Prey - Security Room Safe Code (Shotgun Shells Fabrication Plans)


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  • Ceaze Fresh
    Ceaze Fresh  5 months back

    Thanks bro!!!!! It's 0526 please guys thumbs up for his post.

    • Rasmus Alexander Degn Christiansen


      • Mikey paul
        Mikey paul  12 months back

        U can just climb the pipes and get in without the key card

        • Kelly Woods
          Kelly Woods  1 years back

          The hard way

          • TheAmazingDot
            TheAmazingDot  1 years back

            Roses are red
            Violets are blue
            The code is at

            • V00iD Less
              V00iD Less  2 years back

              Thanks for the info

              • Rodney Brubaker
                Rodney Brubaker  2 years back

                Do you want Prey key in a couple of touches? Check it now

              • MrNahual2099
                MrNahual2099  2 years back

                Can someone tell me where is the access card for the locked room of I.T. Security and the medical storage of Urgencies in Talos I Lobby?

                • danphan99
                  danphan99  2 years back

                  This might piss you off but you didn't have to go to the it security room. There was a vent above the door lol

                  • MAJINBUU23
                    MAJINBUU23  2 years back

                    danphan99 ikr my thoughts exactly

                  • NamelessDreadx37x
                    NamelessDreadx37x   2 years back

                    You can also shoot a foam bolt at the button on the other side

                • SenPlays
                  SenPlays  2 years back

                  whats the code for the IT security?

                  • Chris Candelaria
                    Chris Candelaria  2 years back

                    You're AMAZING! Thank you! :)

                    • Peanut Butta
                      Peanut Butta  2 years back

                      what is the code

                    • eric23443219091
                      eric23443219091  2 years back

                      where pistol at