Zeny® Digital Electronic Mountable Safe Security Box


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  • reeshamae siez
    reeshamae siez  4 weeks back

    Is the safe box fire proof?

  • Bug Off Pest Specialists, LLC

    Great review thanks

    • Taylor2354
      Taylor2354  4 months back

      It doesn’t work

      • Frank Rodríguez
        Frank Rodríguez  5 months back

        Thanks for this video👏🏼

        • ViciousOnTheTrack
          ViciousOnTheTrack  6 months back

          Why doesnt mine lock

          • Damian Saldana
            Damian Saldana  6 months back


            • SAVAGE308SNIPER
              SAVAGE308SNIPER  7 months back

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              • Menibor1
                Menibor1  7 months back

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            • Neil Toatasi
              Neil Toatasi  8 months back

              Hi there what happens if u wanted to reset yr passcode and do another one can u do that?

            • jknw
              jknw  9 months back

              Used it for thousands of dollar's but nobody knows......... ( ͡° ل͜ ͡°)

              • Mouzle
                Mouzle  11 months back

                Thank you so much for this video. I have the EMT 17 and the instructions say open the door without turning the rotary knob they don't mention how to use the key or anything so thank you. I was starting to panic I got a bum one lol x

                • JimmyJames82
                  JimmyJames82  1 years back

                  What happens if your batterys die? you can't access the safe?

                  • Sun rise
                    Sun rise  12 months back

                    It gives you light alarm when the batteries are low .

                  • Mike Vee
                    Mike Vee  12 months back

                    Key stoopid😁

                  • FL4SHvs4RR0W
                    FL4SHvs4RR0W  1 years back

                    JimmyJames82 use the key like she did in the video

                • SAVAGE308SNIPER
                  SAVAGE308SNIPER  1 years back

                  I stash my porn DVD movies in one of these.

                  • SAVAGE308SNIPER
                    SAVAGE308SNIPER  1 years back

                    Bitch Nigga Thanks, Bitch Nigga.

                  • Mad Titan
                    Mad Titan  1 years back

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                  • SAVAGE308SNIPER
                    SAVAGE308SNIPER  1 years back

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                  • Mad Titan
                    Mad Titan  1 years back

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                • Mytur Banizdurtee
                  Mytur Banizdurtee  1 years back

                  She Sounds Really Cute !!!

                  • Jamie Duke
                    Jamie Duke  2 years back

                    What ever you do, DONT BUY any safe that looks like this. You can hit it on the top with anything. Somebody's even done it with a potato! You hit it on the top of the safe, and at the same time you turn the dial.

                  • ardenglennp
                    ardenglennp  2 years back

                    How to turn the beep on? Mine has no beep

                    • Dylan
                      Dylan  2 years back

                      What size is this one.

                    • Potatoe Gaming
                      Potatoe Gaming  2 years back

                      great video! I want this! lol

                      • Catherine Mc Phillips
                        Catherine Mc Phillips  2 years back

                        I have a similar version ( not zeny) if put the code in wrong 3 times on mine it goes beep beep beep for A LONG TIME!!!

                        • Gonna win
                          Gonna win  2 years back

                          Sylvia thanks I just ordered one

                        • Sylvia Wu
                          Sylvia Wu  2 years back

                          i bought the same safe box with cheaper price 24.99+5.99 (Safstar), they shipped it for me from CA. arrived fast, love my safe. here is the link on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01AL23IIW

                        • Gonna win
                          Gonna win  2 years back

                          Can you give me a purchasing link

                        • Potatoe Gaming
                          Potatoe Gaming  2 years back

                          Catherine Mc Phillips you have the homdox one?