Cracking Open a Safe


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  • Tyler Gleed
    Tyler Gleed  8 months back

    How to make a safe not open it

    • cracker gaming
      cracker gaming  1 years back

      I came here from a link in YouTube comments smh

      • Eric SOM DUTT
        Eric SOM DUTT  1 years back

        Man, i love this Chanel, i started by watching the toilet episode.

        • Gabriel Carlos
          Gabriel Carlos  2 years back

          This is nothing compared to our dri- excuse me let me reset this GOD DARM DRILL FOR THE FIFTH TIME!!!!

          PS: This is just a reference to Payday 2

          • Wickeds Brem
            Wickeds Brem  2 years back

            Y Is the title misleading?

            • The Keto Chief
              The Keto Chief  3 years back

              it would take me I think about 6 min to get into now that you showed me a video with the week spots. buy the way I am a person that gives advice on security and how people can improve it.

              • riley long
                riley long  3 years back

                Bullshit video.

                • FrenchPain-FoC
                  FrenchPain-FoC  3 years back

                  but can it run crisis?

                  • NeXTSTORMING
                    NeXTSTORMING  3 years back

                    In his line of work speed is key


                    • fandom trash
                      fandom trash  3 years back

                      SPEED IS KEY!!!!!!!

                      • Enzo Candaza
                        Enzo Candaza  3 years back

                        Can you tell us what cellphone is made

                        • I love Apple Juice
                          I love Apple Juice  3 years back

                          1:47 - 1:49 its jack septic eyes moto cmon now

                          • Mowthiah Gaming
                            Mowthiah Gaming  3 years back

                            So my safe is more safe than my car. wow.

                            • Bernard Macelo
                              Bernard Macelo  3 years back

                              I don't get why robbers don't just find a way to take the safe

                              • Jon Slashinski
                                Jon Slashinski  3 years back

                                That was it. What kind of video was that!!!!

                                • Guardian
                                  Guardian  3 years back

                                  I cracked open a safe once. When I was like seven. I had no idea what I was doing anyway.

                                  • Aedolyn
                                    Aedolyn  3 years back

                                    Jesus, the amount of time it'd take to fully render those explosion animations...

                                    • jessidraws
                                      jessidraws  3 years back

                                      SPEED IS KEY!!!(jacksepticeye joke, its funny, laugh)

                                      • BattlingDust
                                        BattlingDust  3 years back

                                        What type of safe is this?

                                        • Grapplehook_Lemon
                                          Grapplehook_Lemon  3 years back

                                          a lock with over (some big ass number) that grants easy access... if you have played Payday before
                                          and own a drill

                                          • Cameron Wells
                                            Cameron Wells  3 years back

                                            That is some pretty thin metal for a safe.

                                          • Kolonel Wolf
                                            Kolonel Wolf  3 years back


                                          • Xx_ MemeMachine _xX
                                            Xx_ MemeMachine _xX  3 years back

                                            Speed is keyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

                                            • Beats 4 Dayz
                                              Beats 4 Dayz  3 years back

                                              woa my name is Thomas Brown too...

                                              • X_Stanley1337
                                                X_Stanley1337  3 years back

                                                SPEED IS KEY get it

                                              • A Name
                                                A Name  3 years back

                                                I want one

                                                • Leon Yang
                                                  Leon Yang  3 years back

                                                  Payday is all about this

                                                  • Adams Esquillo
                                                    Adams Esquillo  4 years back

                                                    it's just a toy lupin the third can Crack it easily

                                                    • BlueMan
                                                      BlueMan  4 years back

                                                      Ex to break it open,

                                                      Drop a nuke

                                                      • Tom Courtney
                                                        Tom Courtney  4 years back

                                                        Title is a little misleading, 2 minutes of nothing. Give me my 2 minutes back.

                                                        • Alfonso De Torres
                                                          Alfonso De Torres  4 years back

                                                          I don't get the point of this channel

                                                        • Rou Feng
                                                          Rou Feng  4 years back

                                                          lol and I read something cracking open a sofa, and then I was thinking like wtf? why would anyone wants to do that? :'D

                                                          • Mason Meeks
                                                            Mason Meeks  4 years back

                                                            One thing...plastic explosives

                                                            • BlueMan
                                                              BlueMan  4 years back

                                                              Yeah yeah this is very hard to break open NOW LETS SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN IT MEETS LAVA HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA

                                                              • Peeps001
                                                                Peeps001  4 years back

                                                                give me the link to the rest

                                                                • Greetzer
                                                                  Greetzer  4 years back

                                                                  Do the Ant-Man ice technique😊

                                                                • P s
                                                                  P s  4 years back

                                                                  How to watch it full ?

                                                                  • JulianVD-076
                                                                    JulianVD-076  4 years back

                                                                    Active channel ._.

                                                                    • BioCyberNaught
                                                                      BioCyberNaught  4 years back

                                                                      This is an intro to a how-it's-made video, not a complete video on cracking a safe.

                                                                      • Zeeko Asy
                                                                        Zeeko Asy  4 years back


                                                                        • Mini Games
                                                                          Mini Games  4 years back

                                                                          I'm going to the bank now......

                                                                          • Yuri-chan
                                                                            Yuri-chan  4 years back

                                                                            @ᗷᒪᗩᗪE ᖴIᖇEᔕTOᖇᗰEᖇ ok im ready

                                                                          • Mini Games
                                                                            Mini Games  4 years back

                                                                            +Algis1184 ok sure!

                                                                          • Yuri-chan
                                                                            Yuri-chan  4 years back

                                                                            wait for me mait

                                                                        • K35H
                                                                          K35H  4 years back

                                                                          +1 Like/Reply=Good Luck
                                                                          +1 Sub=School shuts down
                                                                          Ignore=Die in your sleep

                                                                        • Ostfriese93
                                                                          Ostfriese93  4 years back

                                                                          The title is misleading.

                                                                        • Cashburner
                                                                          Cashburner  4 years back

                                                                          You only need a stethoscope and its open :D

                                                                          • James Dillinger
                                                                            James Dillinger  4 years back

                                                                            Wheres the rest?

                                                                            • Toyobusa
                                                                              Toyobusa  4 years back

                                                                              +Valentine Top Secret

                                                                          • the boi
                                                                            the boi  4 years back


                                                                          • Attemptive
                                                                            Attemptive  4 years back

                                                                            Mcjuggernuggets could use this video

                                                                            • MichiganFootball57
                                                                              MichiganFootball57  4 years back

                                                                              Link this to mcjuggernuggets 😂