Hidden Gun Safes -The SecureIt Fast Box - TWS: Ep. 04


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  • Mr. Papalaka
    Mr. Papalaka  7 months back

    Will Go-Magnets stick to these doors so you can mount pistols on the inside of the door?

    • Belligerent Instigator
      Belligerent Instigator  12 months back

      The NRA is not about the people. They are proponents of gun control parading around as if they are the solution so they can get your money. "The NRA believes that devices designed to allow semi-automatic rifles to function like fully-automatic rifles should be subject to additional regulations." https://home.nra.org/joint-statement

      • John R
        John R  1 years back

        If you install the vertical kit, do you think it would hold two rifles in a horizontal position? It appears as long as you are not shaking the box horizontally it should hold. Maybe adding some Velcro to the kit for a little extra hold so it doesn't slip. What do you think?

        • Al Lambert
          Al Lambert  1 years back

          Guys! STOP! I am commenting at the 1:55 mark. Not really sure what the heck the YETI marketing/capital venture/etc lead-in had to do with the NRA (I am NOT a news nut, so maybe there's buzz out there...but at this point, I'm clueless!) I AM an NRA member, I AM a (brand new) subscriber to your channel, and I really have enjoyed your 3 previous episodes! No snark here. Just suggesting that future videos (and maybe I'm jumping the shark....I AM new to your channel as of 6/2/18, so perhaps things get more clarity later on) don't assume that the viewer has the background knowledge of the industries and their dynamics business-wise. I'm interested in YOU, YOUR products and how they might relate to ME, a shooter, and a responsible gun owner! NO criticism, other than trying to help YOU understand how it looks on THIS side of the screen!

          • SecureIt Gun Storage
            SecureIt Gun Storage   1 years back

            Al, Great comment! Thanks for the insight. We have been on the fence about adding the "what's new in the industry" part of the show. Based on your comment, it sounds like a waste of our and your time. I think, going forward, we will stick with our news and our products and ideas.

        • Charles Gopez
          Charles Gopez  1 years back

          Will there be any future models that function solely on a mechanical lock mechanism (i.e. simplex lock)? That’d be awesome so that I wouldn’t be worried about forgetting to replace the battery.

          • SecureIt Gun Storage
            SecureIt Gun Storage   1 years back

            Charles, the Fast Box has a key lock as well as the electronic. You can leave the battery out and to disable the electronics and just use the key. We looked at the Simplex and the design of that lock does not work well with the door design of the fast box.

        • Carlos Alcala
          Carlos Alcala  1 years back

          Is there room on the back of the door to possibly add magnetized mag holders, pouches or handgun holder for added storage? Would be an awesome feature for quicker access.

          • Tom Kubiniec
            Tom Kubiniec  1 years back

            Big sale, 25% off ends tonight at midnight!!

          • Carlos Alcala
            Carlos Alcala  1 years back

            Tom Kubiniec Can’t wait to get one to try it out.

          • Tom Kubiniec
            Tom Kubiniec  1 years back

            Carlos, That's a great Idea! Yes there should be room. If you have AR or other rifles/shotguns with pistol grips or are storing rifles with optics with the scopes out (closest the door) the area of the door adjacent the scope or hand-grip may be tight but there will be room above or below. We will take a closer look at this and address it on an upcoming show.

        • Pokie Baron
          Pokie Baron  1 years back

          I'd like to see something like your model 52, but built to hold 8-10 long guns, and maybe just a tad taller.

          Is the Fast Box coming to retailers in Canada?

          • SecureIt Gun Storage
            SecureIt Gun Storage   1 years back

            We will be releasing a line of taller cabinets that are taller and wider. Should be in August. We should have the Fast box available in Canada this summer.

        • Infinite Knight
          Infinite Knight  1 years back

          Looks good

          • Johnny Dee
            Johnny Dee  1 years back

            I can’t wait to see the true safe!

            • InkwellFoto
              InkwellFoto  1 years back

              Do the bolt holes on the side of the fast box line up with the 52?

              • Tom Kubiniec
                Tom Kubiniec  1 years back

                The holes do not line up as the Agile cabinets are deeper. This is something we will be looking at this later this year.