Amazon Basics Safe - First Impression and Review

  • Published: 13 July 2018
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  • smriti marwaha
    smriti marwaha  4 weeks back

    How to operate if battery is dead, keys areblost and you don't remember code

    • Prashant Nigam
      Prashant Nigam   3 weeks back

      Hi Smriti, I haven't encountered such a situation yet but i would suggest to contact Amazon in such a case...

    • John T
      John T  4 weeks back

      Have you tried replacing the battery and using the default code? It might work. If it doesn't, and having been locked out of number pad systems before, what works usually for me is trying the obvious numbers, 1234, 0000, 1111 so on ... And birthdays or numbers that are relevant to you. In the absence of which, do an iterative test. Time consuming to try each number, but it saves the safe from being destroyed. Iterative meaning try every number combination in sequence. 0000, 0001, 9999

  • Alexi Funkner
    Alexi Funkner  4 months back

    Doesn't sound like English

    • Alexi Funkner
      Alexi Funkner  3 months back

      @Joshua Sanders I moved along a long time ago, strange people keep me busy for some reason I don't understand.

    • Joshua Sanders
      Joshua Sanders  3 months back

      @Alexi Funkner dude, He can target whatever audience he wants. Can't understand it? Move along. So because he didn't speak the way you want him to, be shouldn't upload at all? Obviously you're not his target audience.

    • Alexi Funkner
      Alexi Funkner  3 months back

      @Joshua Sanders belive it or not, if you make a video in English, and you don't speak half as decently and mix on occasionally words from your own language, there is no point in uploading this video. Just go ahead and make a video in your native language, or write a script and work on your pronounciation, so that everybody are able to understand.

    • Joshua Sanders
      Joshua Sanders  3 months back

      Believe it or not, there are other languages in the world. Not just the one that you personaly speak.

    • Alexi Funkner
      Alexi Funkner  3 months back

      @Sergio Guerra as if I don't already do xD

  • akash garg
    akash garg  6 months back

    I'm pretty sure that it's 0.5 "cubic feet" not cubic meter.

    • Ryan Strauss
      Ryan Strauss  10 months back

      Mine is randomly beeping and idk, I just replaced the batteries and it still does it

      • Prashant Nigam
        Prashant Nigam   10 months back

        I am not sure about the issue you are facing, as I haven't encountered anything like that yet. I request to co-ordinate with the vendor..

    • Golden 47
      Golden 47  10 months back

      Nice review