Safe Cracker Liberty Locksmiths


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  • enkrypt3d
    enkrypt3d  7 months back

    have you ever cracked a sturdy safe?

    • boing615
      boing615  8 months back

      I think you'll find the term is 'Safe Caucasion'

      • Sassy Cat
        Sassy Cat  1 years back

        I like my Am Sec safe.

        • Firebrand VOCALS
          Firebrand VOCALS  1 years back

          Why the massive drill rig??? Seriously?? Normal 24v freehand drilling would have opened it. This is only a glorified biscuit tin not a high security safe.

          • Инженер
            Инженер  2 years back

            А зачем сверлить???)))))) Ну вы блин даёте!!!!)))

            • Struthunter
              Struthunter  2 years back

              Wow ,Great Video

              • Diana Patricia Gomez
                Diana Patricia Gomez  2 years back

                mas videos de este calibre pa saber cuando se pueda abrir

                • PROTEK123
                  PROTEK123  3 years back

                  Why don't drill from top of safe into the combination lock and read the comb ?

                  • Wayne Winton
                    Wayne Winton  3 years back

                    And you feel this is an approparate video for the public to view? You are a member, How Do you think ALOA would feel about this?

                    • The Dude
                      The Dude  10 months back

                      Ah the old misnomer, "security through obscurity" just leads to a false sense of security if you ask me. Thanks in part to the wealth of information sharing on the internet the criminals that want to crack safes like professionals already know how to do so. Having the public see this only enlightens them to the ability to get into a safe by drilling it. Some people heard it's what skilled locksmiths can do to open a safe, while others are blissfully ignorant of this technique. This ignorance can lead them to think their safe is more impervious than it actually is. I'm of the mind people that rely on security should know the weaknesses of the security they rely on before they are made aware of it when a criminal exploits the weakness.

                    • zr750c1
                      zr750c1  10 months back

                      He really did not show much more than a customer is going to see if they are observing the opening. If he had shown what he was seeing through the scope and explained which template he was using or gave the drill point itself then it would be too much info.

                    • Lonnie Burton
                    • Liberty Lock & Safe
                      Liberty Lock & Safe  3 years back

                      Thank you Wayne for your professional opinion, you obviously have been in the safe servicing business for a long time yourself.
                      I will keep all that in mind the next time I make a safe video of any kind. I've tried a variety of different avenues for advertising on the internet, including Google Adwords and Facebook ads. Right now videos linked to my website work quite well. I have an HES installation video of an electric strike that has 100,000+ views. I can"t tell you how much work and how many accounts I have picked up from that. Again, thank you for your opinion. Now let's both get back to real work.

                    • Wayne Winton
                      Wayne Winton  3 years back

                      Liberty Lock & Safe I don't see what advertising has to do with this. you can buy Google advertising for far less than phon book contracts everest were. You explain exactly how the safe lock works and what your trying to accomplish. I understand the concept of using YouTube as a means of getting your business out there but I also thing you could edit quite a bit more of the video and have the same results.

                  • Steel Pinnings
                    Steel Pinnings  3 years back

                    Looks like he did this the hard way for the video and had the owner pay it forward really.
                    I mean there are other ways to get into a safe besides drilling.

                    • Diener Christi
                      Diener Christi  1 years back

                      Steel Pinnings Yeah? Care to share how to open a manipulation proof dial when the owner doesn’t know the combo?

                  • Edward Mann
                    Edward Mann  3 years back

                    Very Informative.

                    • Mike1614b
                      Mike1614b  5 years back

                      why drill when you can crack the safe and tell the customer the combination?

                      • bobwatters
                        bobwatters  5 years back

                        Because he cant crack it without drilling it, or it would have been much more expensive, or they needed it open quick. 

                    • Robert Lee
                      Robert Lee  5 years back

                      Why not scope the change key hole through the anchor holes? no damage, no repair required.

                      • Struggling woodie
                        Struggling woodie  1 years back

                        Robert Lee sounds like Simone knows what they are doing!