Cambridge Audio DAC Magic 100 and New Stereo Stand


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  • political assassin
    political assassin  5 months back

    2 live crew!

    • My Wife Hates My HIFI
      My Wife Hates My HIFI  2 years back

      to much talking lets hear the music

      • Zhurka75
        Zhurka75  3 years back

        You need to use the album player by Igor Antonov.

        • BluesCreation09
          BluesCreation09  5 years back

          I am thinking of upgrading my dac however I am too concerned with the clicks and pops that my laptop is experiencing. Do you get clicks and pops from your laptop?

          • Θανάσης Κυπαρίσσης
            Θανάσης Κυπαρίσσης  2 years back

            any problems with the power supply?

          • Robert McColl
            Robert McColl   5 years back

            @BluesCreation09 O yeah its still going great, Listening to it right now.I should do a new vid with my Onkyo M5060R Amplifier and P3060R Pre Amp. Came real close to buying a Simaudio 100D MOON DAC used $500 YIKES !!! but the Cambridge is doing fine. (Got a Pontoon Boat instead)

          • BluesCreation09
            BluesCreation09  5 years back

            @Robert McColl How is your DAC Magic going? Still good?

          • Robert McColl
            Robert McColl   5 years back

            @BluesCreation09 I'm running Win 7 Home on that vid .I don't download any music, they are all from a CD. 
            SP3 Means "Service Pack 3"part of the operating system boosts performance.
            I have read that Apple has the best system for digital playback without going $$$$ CRAZY. Highest sample rate for digital music,but it all starts with the original copy.
            I am now using a Macbook Pro, I'm no expert but I know what I like, thumbs up for Mac.

          • BluesCreation09
            BluesCreation09  5 years back

            @Robert McColl Read a lot of articles regarding computer music which have tendencies to have clicks and pops during downloading. Sometimes there is a sudden drop in volume. The articles I read are just too much to absorb and beyond my comprehension. The only solution is to purchase a new laptop. My laptop is Windows XP and the package I saw is SP3. What does it mean I haven't got a clue.