THE BEST BOXING TRAINER you may not know? Meet Grant Smith


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  • Luke Smedley
    Luke Smedley  6 months back

    Chris smedley showed grant wot he no,s

    • Luke Smedley
      Luke Smedley  4 weeks back

      @Leroy Brown you have fucked up we're going to give u 1 chance to soat this out u fucking pussy wach

    • Leroy Brown
      Leroy Brown  1 months back

      Heard you and your brother are grasses pal.snitches...rats

    • Sambou Conteh
      Sambou Conteh  3 months back

      Hello mr trainer it give me great pleasure to write you am very much happy about what you are doing ,am from the Gambia am the president of the Gambia National boxing association i feel to working with in supporting my young boxer,s for training which is a very key in boxing i hope to hear from you this is my email [email protected]

  • Sunny Edwards
    Sunny Edwards  7 months back

    The mans a legend

    • Mohammed Meah
      Mohammed Meah  9 months back

      Genuine guy👌

      • MARVINET
        MARVINET  9 months back

        Salute! Great refreshing interview ! Peace