S&G 6730 Combination Lock Installation


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  • Gibril Kargbo
    Gibril Kargbo  2 months back

    THIS IS PERFECT!!! Thank you.

    • Jack Mcgregor
      Jack Mcgregor  2 months back

      I watch this video when ever I can’t fall asleep

      • Potti314
        Potti314  4 months back

        What's the purpose of the four slots in the drive cam? If you put the spline key in at a wrong slot it would just change your code but this could be fixed with changing it later. Also the hundred numbers are dividable by 4. So also no trouble with fractions of a number.

        • David Stepeck
          David Stepeck  4 months back

          I’ve watched this video about six times just because the gentleman explains it so well and speaks clearly and concisely. He should be a professional voice person. I may just change my electronic lock just so I can watch it again and perform the same tasks. Very well made video.

          • Ron Bartch
            Ron Bartch  6 months back

            Outstanding presentation! Thank You.

            • Showemright YTchannel
              Showemright YTchannel  7 months back

              Manufacturers can make the door of safes 3-4 times stronger by beefing up the steel where the door bolts retract in and out from. Instead of using the thin metal inside even though ones safe door may have a 1/4 inch or 1/2 inch plate steel on the front use 1/4 to 1/2 inch steel within the door bolts frame where they retract from, that way if one is actually getting a pry started, the bolts won't bend the thinner metal that the bolts are housed in or retract from. I know most attacks are from the sides and not the door, though imagine the PEACE OF MIND with that added steel within the door.

              • Brian Cross
                Brian Cross  8 months back

                fantastic job explaining thank you

                • StagArmslower
                  StagArmslower  8 months back

                  Which position of the spline key I should pick up if the lock is in flat position, like in the floor safe

                  • Kalle Pihlajasaari
                    Kalle Pihlajasaari  5 months back

                    @StagArmslower The spline location is selected to locate the third number forbidden zone close to zero so you can safely avoid it. It is always assumed that your index pointer is UP on the door. In a floor safe you need to visualise the relationship with the index pointer and the lock alignment as if the index pointer was facing UP to pick the correct spline slot.

                  • StagArmslower
                    StagArmslower  8 months back

                    @sargentandgreenleaf1 you have to decide in what position you insert the spline, does this depends which way the locking bar moves versus position of the opening index line on the dial backing plate.

                  • sargentandgreenleaf1
                    sargentandgreenleaf1   8 months back

                    Stag, I am not sure what you mean by "flat." The lock can only be mounted VD, VU, LH and RH.

                • john
                  john  9 months back

                  I always wondered how locks were set after install. How do your locks stand the test of time or do rely on the safe manufacturer to design a door that prevents access to the tumblers?

                  • md mizanur Rahmna
                    md mizanur Rahmna  9 months back

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                    • Prakash Vaishnav
                      Prakash Vaishnav  10 months back

                      online buy Prise ?

                      • sargentandgreenleaf1
                        sargentandgreenleaf1   9 months back

                        You can purchase this lock at https://www.sglockshop.com/en-US/p-model-6730-kit/7500908

                    • Hacker Gameing _
                      Hacker Gameing _  10 months back

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                      • Bobby Rains
                        Bobby Rains  1 years back

                        Most thorough video ever!! Thanks.

                        • wallace rodrigues inacio


                          • Adventure Dad
                            Adventure Dad  1 years back

                            So if I have lost my combination...and I have access to the back of my door...I can manually move the mechanisms inside the lock to accept the change key...and start all over?

                          • S C
                            S C  1 years back

                            Can a re lock accidentally be set off if the safe is moved laying down?

                            • Kalle Pihlajasaari
                              Kalle Pihlajasaari  5 months back

                              Some safes have a frangible glass relocker but this is rare and usually for very valuable items (expensive safe) . Such a relocker CAN be damaged by very rough handling.

                            • sargentandgreenleaf1
                              sargentandgreenleaf1   1 years back

                              I would check with the safe manufacturer on the proper moving process. You may want to remove the relocker until you get the safe moved.

                            • S C
                              S C  1 years back

                              sargentandgreenleaf1 Yes it's the safe's relocker

                            • sargentandgreenleaf1
                              sargentandgreenleaf1   1 years back

                              SC, Are you referencing the lock's relocker or the Safe's relocker?

                          • pastenseverb
                            pastenseverb  1 years back

                            The best video on this subject. Well done. Thanks.

                            • Studio Eight
                              Studio Eight  1 years back

                              Great vid. Very informative.

                              • Ed Walker
                                Ed Walker  2 years back

                                Superb video! Thank you for sharing your substantial expertise...couldn't have swapped out my safe lock without this video.

                                • Steve Shapiro
                                  Steve Shapiro  2 years back

                                  What do ya do when combo dial jams up with changing key inserted and will only move half way around either way

                                  • Kalle Pihlajasaari
                                    Kalle Pihlajasaari  5 months back

                                    One of the cam clutches is probably closed when it should be open. It takes a lot of deep thought or a visit to a locksmith to get it sorted out.

                                • Dave Joseph
                                  Dave Joseph  2 years back

                                  Even though it is conventional to begin dialing to the right for the first number -- shouldn't it be true that one other working combination will exist that begins in the opposite direction?

                                  • Kalle Pihlajasaari
                                    Kalle Pihlajasaari  5 months back

                                    On these locks the plunger is retracted when turning clockwise/right and the cam gates all have to be aligned before that. So for a 3 wheel lock you get L-R-L-R and a 4 wheel lock it would be R-L-R-L-R .

                                • Steve DePaoli
                                  Steve DePaoli  2 years back

                                  I can't get the change key to insert all the way at the step of a new install and combination. What could be my error?

                                  • Kalle Pihlajasaari
                                    Kalle Pihlajasaari  5 months back

                                    Most likely incorrect combination tried or incorrect index pointer used.

                                  • Emily Summer
                                    Emily Summer  1 years back

                                    I am having the same problem with change key.

                                • Grumpy OldMan
                                  Grumpy OldMan  2 years back

                                  Do the 3 wheel and 4 wheel S&G combo locks use the same change key?

                                  • Kalle Pihlajasaari
                                    Kalle Pihlajasaari  5 months back

                                    Good information here https://silversalesusa.com/pdfs/usps.pdf and http://manuals.chudov.com/Sargeant-and-Greenleaf-Mechanical-Locks-Guide.pdf

                                  • camjamsdad
                                    camjamsdad  7 months back


                                • LongDogBrew
                                  LongDogBrew  2 years back

                                  Excellent tutorial...Thanks!

                                  • Rafael Diaz
                                    Rafael Diaz  2 years back

                                    Excellent instructional video. Well presented.

                                    • certified30
                                      certified30  3 years back

                                      followed instructions but cant get the change key notch pass the cover. pretty sure everything is aligned properly, any ideas.

                                      • Kalle Pihlajasaari
                                        Kalle Pihlajasaari  5 months back

                                        In the video the part with the hex/Allen key describes how to reset the wheels when the combination is not known.

                                        The big danger in these types of locks is rotating the change key when it is not fully through all the cams as some of the clutches may remain unlocked. This is why it is important to only use the change key with the cover on and make sure the flag goes all the way in. A competent locksmith should be able to realign the cam clutches if they are out of synchronisation but a replacement used lock may be cheaper.

                                        I worked out the problem I caused and how to fix it after working on my first ever dial combination lock for a hour without help from the internet so it can be done if no parts are bent or damaged.

                                      • Vault Door
                                        Vault Door  2 years back

                                        Hello there,

                                        maybe not all wheels are aligned correctly? Maybe the change key is bent? Did you dial the old combination correctly?

                                        Best regards

                                    • Rosa
                                      Rosa  3 years back


                                      • StinkLizard
                                        StinkLizard  3 years back

                                        Fantastic video. Extremely thorough, yet doesn't drone on unnecessarily.

                                        • Fuad Atakishiyev
                                          Fuad Atakishiyev  3 years back

                                          Is it possible to install this on horizontal flat surface? I mean when you open the door by lifting if from horizontal flat position?

                                          • Kalle Pihlajasaari
                                            Kalle Pihlajasaari  5 months back

                                            Yes. Select the spline location by visualising the dial index in the UP position when determining the lock orientation.

                                        • J Hoffy
                                          J Hoffy  3 years back

                                          Has anyone had quality control issues with their Sargent Greenleaf? Stanley I believe owns S&G and I heard quality has slipped.

                                          • Ade Larsen
                                            Ade Larsen  3 years back

                                            I would have set the number to 28, 76 34 - but that's just me.

                                            • Kalle Klæp
                                              Kalle Klæp  3 years back

                                              A crappy safe like this , takes me less than 15 min to open...without combination, brute force or special tools.

                                              • Vault Door
                                                Vault Door  3 years back

                                                So? Its about installing a combination lock, not about the safe.

                                              • General George S. Patton Jr.
                                                General George S. Patton Jr.  3 years back

                                                +Kalle Klæp this is a demo safe, the cheap crap made in china, looks like a mesa safe

                                            • Jeff gibson
                                              Jeff gibson  4 years back

                                              I have an older Herring- Hall- Marvin safe about waist high with a S & G combo lock I have had the safe for years, and this fat kid about 13 was pulling up on the handel in my pool room and now my combo is now working right at all, like one time you can turn the dial to where the fence will fall into it's notch on the wheel and let's say that's 27 right we'll the next time you try it it may line up to 43, all 3 do this, I have never had problems with my safe til now.... that safe is needed to store strong pain meds in, sure need some help with this problem, thank you very much, jeff

                                              • American Patriot Forever

                                                I have accomplished everything successfully concerning setting the combination. My issue is that despite this, the brass rocker arm that engages the bolt (VD) in my case, DOES NOT disengage the bolt when the correct combination is provided and the dial is then turned to the right to dead stop (to lift the bolt and enabling the wheel to turn the lock bars inside).
                                                Nothing seems to 'work with' this rocker arm within the machinations of the lock. When the CORRECT combination is acquired, what tells it to DISENGAGE? I am not 'seeing' it?

                                                • Kalle Pihlajasaari
                                                  Kalle Pihlajasaari  5 months back

                                                  If you are looking at the rocker arm you probably have the back cover off. You need to depress the small relocker lever that is normally held down by the cover to allow the bolt to move.

                                              • service1956
                                                service1956  4 years back

                                                Just make damn sure your relock plate is installed before using your safe. Other wise you will be permanently locked out!!

                                                • Govindaraj R
                                                  Govindaraj R  11 months back

                                                  service1956 please Request you kindly sent details of mechanical combination LOCKS details email to [email protected]

                                                • STORMARAGING
                                                  STORMARAGING  2 years back

                                                  service1956 great information...was attempting to install new sg dial lock...

                                              • H Zilla
                                                H Zilla  4 years back

                                                The pin on the relock bolt I think has broken off my safe. I can unlock the lock and go 5 past zero on the right fourth turn, which means the lever fence has dropped in the drive cam gates, the lever nose engaged to lift the primary lock bolt. But the main  safe door bolts still can not be turned and remained locked, indicating to me that the relock bolt has deployed, locking the main bolt cam.  So what do I do? Blow torch? This does not appear to be a problem a locksmith can handle.

                                                • emsafeman
                                                  emsafeman  4 years back

                                                   Not sure what lock you have but it doesn't sound like the lock bolt is fully retracting. If so it could be that the internal lock case relocker has fired due to loose lock case cover screws. Try smacking the safe door outside the dial ring area with a dead blow hammer while trying to gently turn the dial further to completely retract the lock bolt. 

                                              • BadCow
                                                BadCow  4 years back

                                                Very well made video. Could not ask for a better tutorial for this task. BRAVO ZULU.

                                                • Dan Standish
                                                  Dan Standish  4 years back

                                                  Excellent video. Thanks. Changed out a 6120 that failed with the 6730 as shown

                                                  • SHHS73
                                                    SHHS73  5 years back

                                                    Thank you! I used your instructions to replace a digital lock and keypad with an S&G 6730-112 combo lock. The S&G has a very solid feel to it, dial rotation is VERY smooth, its batteries never go dead and its ribbon cable won't short out.

                                                    • Noam Yogev
                                                      Noam Yogev  5 years back

                                                      great vid

                                                      • LincolnSP150
                                                        LincolnSP150  6 years back

                                                        Well Done, Great Video ,.........Thank You

                                                        • jSado
                                                          jSado  6 years back

                                                          Awesome video.

                                                          • MusicalSilence207
                                                            MusicalSilence207  6 years back

                                                            My opinion. I didnt like it. Simple as that.

                                                            • techtrain65
                                                              techtrain65  6 years back

                                                              What was terrible about it? It was very informative and well done.

                                                              • webpirate22
                                                                webpirate22  7 years back

                                                                You don't have the change key turned properly. Usually happens when you try to change the combination the back of the lock off....

                                                                Or the change key hole on one of the wheels if not in alignment with the others which means that while 2 of the wheel are in combo changing mode one is turned in the other direction.....again, usually done when the back is off...

                                                                • MusicalSilence207
                                                                  MusicalSilence207  7 years back

                                                                  That was terrible.

                                                                  • Andy Hellerstedt
                                                                    Andy Hellerstedt  7 years back

                                                                    Hope you may have a quick answer to a question when trying to change my combo the dial stops before i can make the proper rotations. Any help is appreciated

                                                                    • Wilkua
                                                                      Wilkua  7 years back

                                                                      I'm not really sure why, but I found this extremely interesting. I don't even have a lock I need to install but I still watched this video all the way through.