Yale Certified Safe Home ysm250eb1

  • Published: 08 April 2014
  • Yale Certified Safe HomeYSM/250/EB1

    Electronic Lock with digital keypad
    Blue backlight display
    Laser cut steel door, with auto-opening function (when correct code is entered)
    Reinforced steel hinge
    Brushed aluminum face plate
    Concealed fixing points and mounting bolts included
    One internal shelf included
    Interior finish with full felt lining
    Internal light source
    Armored steel plates protecting locking mechanism
    Box packaging

    Technical details:
    External dimension H x W x D (mm): 250 x 350 x 300
    Internal dimension H x W x D (mm): 240 x 337 x 230
    Door wall thickness (mm): 8
    Body wall thickness (mm): 3
    Weight (kg): 22.2
    22mm diameter motorised locking bolts
    6 lever double-bitted override locking system
    2 original Yale override keys supplied
    4 x AA size (1.5V each, total 6V) Panasonic batteries
    Pre-drilled holes with fixing bolts and felt feet pads
    Certified - Sold Secure "Silver", Secure by Design
    Cash rated to 2000 GBP
    Full operating, installation instructions and fixing guide included

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  • Peterjamessolivent James
    Peterjamessolivent James  10 months back

    you can only put 4 digit code. im i right?

  • HifiCentret
    HifiCentret  3 years back

    Anyone knows how the Yale Certified compares to the Burg Wächter Point-Safe (P2E etc.)?
    I of course think security wise. Yale got an 8 mm door vs BW 6mm on the other hand the walls on the BW is 4 mm while 3 mm on the Yale. The Yale door may be laser cut but it's down to many factors how easy it is to get a screwdriver in the door bending door and body enough to get something bigger in and at last a crow bar.
    The BW seems tempting as they're much cheaper (IMHO nothing really points to why Yale Certified should be so expensive in the first place yes it may have better finish felt lining etc. but hey that doesn't cost that much and you can felt line the BW yourself if you want to).
    I'm looking at a reasonable cheap safe as I'm revising my security of special valuables (jewelry etc.) and/or sensitive items (passports etc.). As part of the the plan beside getting a decent safe (EN1143 grade 1) and hide it in an unusual place the plan is to put a cheap safe with some semi valuables (old keys, silver tie clips and cuff links etc. in case it's opened or (the first thing) to offer to a home robber) in a typical spot like bedroom wardrobe etc. as kind of sacrificial anode. I want a thief to be able to break it loose but bolted in first place to keep the illusion that all the good stuff is here so I'll not bolt it too well to avoid too much damage should it happen. But ideally I do not want him to be able to open it on location but the idea is that the then decides to take it with him - less room for tablets etc. what else might be nicked while at it anyway and fast out as not much room to carry much more and besides the best he already found (he thinks). So it needs to be able to withstand a few attacks with typical tools like screwdrivers/hammers and crowbars an don't give too fast to he just decides it's better to take it with him.

    • Jimmy Cooper
      Jimmy Cooper  5 years back

      The keys look flimbsy