National Security Safe-Liberty Gun Safe Review

  • Published: 25 July 2013
  • National Security Safe-Libety Gun Safe Review. Find the complete line of the Liberty National Security safes at

    Hi, this is Ed Jurewicz with the safe warehouse dot com bringing to you today the Liberty safe, the national security made by Liberty and is USA made.

    This safe here is the national twenty five model which is thirty inches wide and twenty four and a half deep and five feet high. It comes with outside fancy hinges and it also has an antique look.

    This one's a champagne color they come in different colors but this particular one has been etched and blackened on the side that give it the antique look. It comes with a five spoke handle this one is a black chrome and also it come with this one particular one has a digital keypad on it called a D-Drive made by Sargent and Greenleaf.

    This one here you just punch in your code six numbers that you program and hit pound you hear a click and then you turn it from twelve to two o'clock position and that will open up the safe. This safe here is fire protected for two and a half hours has great protection and has a quarter inch steel door along with a seven gauge steel in the walls.

    This safe weighs over a thousand pounds and the thing I love about this its got the big bolts, inch and a half bolts and it has bolts on all four sides. This one in particular has the seven on this side, seven bolts on the other side and two and two so you have a combination of eighteen bolts. Now the deluxe door panel that we love comes with a cool pocket on the bottom here for papers and stuff and also it comes with six places to put your pistols.

    This safe here with the two and a half fire protection comes with a polusal seal that will expand and seal up the door if ever there is a fire now I want to come over here and show you some features here.

    It comes with a peet dryer it's the latest peet dryer dehumidifier to protect your guns from rusting. And also it has a feature here where it's called a four in one flexible interior where you can hold twelve guns on this side or you can hold with the easy out ten guns on this side but you can move this over here and move it around for yourself and you can put this up here. It's got a notch up here if you have any taller guns that need to go in there and you've got more in the front here.

    It has what we like is a floor that is a floor where you can hide stuff underneath there in case someone goes in your safe and you don't want them to see you have a concealed floor there.

    Also, it comes with a jewelry drawer that you can move on the different levels, you can put your shelving on this side that side or both and it's got four holes in there that you can bolt down the safe so someone can't carry it away.

    Even though it's a thousand pounds, they still can carry it away, or a hurricane can carry it away. We have testimonies where the house blew apart and the safe is still sitting there.

    This safe here is USA made up in Utah by Liberty Safes, it's got what we like is if someone, a common thief comes in, knocks the dial off, or digital keypad, punches the lock, he then sets off two re-locking devices that will lock him out immediately.

    And also it's got a ball bearing hard-plate that is that they attack the lock and try to get through to it he will hit that ball bearing hard-plate which will in turn break his drill bits. This safe here we ship anywhere in the United States to your door, to your garage or we offer inside delivery that we can get for you at an extra costs.

    You can buy this safe with any credit card we take all credit cards and also PayPal offers six months same as cash.

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