$60 Safe Review - Heritage Security Products


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  • vpshastry
    vpshastry  2 weeks back

    how does the theft lock work on this?

    • Carolina Gun Guy
      Carolina Gun Guy   2 weeks back

      It has an alarm mode where, once activated, if anyone tries to move or pry open the safe, an alarm sounds. Also, if there wrong codes are entered in succession, the alarm sounds and the keypad locks you out for 2 minutes.

  • Kevin Villavicencio
    Kevin Villavicencio  1 months back

    I have one but I forgot my code and I never got keys when u got it

    • David Pham
      David Pham  2 months back

      I could not program the RFID tag, key and card by following the manual. Do you have any problem programming it. Your recommendation how to program it? Thanks

      • ChrisB
        ChrisB  3 months back

        even cheaper right now at Costco, saw these for $49.99 tonight. Will be picking one up.

        • ChrisB
          ChrisB  3 months back

          @Carolina Gun Guy good to hear. Planning to pick one up this weekend.

        • Carolina Gun Guy
          Carolina Gun Guy   3 months back

          Worth the price either way. I've had no issues with mine so far. (Except when my 1 y/o set off the alarm by playing with the buttons and locked me out).

      • Scott F.
        Scott F.  5 months back

        Seems like a nice safe that is priced right....Good stuff....

        • King Pin
          King Pin  5 months back