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  • Weapons Education
    Weapons Education   3 months back

    Call 954-804-4381 for hand made safes. Tom Host of Weapons Education

    • noname MIKE
      noname MIKE  18 hours back

      I swear if you bond wood all around that safe that got mangled it would take them so much more time. Just make a laminate of wood(not particle board) with a plate of hardenend stell or hardened steel rods.
      Torches trying to cut thought wood (there isn't even a video on that). Circular saw for wood hits a hard steel rod some teeth are coming off. A grinder with whatever attachment to get thought just that one obstacle going to take time.

      OBVIOUSLY, It's going to take a while to make the safety improvements to be highly effective. There is also the advantage ,if one desires to make It, a brand new puzzle to brake through.

      My mind is absolutely teeming with ideas (same subject but a way more effective deterrent).

    • F U
      F U  4 weeks back

      heat resistant paint

  • Charles Murphy
    Charles Murphy  3 days back

    I am more concerned with flood than fire. I’ve had weapons damaged from water because I cannot get to it for two weeks after the flood.

    • brickdojo
      brickdojo  1 weeks back

      Being a welder and metal fabricator, thank you for the help picking the right safe. Also this has given me several ideas on instillation and preventing the wrong people from accessing the contents of the safe.
      Nice job!

      • Scottie Chris Rodriguez

        Great video Sir!

        • Gary Hennessey
          Gary Hennessey  1 weeks back

          Very well made video. Excellent and right to the point teacher of safes. You know your stuff! Great job.

          • Joey Acosta
            Joey Acosta  1 weeks back

            this is good I mean it made me want to come and be humble and be a family and only one of these I think last time they were yeah it was to that point but I was all I needed take it home and their life will travel it to you also like yeah so I came home and I was very happy and I was all like this is it I stay here in the Foothills you know where I live at and I can either have a place in my house and then they're like yeah well you know we'll get you sorted will call you back later okay thank you so I'm on my way

            • Jennifer Neumann
              Jennifer Neumann  1 weeks back

              Good video guys I like how you call it the way it is people beat me up no I don't have a Fort Knox but I have a Liberty Safe I don't know how it compares to the Fort Knox but I can tell you the little tin boxes at the big box stores mine's a little bit better you get what you pay for I seen another video here how the guys talking smack about you being a firefighter this that and the other thing and no safe anybody build is really worth anything far as fire goes and just started on you should watch couple of these it's amazing his safe is a bolt together not sure if you bolted it to the floor or the wall whichever floor being the best but yeah it amazes me how ignorant people really are that's the only reason China is so wealthy cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap like the guy said holy toledo $11,000 but that person isn't putting in little BB guns in pellet guns and Kmart gold jewelry it probably holds half million million and diamonds gold precious metals whatever tell people what's the value of all your guns that you're going to put in that safe the guy I was talking to at Liberty Safe distribution place was showing me the various sizes and costs I want end up with two safes but in those two safes say I have 20 weapons and let's say each weapon is $500 a piece which is very low if anybody knows weapons so in the two safes at minimum I'm storing at the prices given and in quantity $10,000 worth of weapons so isn't it worse spending a reasonable amount of money to protect that value

              • jstar1000
                jstar1000  2 weeks back

                I recently purchased a $700 bighorn from costco and loved it until now lol. Still better than what I had though which was nothing.

                • Joseph Thomas
                  Joseph Thomas  7 days back

                  "better than what you had which was nothing"
                  That's how a lot of people including myself used to consider the situation. But not entirely true when you break down the variables here...
                  *--* You've got valuables/firearms/jewelry etc.
                  *--* You want them somewhere secure yet at your convenience.
                  *--* You think hiding your things under the mattress or in closet is getting old, and need to get serious about it.
                  *--* You buy a reasonable price safe from a local shop.
                  *--* You save money by using your friend Bill's truck and trailer to get safe to your garage to unload.
                  *--* You and Bill get safe into house and in place after about 2 hours of scratching your head, measuring doorways 2 or 3 times over, the wife suggesting something which probably won't work but your frustration level at that time won't let you even consider that as an option even if it will likely work (sorry ladies, we can't show lack of determination), and of course that trailer backing into the driveway from a truck that your neighbors don't recognize as yours while a trailer attached to it with a tarped (or untarped) load aboard draws a bit of attention, possibly, Gary from 2 houses away who usually just drops by to ask nosey questions and get on your nerves a bit, he doesnt offer to help, just wants to inquire, "so.. what ya got there? A new hot tub or something, you don't want all of us neighbors to be asking if we can come over on the weekend and hang out or what.. *chuckles & friendly nudge*, just messing with ya, but really what.. what ya got on there" he asks.
                  You know whether you tell him now or he pretends to mow his yard for the next hour he's probably going to see a hint of a safe and recognize it as such. So you te him, or you tell him to get lost and it's a big surprise. Either way his lawn got mowed for an hour and you got the thing into the house with probably 7 sets of eyes and from different angles all calling each other asking what they know, and "is he moving?, why would he move, the kids are in school, he just renovated the loft, I thought we were good neighbors, I think we are good neighbors, why would he... Wait he's not moving he's bringing something in, I'll call you back Margaret Gary just left there I'm gonna go ask him, before he starts the lawnmower again."
                  *--* Happily installed, with a feeling of security and safety, you mention it to a few people and show it to a few friends or family, what could it hurt right? You're *SAFE* and *SECURE* and better than that nothing you had previously, right!?

                  Well, no.
                  Basically, what you did is put all of your treasures into 1 chest. You took your whatever items you want protected and threw them into a box, so-to-speak.
                  What perfect thing for any would be thief, to know that fact. Now instead of searching dresser drawers, cabinets, under the beds, in closets, they look for one thing and it usually stands out a bit from the rest of the room (unless your room looks like the one in this video which was ALL SAFES.)
                  Thief then just needs to remove safe or remove items after getting access to safe.
                  That happens a few ways as described in video, usually fastest way is with a crowbar or 2 and 2 guys, first by knocking the safe onto its back, (door up).
                  From there a cheap one might last 20 seconds before your moms engagement ring and your great grandfather's heirloom rifle which was meticulously cared for by his son and then your father, now you, and would've been given to your son as well, given this door was a bit beefier, but hey 700$ was too good to pass by!
                  So they left your passport and some old family photos, of uncles you can't remember the names of without looking at the back of the picture. But the shock and disbelief of the whole ordeal is worse than the fact someone broke in to begin with, why this house why nothing else is touched or opened or searched through, even your change you bring home from work everyday and toss into a small fishbowl on the dresser less than 5 feet from the safe was still sitting there next to your Timex watch, nothing l valuable but still, easy enough a few dollars for the 2 seconds it'd take to snag and pocket before walking out the door with the real items of interest. (not your interest, forget all of those things, they are gone forever and you'll never get them back, ever. Even if no one in town or the country will buy those things, the criminal will throw them in a river before ever dropping them in your doorstep in the cover of night.)
                  So, how does this happen. More ways than the vintage family recipe book that your wife insisted on being in the safe had speckled stains and smelled like imitation vanilla and often a few grains of salt could be felt imbedded into the cover and pages from the usage throughout the years gone by.
                  I won't go into any sort of lengthy detail on the many ways I can think of right off the top of my head, don't want to make this reply any longer than just the barest of minimum information required and nothing more than a reply from any average-joe, so now that we have that out of the way and you realized that last part was some serious sarcasm... You..did.. catch that, right?
                  Neighbors, friends, family members, exs, don't care about your stuff as much as you do! Just the same as old lady down the streets cat got out and hit by a car, but you don't cry over it, but if it was yours, different story.
                  He tells so and so, she tells so and so, the cashier at the store of purchase who had all your information for a warranty of item, or on screen because of using a members or loyalty card tells her boyfriend or little brother and his friends who then give her a percentage of anything they get, except the jail sentence, she doesn't want to be greedy in that respect.
                  Nosey neighbor Gary's wife is on the phone with their son just out of rehab, he wants to talk to his dad to borrow some money but he's told "your dad's out there mowing the lawn for like the tenth time this week, Jim is unloading something off the truck and he wants to see what it is, must be a secret it's all covered up, but anyways I'll have him call as soon as he comes inside." later the son inquires a bit more and as days go by he's fishing for information, possibly.
                  I've not even started to list anything that is far fetched. And i won't,
                  If you want your stuff safe, it is highly recommended that your safe your purchase, is safe from being broken into. The title of "safe" awards nothing as protection, and sometimes it can be better to have no safe at all, you've not marked yourself or made a question of what valuables you must have to spend "that kind of money on a safe", now a safe filled with 2,000 champagne party poppers on a sheet of plywood hooked to 1 larger string setup to fire them all at once, given the system was hooked to a pulley or something to increase pull force *sigh*, would be amazing, and amazingly hard to clean up.
                  Did I ever mention that time that.. Oh what time is it? Oh shit I've been making this reply for over 2 hours now.
                  Sometimes under a dresser, above and behind a curtain rod, (sewn in if needed) or many other clever places are good for storing things relatively safe, who will look there? Why would they want to? Right. Sometimes having no safe is better than having one.
                  Sincerely, not-your-average-Joe.
                  Best of luck.

              • T C
                T C  2 weeks back

                Thank you. Very informative. Definitely not an item you wanna be frugal about.

                • MrDaMaaster
                  MrDaMaaster  2 weeks back

                  awsome i have a simple consept to make the safe more secure

                  • rb67mustang
                    rb67mustang  2 weeks back

                    I'm a machinist and I've also done some metal fabrication and I can do Mig welding. I have a much better idea from the start as to what I would want and the information in this video is great and simple for me especially to understand. I would not have a safe unless it was bolted to the floor and into a couple of studs in the wall. I may even build it into the wall so the door is flush with the wall adding more work for a would be thief to get at what's inside. Unfortunately, the cost may stop me from purchasing the Safe I want.

                    • sdbling
                      sdbling  2 weeks back

                      Rubs it in.. well it’s just protecting my rat rod Mosin collection n a sock full of nickles

                      • Defiant
                        Defiant  2 weeks back

                        Extremely Very Helpful

                        • Josh M
                          Josh M  2 weeks back

                          Question: for those who have basements, encasing the safe in concrete that is properly tied into the basement floor and wall. Would that provide the same additional security and thermal protection on the body? Along with the 1/4" or thicker door.

                          • Weapons Education
                            Weapons Education   2 weeks back

                            The more American Steel the better on the body. Call 954-8024-4381

                        • sdbling
                          sdbling  2 weeks back

                          I bought a Winchester from Costco..... I feel like a sucker... an ignorant sucker, suffering from buyers remorse..

                          • Weapons Education
                            Weapons Education   2 weeks back

                            I know the guy who sells to Costco...All Chinese garbage....Sorry

                        • Will Mathieson
                          Will Mathieson  2 weeks back

                          composite doors vs saws all, saws all wins! All those chrome bolts are for show only, just cut a new door in that soft 12 ga sheet metal. Finally a dealer who tells the truth about gun safes. Digital locks do fail with repeat use over years, either the pad or internal. Pad you can easily switch out, internal goes bad you're locked out. Mechanical locks are best

                          • Laurence Lance
                            Laurence Lance  2 weeks back

                            What would be a recommendation for an apartment safe for two or rifles and a couple of handguns? This would be for a young couple out of college and probably moving to a graduate school after a couple of years in the work world.

                            Let's kick the discussion up to the needs of a homeowner with a upper end collection. What would the recommendation be for that need?

                            • dustin venz
                              dustin venz  2 weeks back

                              Thank you for the video, this info has been extremely helpful. I like the personal protection safes as the added bonus content at the end. That is definitely my next investment having a little son and all.

                              • Ethan Lingenhol
                                Ethan Lingenhol  2 weeks back

                                Amazing video.

                                • King Ragnar
                                  King Ragnar  2 weeks back

                                  Good stuff. .I'm a firm believer in "you get what you pay for " and "buy once cry once"..

                                  • Charles Huggins
                                    Charles Huggins  3 weeks back

                                    Thanks for the education on safes and on all the add ons available on them these days

                                    • THE NEON TETRA PRO GAMER

                                      Did I hear 11k for safe at some point? If so, that ain't too bad if your keeping a couple hundred thousands in there. Especially if it is made with the right stuff to withstand an attack.

                                    • Mark Homiak
                                      Mark Homiak  3 weeks back

                                      My needs still don't change my budget, no matter how "educated" I become on the subject.

                                      • Joe Niccoli
                                        Joe Niccoli  3 weeks back

                                        I'd want one with hidden compartments.

                                        • Skorp †
                                          Skorp †  4 weeks back

                                          Excellent Video!

                                          • Reselling Mainer
                                            Reselling Mainer  4 weeks back

                                            If I could make a phone app that would notify the owner of the safe every time it is opened. Do you think people would be interested in it?

                                          • Aguila
                                            Aguila  4 weeks back

                                            Wow! Tremendous Video. Thank you for making this and Thank you, Kurt, for being willing to make this video. I would not have even had an idea of what to look for when it comes time for me to look for a safe. When I saw how long it was, I thought I would skim through it but found myself captivated by Kurt's professional presentation. The video was over and did not feel like I had just watched a 27 min video. I wanted more!! Thank you so much!

                                            • Shift Lizard
                                              Shift Lizard  4 weeks back

                                              If I owned a safe company, I would deliver the safes in refrigerator boxes.

                                              • knotkool1
                                                knotkool1  1 months back

                                                went with electronic , twice, on my browning. back to mechanical. don't use the safe any less. breakdowns on the electronics. never happens on the mechanical. safe techs like electronics because they get call outs on them.

                                                • Red Cortez
                                                  Red Cortez  1 months back

                                                  If I buy a Graffunder safe , is the shipping and installation included ?

                                                • Sirmount
                                                  Sirmount  1 months back

                                                  Came across this by accident. I had already decided to purchase a safe in the next 12 months or sooner, man am I lucky to have seen this. Thank you, cannot thank you enough! I just started working saturdays at a gun store and of course we sell safes, this video will help me get the best safe and sell them as well.

                                                  • derek j
                                                    derek j  1 months back

                                                    Thank you for sharing your life's work.

                                                    • crypto soul
                                                      crypto soul  1 months back

                                                      Great video!!! Thank you for sharing this!

                                                      • Alex Squatch
                                                        Alex Squatch  1 months back

                                                        I need a new safe to protect my guns and new guns to protect my safe lol

                                                        • toot tall
                                                          toot tall  2 months back

                                                          but you haven't addressed the issue of the locking mech. Some are very easily defeated by people that know what they're doing. Not saying I do, but when doing some research for one of my books, I found that knowledgeable high end thieves. can crack any of these fairly easily. Knowledge is power. Question is, if times are tight and you can't afford a good safe, what do you need to lock up? Times that tough, sell the stuff you might put in a safe.

                                                          • Rock T. Boat
                                                            Rock T. Boat  2 months back

                                                            Outstanding educational video on safes, thanks!

                                                            • Michael Linner
                                                              Michael Linner  2 months back

                                                              Very, very informative. I have avoided buying a gun safe for a while but now that I've gotten more than a couple of guns only a few of which are truly expensive, I really need one or more. So thanks for all of the valuable information. Now how do I get $4000 to buy one?

                                                              • Tom McDaniel
                                                                Tom McDaniel  2 months back

                                                                Excellent presentation. Thank you.

                                                                • Jack Jones
                                                                  Jack Jones  2 months back

                                                                  If it's coming out of China, it is most likely NOT quality tested and verified as having good material composition. Good for him to say he "doesn't like selling imports."

                                                                  • Northshore Welding
                                                                    Northshore Welding  2 months back

                                                                    This is one of the best informational videos I have seen on the web. Great video and thanks for doing it

                                                                    • David Chatman
                                                                      David Chatman  2 months back

                                                                      Wow! I had no idea how little I really understood about safes in general & gun safes specifically. Thanks for being so passionate & professional. I learned some extremely important things in your video here. I’m looking to purchase a safe for home defense & plan to reach out for assistance.

                                                                      • whatever_it_takes
                                                                        whatever_it_takes  2 months back

                                                                        Buying cheap products but hell that's an American creed.

                                                                        • Mr. NEStalgia
                                                                          Mr. NEStalgia  2 months back

                                                                          Great video

                                                                          • Mark Robinson
                                                                            Mark Robinson  2 months back

                                                                            The only import I like it's from Europe maybe Russia

                                                                            • Mark Robinson
                                                                              Mark Robinson  2 months back

                                                                              I have a question is Fort Knox better than a Browning safe please answer

                                                                              • Weapons Education
                                                                                Weapons Education   2 months back


                                                                            • Steven Scott
                                                                              Steven Scott  2 months back

                                                                              Who else seen the cat :)

                                                                              • TD Durrin
                                                                                TD Durrin  2 months back

                                                                                This guy is the man! He knows his safes and the quality of a good safe vs a bad one. I've watched this several times now. Great video!

                                                                                • Lower Bama
                                                                                  Lower Bama  2 months back

                                                                                  A safe is to keep kids and honest people out, a gun to your head will get the combination