching and for the kind words!

                • tha thot patrol
                  tha thot patrol  9 months back

                  Man I live in Colorado I go up to just about everywhere I can't get shit

                  • Caleb Driediger
                    Caleb Driediger  9 months back


                    • Tyler Metheny
                      Tyler Metheny  9 months back

                      is this ranch in texas

                      • Keith Warren
                        Keith Warren   9 months back

                        These are all different locations. Bear -> Great Grey Outfitters in Saskatchewan, Canada. Elk -> Colorado. Kudu -> Huntershill Safaris in South Africa

                    • Dean Hiner
                      Dean Hiner  9 months back

                      Had not seen the video with your daughters blackbear. Good ,clean,fall bear. Nice . Colorado is my home state and have chased elk all my life. Till I started watching your videos I never thought about African game .

                      • Keith Warren
                        Keith Warren   9 months back

                        Thanks, Dean. If you ever get the chance, I would strongly encourage going to Africa. It'll change your life.

                    • Safetyleed Nkom
                      Safetyleed Nkom  9 months back

                      Ita 7:25 but its not dark yet! Wow.

                      • Random User
                        Random User  4 months back

                        In Central time zones it is like that, take Michigan here as an example it's 8:49 and I still see a lil light

                    • ilyas khan
                      ilyas khan  9 months back

                      You guys are asshole . Why don't you try to shoot your own kids

                      • Keith Warren
                        Keith Warren   9 months back

                        Get off my channel then. Don't like it? Don't watch it? You seem like an incredibly nice and tolerant person, geez.

                    • skylar gordon
                      skylar gordon  9 months back

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                      • Dustin h
                        Dustin h  9 months back

                        Its almost 1 am and a pinched nerve won't let me sleep. Kept me from doing much this year so the videos are a life saver mentally. Thanks

                        • ssmatsusaka
                          ssmatsusaka  9 months back

                          5 Vegetarians

                          • ismet
                            ismet  5 months back

                            Don't think he eats what he shot

                        • Nicholas Kiahtipes
                          Nicholas Kiahtipes  9 months back

                          Who was your guide on trophy mountain ranch? Their sister ranch, whistling elk is next to my family’s cabin. We had moved up to trophy mountain and managed it for about 3 months and then the owner of the ranches passed and so due to the will, monte had to manage both ranches. But that’s just life. What did your bull score on the Boone and Crockett scale?

                          • Jonathon Burton
                            Jonathon Burton  9 months back

                            great shots! KEITH keep on posting cool content

                            • Shooter 1924
                              Shooter 1924  9 months back

                              Great videos and great shots. Thanks for Sharing!

                              • Landon Naranjo
                                Landon Naranjo  9 months back


                                • Collin Mehlenbacher
                                  Collin Mehlenbacher  9 months back

                                  You should get a scope camera that would be nice

                                  • - Veaux -
                                    - Veaux -  9 months back

                                    great shots! that kudu was gorgeous. nice hunt

                                  • Brent Tanner
                                    Brent Tanner  9 months back

                                    Should set these hunters loose in Chicago...Memphis, Los Angeles, Baltimore. Good shootin.

                                    • king chris
                                      king chris  9 months back

                                      Don’t forget Detroit and St. Louis

                                    • ThiccnessInChief
                                      ThiccnessInChief  9 months back

                                      Have to admit, hunting soyboys sounds like a lot of fun lol.

                                  • JAL Hellcat
                                    JAL Hellcat  9 months back

                                    Way to All in getting it done...

                                    • anil abbaraju
                                      anil abbaraju  9 months back

                                      Hi Keith nice shot what is bow u have used in this video

                                    • C W
                                      C W  9 months back

                                      Time you hunt Eastern Cape plains game Mattie.....

                                      • GEORGE K
                                        GEORGE K  9 months back

                                        Nice video and great shot on the Kudu
                                        What did the lady use on the bear?

                                        • Keith Warren
                                          Keith Warren   9 months back

                                          It was a Savage .308 with an adjustable muzzle brake

                                        • GEORGE K
                                          GEORGE K  9 months back

                                          @Carson Chaney Yeah, I saw that I was wondering what caliber,I'm thinking 300WM

                                        • Carson Chaney
                                          Carson Chaney  9 months back

                                          I think its a custom Savage

                                      • Josh D
                                        Josh D  9 months back

                                        Excellent work good job thanks for sharing