Sentry Safe X075 Security Safe

  • Published: 10 June 2011
  • - Sentry Safe X075 Security Safe

    --Quick Overview--
    -Electronic lock with override key
    -Manufacturer's limited warranty
    -May be bolted to floor (hardware included)
    -2 live-locking bolts for more security
    -Carpeted floor
    -Fits most laptops
    -Access for power cord
    -Bolt-down hardware included
    -Color: Black

    --Additional Information--
    Manufactured In China
    Manufacturer Sentry Safe
    Manuf Part # X075
    Model X075
    Weight 23.0000
    Dimensions 7.1"H x 16.9"W x 14.6"D
    Expected Ship Date 3-5 Days
    Warranty 1 year Limited Warranty
    Color Black
    Outer (Exterior) Dimensions 7.1"H x 16.9"W x 14.6"D
    Inner (Interior) Dimensions 6 .9"H x 16.8"W x 11.6"D
    Capacity (Cubic Feet) 0.7 Cubic Feet
    Lock Type Electronic lock with override key
    Lockable Drawers Yes
    Number of Bolts 2 live-locking bolts
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Comments • 18

  • actinodiscus2
    actinodiscus2  4 years back

    Bang it on the top left corner a few times as you twist the lock and it opens right up worst safes to get if u actually want something protected

    • Scott Emick
      Scott Emick  5 years back

      I just bought one of these, I can open it with the default code or key.  If I open the door, slide the battery cover open, and press the button to change my code, nothing happens.

      • Scott Emick
        Scott Emick  2 years back

        I don't know, mine was defective new and the buttons never worked. I've been using the keys ever since.

      • Iam_beltran 14
        Iam_beltran 14  2 years back

        Scott Emick I forgot my password and lost my keys, what's the default password to open it ?

      • Supply Chimp
        Supply Chimp   5 years back

        Hi Scott, so sorry to hear that the key button is not initiating the Yellow LED. It sounds like it may be best for you to speak directly with @SentrySafe technical support team. You may reach them at 800-828-1438.

    • JJLmque
      JJLmque  5 years back

      • 101coolalexander
        101coolalexander  6 years back

        Thanks so much I forgot my code!!!!!!!

        • Mono MachinesLLC
          Mono MachinesLLC  6 years back

          To program your new user code:
          * Open the door, remove the battery cover and press the key button
          inside the battery compartment on the door back.
          * Yellow LED will go on.
          * Enter your new code (2-8 digits) followed by the “#” key.
          * Yellow LED will go off to indicate the new code has been accepted and
          NOTE: Once your code is changed, keep it in a secure place.
          Your original safe code cannot be used again to open
          the safe.

          • Mike Youssef
            Mike Youssef  6 years back

            how do you change the password

            • Mono MachinesLLC
              Mono MachinesLLC  6 years back

              Those are the anchor holes, which give you added security by allowing you to secure the safe to the wall. The holes, if you choose not to anchor, can be plugged or blocked.

              • Andrew Dussel
                Andrew Dussel  6 years back

                dont the giant holes in the back defeat the purpose?

                • Mono MachinesLLC
                  Mono MachinesLLC  7 years back

                  You can plug or block the anchor holes, if you so desire. Sentry does not provide plugs for the holes, but you may find something that will work at your local hardware store.

                  • Mono MachinesLLC
                    Mono MachinesLLC  7 years back

                    We have never heard of this being an issue. For technical assistance, you may contact Sentry Safe directly at, 800-221-6879. Hope this helps!

                    • magicianman614
                      magicianman614  7 years back

                      Can this safe open by hitting on top

                      • dolphins7383
                        dolphins7383  7 years back

                        The slightly smaller Sentry safe with the same style keypad/key entry is EASILY opened by hitting the top of the safe with your hand and turning the knob at the same time lol

                        • magicianman614
                          magicianman614  7 years back

                          I lost my key and forgot my passcode how can I open it

                          • FattyFT
                            FattyFT  7 years back


                            I had this safe, Thats video on top is me and the reason i dont use that safe anymore

                            • freshgino
                              freshgino  8 years back

                              The only over-ride key I would ever trust on a safe is a tubular key or other similar type key - never a pin tumbler lock, or a wafer lock.