DEF CON 24 - Plore - Side channel attacks on high security electronic safe locks


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  • Randy F
    Randy F  1 years back

    fucking a

    • Михаил Иванов

      Hello, tell please. What model of oscilloscope was used?

      • Masaharu Morimoto
        Masaharu Morimoto  3 years back


        • Henrik Andersson
          Henrik Andersson  3 years back

          Forgot to mention the easiest fix: stick a supercap on the board. No power difference means no power shenanigans. And if you are really daring, use a transistor to cut off the battery while doing sensitive operations.

          • vctjkhme
            vctjkhme  1 months back

            did anyone ever test this method?

          • Emir Ercan Ayar
            Emir Ercan Ayar  1 years back

            Yeah this should be the first solution, even no need for the supercap. A regular capacitor is enough for this. High freq drops will supplied by capacitor. So it can't be read on power source.

          • Mayank Joneja
            Mayank Joneja  1 years back

            That's what I was thinking as well, wouldn't better decoupling on the MCU minimize the effects seen on the 9V battery and be a good starting point to defend against such attacks too?

        • brokendash
          brokendash  3 years back

          This is old news....EEVblog #762 on youtube, not sure if its the same types as in this video but its likely to work on quite a few brands/designs.