How to open safe with lost combination, key, re-purpose repair reuse, part 2 of 3 safe cracking


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  • إكشوان اكنوان

    Bouuuuh hhhhhhh

    • Colin Amondson
      Colin Amondson  1 months back


      • Ian Smyth
        Ian Smyth  2 years back

        The safe is worth more than the contents, why not just steal the safe? Haha

        • Mustangsby Matt
          Mustangsby Matt  2 years back

          Thank you

          • John Obmar
            John Obmar  3 years back

            That is not a safe. It's a tin cookie box.
            My safe weighs over 1200 pounds, 1" steel, and 3 foot high.
            I bought it for $120. Some people just want to get rid of it.

            • iowaunemployment
              iowaunemployment   1 years back

              That is a beautiful safe. Great find.

            • iowaunemployment
              iowaunemployment   1 years back

              John, are you compensating? LOL

            • John Obmar
              John Obmar  3 years back

              Just made this picture.
              It"s a 80 year old Lips L-100.
              On the blanket in front of it sleeps my cat.
              Can make a video later.
              It has still the original paint, but shelves are missing.
              Lock mechanism is unaccessible without some grinding from the inside.
              Spare keys are being made.
              They cost $70 each.


            • iowaunemployment
              iowaunemployment   3 years back

              Love to see a photo or video. Let us know if you post one.

          • Mike Hunt
            Mike Hunt  4 years back

            I have the same exact safe but all i need is the key, lost the damn key but have the combo. No way im going thru all this trouble just to get in.

            • Eijah Martin
              Eijah Martin  1 years back

              " If the safe still had its serial number sticker on the outside, you could have contacted the company (First Alert) and send them a notorized letter requesting the combination. I did so with the exact same safe, no charge, except for the new key, the key was a 10.00 charge, which was well worth it."

            • iowaunemployment
              iowaunemployment   4 years back

              +Mike Hunt Jiggle the lock. dont cut it up. you can get in.

          • JDBOMBDOTCOM
            JDBOMBDOTCOM  5 years back

            Looks like you have a safe of a Meth dealer. MSN is what they use to cut (dilute) meth with. 

            • Over Burn
              Over Burn  4 years back

              Hi, I have a floor safe/vault that came with the house I bought. Is there a way to find the manufacturer and have them come open it? or what are the alternatives.

            • iowaunemployment
              iowaunemployment   4 years back

              @JDBOMBDOTCOM Will you do a video of putting a plate back on?

            • JDBOMBDOTCOM
              JDBOMBDOTCOM  4 years back

              Thanks for your post I did my safe jike you showed .I was in it in 5 mins. I found the combo inside so i can put a plate back on it and use it. 

            • iowaunemployment
              iowaunemployment   4 years back

              Thanks, I wondered about that.