First Alert Portable Security Safe - Unboxing and First Use


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  • Pedro R
    Pedro R  2 weeks back

    He doesn't show you how to set the code just saving you time so you have to watch it all.

    • marsha wooten
      marsha wooten  11 months back

      I don't think anyone would really pay much attention to your code as you could change it anytime.... but really wanted to know how to enter /program. So you can ONLY use numbers 1-4 as a code? what if you wanted other numbers?

      • Harry Callahan
        Harry Callahan  12 months back

        I got two of this model (5200DF, in 2016 Walmart had it for only $23 plus change so I grabbed two of them) and another 5100K, which is a smaller mechanical key only version. Somehow this bigger and better one has thinner foam padding than the 5100K. I put my PX4 9mm full size, which is a thicker double stack compared to the G43, in the 5200DF and when I shake the box, the gun slides in there back and forth, banging against the metal side wall which has no foam. When I tried this in the smaller 5100K, the gun was squeezed tight inside by the foam it wasn't moving at all no matter how hard I was shaking it. This is true for both of the 5200DF that I own. I ended up adding a 1-inch thick layer of memory foam in each of the 5200DF. Problem solved :)

        • Parker George
          Parker George  2 years back

          Thank you for this! Was exactly the overview and demonstration I was looking for.