Is it better to buy new or vintage audio gear? Turntables, receivers and speakers


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  • HF-7 DXM-6 DXW-12
    HF-7 DXM-6 DXW-12  5 days back

    I was gonna get a newer Onkyo with HDMI but I settled for a gently used Yamaha RX-v3000 instead. Im very happy with my choice. It's got the old-school analog guts and Glory topped off with a little bit of digital processing and enough inputs n outputs to connect with the future.

    • Istvan Bartha
      Istvan Bartha  2 weeks back

      Good question. I built my own speakers in the 80ies...and used a Harman Kardon 635...It was awesome at that time. Later on I gave the stereo away and went for surround systems for 15 years.
      Last year I found a pair or B&W from 1991 for 60 bucks. I connected them to my Yamaha surround receiver...And oh lord...They sounded fantastic. My guess is that modern 6.5 inch speakers have replaced the old 8/10 inch speakers only because they are smaller. You can transport a % more new speakers for the same price as fewer old speakers. BUT...old speakers are better. They made 20-20 kHz stereo gear in the 60ies !!!

      • 1978ajax
        1978ajax  2 weeks back

        True that vintage gear can be easy to fix when not working properly, _but it can also be a right royal pain to fix._ One of most common problems, and one not necessarily simple to fix, is worn out capacitors. Depending on the design of the interior space, and the ease with which you can physically access the circuitry, this can be a straightforward job or an absolute bloody nightmare. The expression 'recapped' in an ad indicates that this one is already dealt with.

        • Jeff polara
          Jeff polara  4 weeks back

          Went to Best Buy to look for some floor speakers...all they carry is car audio or Doushbag Bluetooth Shit...I'll never go back

          • nanimitendayo
            nanimitendayo  4 weeks back

            Just bought a pair of some old Polk audio monitor 7's at Goodwill for $10. They sing beautifully with my marantz 2238b.

            • knivesandfire1
              knivesandfire1  1 months back

              I recently bought a NAD 3020 integrated amp (the highly regarded original one from 1979-83) from a seller on Craigslist for $60 USD whereas good condition examples on eBay tend to cost north of $250 USD. I paired it with used (made 5+ years ago) Cerwin Vega bookshelf speakers I got from Value Village for $12 and it sounded dynamic and fun.

              • James Bay
                James Bay  1 months back

                Are you asian?

                • Channel 33 RPM
                  Channel 33 RPM   1 months back

                  I do get asked that quite a bit. Not Asian, some native Canadian though. There's nerve damage in an eye which causes me to squint more often than I would like, which prob gives the appearance of Asian ancestry.

              • Ian Ship
                Ian Ship  2 months back

                I have a Mix I have a Project Carbon turntable fitted with a Ortofon blue cartridge a Marantz 6006 CD Quad Fm4 tuner Quad 34 pre amp Quad 306 amp and Mordant short 208 speakers. all the Quad equipment has been serviced and updated by Quad .I love the sound of the system

                • Cj Kinder
                  Cj Kinder  2 months back


                  • hippydippy
                    hippydippy  3 months back

                    Realistic? Too Funny! I've bought, sold & traded high-end vintage gear for years. That thing is absolute garbage! I dare anyone to buy a new system that sounds as good as a lot of vintage systems does for 1/2 the price. Not gonna happen. If you know what you're doing & buy from a reputable seller, you can put together a great reliable vintage system for under a grand. Kids.... Ha!

                    • Channel 33 RPM
                      Channel 33 RPM   3 months back

                      Hi hipdip! Sounds like you had a great gig. High-end vintage is cool, but certainly not for everyone. I have not seen this video for some time, so I'm not sure which piece of my gear you are referring to as garbage, lol. I'd probably disagree, but to each their own.

                  • Liam Rtr
                    Liam Rtr  3 months back

                    I bought an amazing pair of vintage Marantz sp-1200 loudspeakers, for $20, all I had to do was wipe them down and I spent $15 and put new foam surrounds on them, and they sound FANTASTIC, they have a great rock ‘n roll sound

                    • Stephen Dare
                      Stephen Dare  3 months back

                      vintage gear is built a lot better than modern stuff and it looks soooo much cooler

                      • Harry Slachmuylders
                        Harry Slachmuylders  3 months back

                        Hey I have a question and would really appreciate if you could help me out. I recently got my mom's vintage turntable from when she was young. It's a Philips D5420 and has two (old) external speakers. However, they sound rather awful and I was wondering if I could use new speakers for this turntable. According to the website it has an integrated stereo amplifier. It has another "switchable" signal input (5 pin DIN) located on the side of the device and a Loudspeaker connection (right-left channel) on the rear. The loudspeaker connection is a 2 Pin DIN connection. What should I take into account when buying new speakers? Do I need an external amplifier? How do I connect these boxes to the turntable (since I have never seen speakers with a 2 Pin DIN connection)?

                        • Channel 33 RPM
                          Channel 33 RPM   3 months back

                          Yes, you can... well I'm pretty sure you can. Find a pair of inexpensive speakers and give it a shot!

                      • Jesper Karlsson
                        Jesper Karlsson  3 months back

                        Vintage, you save planet by doing it

                        • Bill Willard
                          Bill Willard  3 months back

                          I have a mix of old and new as well. The vintage gear I’ve found I’ve been pretty lucky with, but sometimes parts are not available anymore so you can be stuck if it fails. I have a vintage McIntosh amp that blew one side (Power Guard, where were you when I needed you?) and I’m having a really hard time finding transistors that aren’t made now. Can’t get them from McIntosh either.

                          • Rich Hopkins
                            Rich Hopkins  3 months back

                            Have you heard Rega gear from here in the UK? Their turntables are brilliant

                            • Channel 33 RPM
                              Channel 33 RPM   3 months back

                              I have. My friend has one and loves it. Unfortunately, I don't tend to see then often here. For some reason, it seems Project has better distribution in Canada.

                          • Barefoot Everywhere World Awakening

                            I find this a personal preference. Cost can be a issue, also longevity. If you buy a 70s amp and it is still working that shows it's long life. On the other hand if you want any lifespan for new equipment you are going to have to deep into your bank account. I bought a Sony reciever in the late 90s for almost $600 and trashed it about 5 years in. One big problem with a lot of the new tube amplifier is that there is no output on most for a cassette deck to record and I have 2 decks and over 700 tapes and that keeps growing from thrift store finds. There are tones of music out there that was never digitized, and I will buy them in any format. If you want new tube is the way to go, but remember you get what you pay for. I actually like vintage. You can get a really good system for way under $2000 or even $1000 if you are patient. My Sony TA-1150 amplifier about 8 years ago cost me $3.00 in near mint condition. I use a tube preamp on my turntable and it sounds sweet on my Advent New Large Loudspeakers also from Goodwill for $12.00, the 10" woofers foam was blown, but for $29.00 on Ebay I bought a repair kit that any idiot can use. So there is an amp and speakers for $41.00. This Sony back in 1973 was nicknamed the Mac Killer because it was in a side by side comparison to the best McIntosh amp that came put that year it performed as well if not better.

                            • George Arnold
                              George Arnold  4 months back

                              I got a great deal vintage slq3 turntable direct drive fully automatic with automatic track repeat QUARTZ LOCK PERFECT WORKING ORDER £50 😆

                              • Toney Isaiah
                                Toney Isaiah  4 months back

                                It can be a nightmare
                                but once you get through
                                it, it's a piece of 🎂.

                                • Toney Isaiah
                                  Toney Isaiah  4 months back

                                  Where I purchased it.

                                  • Toney Isaiah
                                    Toney Isaiah  4 months back

                                    I was living in Centralia,Il
                                    at a pawn shop.

                                    • Toney Isaiah
                                      Toney Isaiah  4 months back

                                      I own a Pioneer receiver
                                      which was made around
                                      1997. It sounds excellent.
                                      I paid 60.00.

                                      • Toney Isaiah
                                        Toney Isaiah  4 months back

                                        You are absolutely correct

                                        • Jake Mallinder
                                          Jake Mallinder  4 months back

                                          I’m a new collector since Christmas. I bought the same marantz amp and CD player as yours for approx £100 each from eBay here in the UK. There is lots of Used Hifi gear in great condition because more and people are getting rid to save space and replace with Sonos systems. I am really pleased with both and the rega p1 turntable. Great channel. Is really informing me as a newcomer to vinyl.

                                          • Channel 33 RPM
                                            Channel 33 RPM   4 months back

                                            Hey Jake! Welcome to the world of vinyl, and thank you for watching my videos. You snagged a great deal on the Marantz gear. Congrats!

                                        • Daniel Marie Rock
                                          Daniel Marie Rock  5 months back

                                          vintage audio is much better sound

                                          • Arielle West
                                            Arielle West  5 months back

                                            I like new stuff, but there’s a lot of inexpensive rubbish out there using really cheap components which don’t have the best quality, nor will they last very long. It’s also more difficult to work on modern equipment and much of it is made to be thrown away. ICs simply didn’t exist in this HiFi golden age so they had to use regular components. I would say to buy what fits your needs and style. However, remember that older is becoming more popular and since there’s a finite amount of it the price is rising. The idea back then was for companies to produce the highest quality with the largest amount of features possible. The problem with that is units sold become fewer, and that model has changed. What would I say progress is? Producing a sound nearly identical to that of say a tube, but in a package that’s a small fraction of the size and for a small fraction of the price.

                                            • Mike Keller
                                              Mike Keller  5 months back


                                              • BASS LOVER
                                                BASS LOVER  6 months back

                                                New stuff are all chinese i heard a lot of old and new speakers and trust me old stuff sounds a lot better

                                                • Baerchenization
                                                  Baerchenization  6 months back

                                                  Guys, try - it is like Google for audio sales. I just found the speakers there I gonna die with :)

                                                  • BPP 9
                                                    BPP 9  6 months back

                                                    I have a mixture so totally agree

                                                    • Samuel pyke
                                                      Samuel pyke  7 months back

                                                      Old table New pre amp old amp New speakers it the best

                                                      • gasbike100mpg
                                                        gasbike100mpg  7 months back

                                                        vintage infinity IL40 tower speakers ($150) versus new pioneer sp-fs52 or Onkyo skf-4800, any opinions?

                                                        • Doug G
                                                          Doug G  7 months back

                                                          Every time I jam my Pioneer SX1250 I think “ yea I love vintage”. How much would it cost to produce this beast today? It’s bad to the bone. I do have Parasound and Conrad Johnson but my Pioneer is my pride and joy.

                                                          • Heiko R.
                                                            Heiko R.  7 months back

                                                            I think, it depends on budget. I own a technics su v 900 amp (twin mono construction with four big elcos), which is close to high end amps like accuphase. It works perfectly and it was only 600 dollars. I also use a dual cs 731q turntable (made in germany), a denon tu 800 and two technics cd players. I love these old high end components that would cost thousands today.

                                                            • Robert Quinn
                                                              Robert Quinn  7 months back

                                                              ok just picked up JBL 80 E's for 75 bucks/pair mint condition, for my upstairs music room at an estate sale. I am never this lucky, nor was I looking for speakers, I went to check out albums. On the other hand I bought a Thorens TD 45 a year ago from Europe and after paying a fair amount of money to fix the arm, I still don't like it and don't use it anymore so, you are right, be careful and have patience, love this episode...

                                                              • HouseofRecordsTacoma
                                                                HouseofRecordsTacoma  8 months back

                                                                Good advice. Some used stereo shops will warranty items for 30 days.

                                                                • The Magnificent Creep
                                                                  The Magnificent Creep  8 months back

                                                                  Speakers now in days( pulls up grampa beeches) are ugly and cheaply made. Go vintage!

                                                                  • Rene Dominguez
                                                                    Rene Dominguez  9 months back

                                                                    I’ve done the refoaming. It wasn’t a big deal if you guys are wondering. Companies sell the kits for your specific speakers. Look up YouTube tutorials. People show you how to do it. May The Lord Jesus Bless you all!

                                                                    • Zockopa
                                                                      Zockopa  9 months back

                                                                      The problem with refoaming is if the compliance is not like the original,the driver parameter alter and the
                                                                      alignment also alters. Probably not into a favourable direction. Ive heard this a couple times with drivers in bass reflex

                                                                    • Channel 33 RPM
                                                                      Channel 33 RPM   9 months back

                                                                      I keep meaning to try this and will at some point. Thank you!

                                                                  • Maurice Bonnett
                                                                    Maurice Bonnett  9 months back

                                                                    vintage it's the only way to go

                                                                    • Joe
                                                                      Joe  9 months back

                                                                      Awesome channel

                                                                      • Peter Regoršek
                                                                        Peter Regoršek  10 months back

                                                                        I would buy a new amplifier, because old amps are real electricity eaters and new ones from japanese producers are still made on the level of eighties. And affordable by price. But don`t buy new turntables, because all of them under 500 EUR are plastic garbage, where specific things don`t work. It is not possible to design a decent turntable at low cost. Back in the days prices for entry level turntables started at around 600 EUR today. Plastic is not a friend in playing vinyl and you can find a lot of vintage turntables with MDF plinth, metal tonearm and heavy platter at an affordable price. For new made on this rank you will have to pay at least 1500 EUR.

                                                                        • mike young
                                                                          mike young  10 months back

                                                                          There are least a dozen clowns within a 100 miles of here who buy and sell (not so much) used (they call it vintage as if its a fine wine) audio gear on local sites. 90% of what they are selling has been up for sale for years! Why? because vintage audio has been a dead horse for a long time. The 1/2 of 1/2% of people who are even interested are old men on fixed incomes and won't spend the money. Even though the gear may turn on and work its no where near the sound quality it had when new. A 30-40 year old amp, pre-amp or receiver has long past its prime (drifted caps, resistors, etc). Have seen fools pay $1000 for a used Marantz receiver in original condition that need a $500-800 rebuild. That warm sound they hear is just dull worn out circuitry.

                                                                          • John Cribbs
                                                                            John Cribbs  10 months back

                                                                            An audiophile likes to feel the music. The music should scare you when you turn it to 50% give you goosebumps. But still sound tight.

                                                                            • John Cribbs
                                                                              John Cribbs  10 months back

                                                                              If anyone tells you to turn it down.....turn it up and blast some ozzy osbourne

                                                                          • The Plutonian Envoy To YouTube

                                                                            I took a lot of time doing my homework studying old and new turntables before buying within the higher end of the lowish budget, if you know what I mean (Teac, Audio Technica, Denon, Lenco, etc).

                                                                            If going new the Fluance RT81 seems best to me, or the Onkyo CP1050 if you can stretch the budget a little higher. I just prefer them to budget Rega and Project because I like S shaped tonearms and I don't like manual speed changing, having to move the belt by hand. That seems to be a 'vintagey', tactile, 'acceptable' thing now for the whole 'retro experience' but not to me because really, that was never an actual thing during my youth back in the early 80's. No one would have accepted that by the 1980's. It's a post-modern leap into the stone age too far and a poncey excuse to rip you off whilst cutting production costs.

                                                                            Speaking of good tech from back when I were a lad: Pioneer, Sansui, Dual and Ariston. Been doing my homework, like I said. The Pioneer PL 512 or 514 are lovely, early to mid 80's, tech-packed, things of beauty. I recently elected to order a serviced, late 70's PL 115 but the PL 112 and older PL 12D are excellent as well. And you can change them from 33 to 45 with the touch of a button.

                                                                            So if buying new: Fluance and Onkyo. If buying old: Pioneer and Sansui.

                                                                            • Turkeydoodlers L.
                                                                              Turkeydoodlers L.  10 months back

                                                                              Vintage all day long

                                                                              • Alan Brando
                                                                                Alan Brando  10 months back

                                                                                I LIKE VINTASH

                                                                                • Stromitzky Mash
                                                                                  Stromitzky Mash  10 months back

                                                                                  Doesent hurt to go a bit more in depth in this LARGE topic ! 5 minutes doesent cut it.

                                                                                  • Sonny Cobain
                                                                                    Sonny Cobain  10 months back

                                                                                    Man I need to tell me smth you like nirvana