Builders DIY: Home Security - Installing a Safe


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  • 11 11
    11 11  2 months back

    I wouldn't put it on the wall unless there was no other option. It would be much more secure anchored to a floor. Also this is just a common sense tip, don't place it out in the open.

    • md mizanur Rahmna
      md mizanur Rahmna  9 months back

      লকার সার্ভিস পেতে

      • Ste Heaton
        Ste Heaton  11 months back

        Surely that has to be the worst position to mount the safe? Lots of room around to swing a hammer at it, get a pry bar behind it or other implement? It should be also fixed to the floor where possible and mounted in a low corner.

        • bull shiyot
          bull shiyot  11 months back

          The weight of the safe will wear out the anchors. Don’t install this way. Just no.

        • BuildersSA
          BuildersSA   11 months back

          Hi Ste, thank you for your feedback, we'll pass it on to the right team. NM

      • Alien Alien
        Alien Alien  1 years back

        • John Lowe
          John Lowe  2 years back

          what size drill bit do you use for the bolts .

          • Fritz the Cat
            Fritz the Cat  2 years back

            I don't have masonry in my house, would using hefty anchors and bolts into studs be a secure option?

            • Robert Moore
              Robert Moore  3 years back

              Don't drill into the mortar - drill into the brick. Much stronger!

              • BuildersSA
                BuildersSA   3 years back

                Thanks for the advice, Robert! :)