Compare Hidden & Fast Access Gun safes: What's the best choice?

  • Published: 10 May 2016
  • Tom compares 3 popular long gun safes on the market that try to address the issue of secure gun storage vs. fast access: the AMSEC gun safe, Barsca gun safe, and the SecureIt Fast Box Hidden Gun Safe.

    Safe and proper gun storage requires that all firearms be locked in a gun safe or secure in a gun cabinet. While this keeps your guns safe, it has the potential to block your access to the firearms in a crisis situation. You need a gun safe that discretely hides your home defense weapon while allowing you access to it in the event of an emergency.

    Barska Biometric Rifle Safe Summary:
    Fails on stated capacity
    Will not store any type of modern sporting rifles or shotgun
    Does not consider rifles with scopes
    We were very disappointed in the Barska. It simply cannot do what it claims.

    AMSEC Home Defense Vault Summary:
    Solid quality construction: stores 1, possibly 2 rifles under 43”
    Design specifically for under bed / horizontal use
    Fast access is questionable and certainly difficult at night
    Loud lock and door operation can give away your position

    Fast Box Hidden Gun Safe Summary:
    All Welded heavy gauge steel construction
    Can be used vertically or horizontally
    Can be used in mobile vehicle applications
    Provides fast and quiet access
    Only gun safe built to military standard
    Fits all firearms with attached optics
    Wide verity of accessories available

    The Fast Box provides secure storage of the widest variety of firearms and is the only product that offers quiet fast access in a crisis situation. The ability to adapt to vertical or horizontal applications is also unique and makes the SecureIt Fast Box adaptable to almost any situation - vertical, horizontal, and mobile.

    However, no matter what gun safe you chose - just make sure your firearms are locked up when not in use. All 3 of these products do achieve this goal at some level. And although we believe the Fast Box wins in every comparison, the number one takeaway here is that all firearms must be locked!

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Comments • 39

  • Gunner 1983
    Gunner 1983  2 months back

    I own that same model barska biometric safe and I'm able to put my 2 favorite full size handguns, an AR15 and an AK47 inside of it. Plus a couple a boxes of ammo. He never mentioned putting the rifles to the side where you turn the gun grip to the right. It's a great starter safe for the money 👍. I've since bought a much bigger safe and now use the barska for random stuff I don't wanna lose.

    • Bill Simmons
      Bill Simmons  3 months back

      This guy is having a panic attack right in front of all of us. Relax, buddy...

      • rocket5557
        rocket5557  6 months back

        If you combined the features of all of them you might actually have a serviceable underbed safe. There are much better options out there than any if these.

        • Matthew Cusanelli
          Matthew Cusanelli  8 months back

          too expensive, crap wallmount options, and the electronics are pure third-world trash.

          • J K
            J K  8 months back

            Why are you poor? Why aren't you smart enough to wall mount the safe? How can you have expensive electronics but bitch the unit is too expensive?

        • DaveFrom Accounting
          DaveFrom Accounting  11 months back

          Over priced products.

          • Erik Moreno
            Erik Moreno  2 years back

            If these things weren't the price of a "safe" I'd buy one but I refuse to buy a cabinet that looks like a cabinet for $600

            • Clayton Carter
              Clayton Carter  2 years back

              maybe it's not cheaply made but it sure looks like it being able to see straight through the back

              • SecureIt Gun Storage
                SecureIt Gun Storage   2 years back

                Clayton, that is by design. The cab is vented. This allows safe storage of ammo and allows any moisture to exit.

            • Clayton Carter
              Clayton Carter  2 years back

              you can see right through the back of it

              • sayhitome
                sayhitome  2 years back

                I wonder which one you are trying to sell.

                • sanchezjc94
                  sanchezjc94  2 years back

                  i can pry the crap out of this model 40. an pop it open

                  • sanchezjc94
                    sanchezjc94  2 years back

                    the inside frame of the door should be thicker i bought it an it seems as if any unskilled person can pry it open not sure if its worth the 300 bucks????

                • HealthJeeps &Guns
                  HealthJeeps &Guns  2 years back

                  Am I the only one who think these safes sound like another StackOn?

                  • hawkeyeCH53E
                    hawkeyeCH53E  3 years back

                    You should add a link to your business so people can order these.

                    • Damon Outdoors
                      Damon Outdoors  3 years back

                      This is not a comparison its a commercial for SecureIt.

                      • mike koz
                        mike koz  3 years back

                        great job

                        • Jason B
                          Jason B  3 years back

                          best policy is to just show how great your system is and not show all the other crappy ones and put false price tags on them

                          • Jason B
                            Jason B  3 years back

                            that first safe does not cost 275$ after that had to stop watching yes your stuff looks great butt not sure what they cost because you seemed dishonest from the get go so didnt stick around

                            • Jack Ingstad
                              Jack Ingstad  3 years back

                              Will a model 40 fit an ar 15

                              • Shane Rhoden
                                Shane Rhoden  3 years back

                                Nice videos. But that same old sound track gets so old. I run a photography business and use a company called to add music my videos. You guys should check them out.

                                • KERK
                                  KERK  3 years back

                                  Excellent video!  I have been considering a safe of some sort for quite a while now.  Your information has probably changed my decision as to what I will actually purchase now.  Thank you for the information.

                                  • MrMonkknight
                                    MrMonkknight  3 years back

                                    save your money put a lock on the bedroom door bars on the window. now you have a gun safe the size of your room

                                    • Brett Silva
                                      Brett Silva  3 years back

                                      MrMonkknight except you could punch though the bedroom door with your fist or easily kick through it or kick it open.

                                  • Crockagater
                                    Crockagater  3 years back

                                    I was with you up until you said sandy hook. Should have kept it professional. I was interested in a product, not the use of dead kids to sell something. Makes you sound like a politician or media type, dancing in the blood of innocents. No thanks.

                                    • Fred Ubar
                                      Fred Ubar  3 years back

                                      Do you have a pull out draw option like the AMSEC? I've been thinking of putting an AMSEC under the back seat of my truck and yours would work great but I don't want to reach in.

                                      • romeoneverdies
                                        romeoneverdies  3 years back

                                        BS pr at 11:26 : the guns WHERE locked .

                                        • Kelpy G
                                          Kelpy G  3 years back

                                          I have a AK-47 and a Glock 9 gen 2 would that fit in the fast box? with a 30Round magazine and the handgun magazine?

                                          • Texas USA
                                            Texas USA  3 years back

                                            I have the Barska safe and love it. One thing you forgot to mention is the Barska safe has Biometrics..this is a huge plus for easy access.

                                            • Travisaurus
                                              Travisaurus  1 years back

                                              Unless your hands are dirty wet or bloody.

                                          • Henry Lynn
                                            Henry Lynn  3 years back

                                            I've got the AMSEC shown here. For what it's worth, I'm pretty sure the lock's beeps can be silenced, and I can confirm that two carbine-length ARs can fit, with room for a compact handgun or two. What I don't like is how the lock behaves when the battery is low. There's no chime or change in beeps(if enabled) when the battery is depleted. It'll simply beep like it's unlocked, but fail to open. I've observed that batteries last about 8 months with regular opening. The door is also really difficult to open from above, as in, if you're still on the bed.

                                            • Todd Johnson
                                              Todd Johnson  3 years back


                                              • jagervw
                                                jagervw  3 years back

                                                Does this beat the 3/16th door and 10 gauge steel body of the Fort Knox PB6 Shotgun Safe?

                                                • Express Minds
                                                  Express Minds  6 months back

                                                  @Alexandria Otimex-Cortez Fort Knox is a hand gun safe, this is a rifle safe.... Apples to Oranges.... I need this for a fast, battery free, rifle safe.

                                                • Tom Kubiniec
                                                  Tom Kubiniec  3 years back

                                                  We think so! The Fort Knox unit is not a fast access safe. It requires you to slide the gun from the end of the box. This will be time consuming and difficult if there is an optic on the gun. If the safe is bolted down it will be just about impossible to get anything our that gets pushed in past the reach of your arm. The opening of the Fort Knox unit is about 8" this means an AR15 with any type of optic will not fit. Most ARs from end of handle to top of rail are about 7.5" if you add any type of scope or CQB optic it's not going to fit. If the goal is to simply lock a shotgun under a bed, it works. If you want to get to quickly it will not. As far as security Fort Knox generally makes very good stuff. This unit has a singe sliding bar attached to a simplex lock. While I have not used this product. It looks like you could jam a pry bar into the end of the box and pop it over the locking pin. The Fast Box is designed so it cannot be easily pried open. The Door thickness means nothing here and is a sales ploy. ( a cordless grinder with cutoff wheel cuts a box in half in 3 minutes) The 10GA steel is a little thicker then ours however the design of the Fort Knox door would require much thicker steel to prevent prying.
                                                  Flexibility: The Fort Know will do one thing only, hold a shotgun under a bed that is difficult to remove. The FAST Box can be used in many applications: under a bed, vertically (it will hold 2 rifles), and vehicle mount applications. It also provides for very fast access in a crises situation. We think the FAST Box is a much better choice!

                                              • Clovis Steib
                                                Clovis Steib  3 years back

                                                Is the Model 40 shown upside down in its vertical configuration in the video? Seems as though the door would swing out the opposite way and I'm wondering if the Vertical Kit would slide out (I'm assuming it mounts by sliding into the slot from the top down.).

                                                • Clovis Steib
                                                  Clovis Steib  3 years back

                                                  Thanks. Looks like a great system. I will be looking into getting one shortly.

                                                • SecureIt Gun Storage
                                                  SecureIt Gun Storage   3 years back

                                                  Good eye, sir. Yes, the Model 40 in this video is shown upside down... we apologize for any confusion this may have caused. The Vertical Kit slides right into the safe (stock base fits into the bottom and the two Cradles slip easily onto the louvers [from the top down]). If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out - we're happy to help! 800-651-8835 [email protected]

                                              • ReneG Lopez
                                                ReneG Lopez  3 years back

                                                I'm 90 percent sure I'm buying the model 40.. the trunk space in my jeep is 43 inches. I wish you could have shown more vertical application and secure mounting for vehicle.. so far I'm sold