DAC S510 Security Safe


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  • crackerms0100
    crackerms0100  8 years back

    so its not an ism super treasuary

    • Mrcaffinebean
      Mrcaffinebean  9 years back

      @cky38 I think it means only for use on politicizations.

      • Mrcaffinebean
        Mrcaffinebean  9 years back

        Why not just teach the kids the leave the guns alone when your not with them?Seems like a cheaper, better, more fool proof solution. Those light pucks never put out much light IMO

        • ArtisanTony
          ArtisanTony  9 years back


          • Tommy Rocha
            Tommy Rocha  9 years back

            i lik gun geek better but that might just b me

            • tyler fiftyfive g
              tyler fiftyfive g  9 years back

              iv got a gun hidden in every room in my house mostly i have a tec 9 in my bath room 2 ak 47s in my bed room a mack 10 in the living room a glock in the citchen and a 1911 colt on my side lol i dont like safes but no kids can get 2 them and no thay r not loaded but the mag is and thay are separated

              • harr77
                harr77  9 years back

                I don't trust electronic safes I have one but it also has a key back up for when the batteries fail and the key chain it's on has my car keys which are always with me.

                • Kaylee Wilson
                  Kaylee Wilson  9 years back

                  nice fred i have one similair to yours... well worth the money..i still think i like the gun geek channel better.. lol just can't get used to the new one yet haha

                  • swvaoutlaws
                    swvaoutlaws  9 years back

                    Great Stuff ....Fred your the best

                    • roentgen571
                      roentgen571  9 years back

                      Do these safes have provision to be attached to something more or less permanently? I don't have kids around, but I'd feel better about keeping my gun in a safe than just in a drawer somewhere. Not so much if they can just pick up the safe and walk away with it, though... LOL

                      • TheStaticTarget
                        TheStaticTarget  9 years back


                        • eyespy0099
                          eyespy0099  9 years back

                          great idea, it's good to have a firearm handy. i'm like yourself, i don't normally carry a firearm on my person while at home.

                          • mixwell1983
                            mixwell1983  9 years back

                            I have those same logitech speakers !! Great for $50 ! Love em.. Nice video.. I wonder if this would constitute for having a gun safe when you get a new firearm ? (In CA you can bypass having to buy a gun lock if you own a safe)

                            • DEFkon001
                              DEFkon001  9 years back

                              I was skeptical till you mentioned the back up keys. I think thats probably your best bet for a legal "quick access gun". Only problem I think is where do you stash the backup key? If you want to remain "quick" even if the battery fails, you'd have to hide it nearby, and that could undermine your security. If you put it on your keychain, then you could be in trouble if you didn't have it on you.. (jump out of bed or shower etc ) so it's catch 22. But it's still better than having only a key.

                              • willwood487
                                willwood487  9 years back

                                @fredhart no problem you got a great channel!

                                • ChromeFreak123
                                  ChromeFreak123  9 years back

                                  I have 2 safes one mainly firearms and the other firearms,ammo and important things. When I am home, my firearm of choice is safely on my side.lol. This would be great for someone with rug rats. Great review.

                                  • MadBadVoodo
                                    MadBadVoodo  9 years back

                                    Interesting mini Voodoo Kit!! LOL

                                    • Albee 45
                                      Albee 45  9 years back

                                      Great vid. Where did you buy the safe? I cannot remember ever seeing that brand around my neck of the mountains.

                                      • TheManWith2FirstName
                                        TheManWith2FirstName  9 years back

                                        Great review. Is there a mute for the key pad? It would be a nice, but wouldn't be a deal breaker.

                                        • willwood487
                                          willwood487  9 years back

                                          you might want to buy a few strong strip magnets heat shrink them drill 2 holes one in each end and screw them under the desk. wallah slap any gun you want .No marring on your finish! mount them above the doors in closets behind your headboard any where ever you might need a gun. just a little tip for concealment on the cheap . might not work so well when kids are around. the safe will work better in your situation. Thanks for sharing.

                                          • shawnsent
                                            shawnsent  9 years back

                                            what if your power is down? your screwed?

                                            • Neglected87
                                              Neglected87  9 years back

                                              I dont got a safe but i treat it like one! I got a stackon gun cabint! It got a key lock and its easy to get to and get my weapons out! Great safe! Great vid!

                                              • Roygun76
                                                Roygun76  9 years back

                                                wow I have been looking for something just like that, great review.

                                                • Lyfestyle Hobby
                                                  Lyfestyle Hobby  9 years back

                                                  @fredhart Very nice, do you know anything that is of the equivalent for PC users? that is free or low cost?

                                                  • RichWyatt1
                                                    RichWyatt1  9 years back

                                                    thank you for the great review

                                                    • Lyfestyle Hobby
                                                      Lyfestyle Hobby  9 years back

                                                      Very nice safe, what editing software do you use!!!!???

                                                      • SocomElite187
                                                        SocomElite187  9 years back

                                                        The gap on the right of the safe makes it seem to be easily pry-able

                                                        • Matt Medders
                                                          Matt Medders  9 years back

                                                          Gunshots are normal in my neighborhood. Funny, but sad. Great videos, keep it up.