Is it better to buy new or vintage audio gear? Turntables, receivers and speakers


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  • Lee Kuhn
    Lee Kuhn  4 weeks back

    I'm older of the 1970s generation. I haven't had a good HiFi system in years but I have all these LPs. I just put together a 1970s Pioneer system for $2400.00 I bought a Pioneer SX-939 receiver, Pioneer PL-518 turntable and a pair of Pioneer HMP 100 speakers. All components purchased from one of the counties leading companies that meticulously refurbishes vintage equipment. It's analogue, it's warm and it's gorgeous.

    • Doug G
      Doug G  4 weeks back


      • EF ANDMK
        EF ANDMK  4 weeks back

        Go new for amps and speakers. Great strides have been made in audio electronic technology. As far as turntables are concerned, they reached their zenith in the 1980s. Many of those are blends of analogue, mechanical and digital technologies. A used Sony or Pioneer in great shape from that era can be had for less than $100.00. Even if you spend another $150.00 having it reconditioned (new belt, stylus and a lube job), in the end you'll still have a turntable that's better than anything new at twice the price.

        • Marty Jewell
          Marty Jewell  1 months back

          Nice, informative video. As with any purchase.... caveat emptor. My "vintage" audio gear was all purchased new by me in the mid 1970's to early 1980's. I keep every component in good repair and it still sounds swell with original parts as long as I can get them. I have all my original receipts and packaging. I particularly enjoy my speakers. EPI-180, EPI-100, Ohm Acoustics model L and Boston Acoustics A-40. No computer shit for me, no Mp3 or C3PO, blue tooth, white fang, strictly two channel audio. My oldest component is my Pioneer SX-434 receiver purchased in 1974 as part of my first setup and still used in my kitchen system powering the A-40 speakers and Nakamichi BX-1 cassette deck. Thanks for posting this.

          • Channel 33 RPM
            Channel 33 RPM   1 months back

            Very cool to hear you have your original gear. Just goes to show the quality gear being churned out in the 70s.
            Thank you for the comment.

        • Drum Flip
          Drum Flip  2 months back

          Great video.

          • semperfi 1918
            semperfi 1918  2 months back

            Well I got a free 70's central counsel Turntable with radio and 8track. Works perfectly..... big bulky heavy but then again it's that object I just love.... but i do have my eyestrain out for the lp120 at one of my record shops not cheap but that's down the road. Got around 500 33's not to include my 78's and several 45's and it just keeps growing. Keep up the good work and excellent points

            • Paul Davies
              Paul Davies  2 months back

              Go vintage the new stuff isn't serviceable

              • EF ANDMK
                EF ANDMK  4 weeks back

                Fortunately, the new stuff rarely requires servicing. And, btw, the higher end stuff isn't disposable. It can be serviced. I'm assuming you're talking about Crosley and the others who make kiddie record players.

            • Roger King
              Roger King  2 months back

              I recommend that you buy vintage equipment brand new like I did. Granted, I bought it new in the 1970s and I had to wait a while for it to become vintage, but it's still going strong.

              • Canis Lupus
                Canis Lupus  2 months back

                New gear is nice. New gear has the virtue of working out of the box else you can get satisfactory resolution. However if you want to go full on retro now or in future new gear becomes far more of a handicap than a asset. I wanted to have two Pioneer 707 reel to reel tape recorders because, I love the sound and watching them work is a BIG fascination for me. I'm autistic. New gear often lacks the tape 1 \ tape 2 dubbing circuits that were common in most quality vintage gear. New video gear seldom has the adapter circuit that lets you add other vintage devices to your system. Finally if you are interested in the part of 1970's history known among techno-geeks as the "War Of The Watts" (Per Channel) in quality receivers you will want to choose a 1970's era vintage receiver. Just be sure to do your research on 1970's analog receivers since quality options can be but are not always expensive

                A high powered 1970's era receiver of 200 to 300 watts will cost you north of $5,000 to $9,000 or more if professionally re-capped, upgraded with new transistors, diodes, LED lighting to replace incandescent bulbs, switches seen to and more. If you buy vintage gear avoid late 1970's \ 1980's vintage gear that sports digital quartz lock tuners and other pretty electronic stuff. IF you want to buy vintage gear stick to receivers with analog tuners because, the florescent tube displays can and will eventually burn out and they are OLD and NOT being made anymore. Buy only vintage receivers with analog dials because, they are controlled by cords, tuning wheels, gears and pulies that can easily be replaced if they fail. When vintage digital equipment fails unless you are very rich and lucky you will have a brick on your hands.

                Buy vintage gear if the subject of audio \ video history is as fascinating to you as the sound your systems create. If you want to surround your receiver with vintage gear like reel to reel recorders, graphic equalizers with built in expander circuits, cassette tape decks and magnetic cartridge phonographs, DAT recorders, 8 track tape player recorders and so on it is best to buy vintage gear designed for those purposes. When buying vintage audio gear be prepared to take whatever you buy to a repair shop even if it works fine. With vintage gear hazard reduction is a valid strategy. Electrolytic capacitors, certain electrical circuit boards, certain resistors and diodes degrade over time altering their effectiveness and expected rated values. Vintage equipment should be checked to insure bad, failed and failing electronics can be replaced. It is also best to get polarized plugs installed on all vintage gear as the wrong polarity in old equipment can send high voltages through the metal frames of old gear. Hey electrical standards were not as strict back then. No body needs the dose of electrons you have a 50% chance of getting from vintage gear that lacks a polarized plug.

                Vintage gear is fun if you are also an electronics history buff. Finally the other aspect of cost not covered in this video is operational costs. I'm better off so I can afford the huge electric bill that comes with running a gigantic monster 285 watt per channel receiver. New gear is far more energy efficient but some say the sound suffers for the lack of the HUGE HEAVY TRANSFORMERS and ample capacitors. The next thing, new gear is lighter by far than most old gear. Old gear has lots of iron core transformers wound with mountains of copper wire. Thick wood and metal frames, with more, heavier components like tubes in rare cases that give you back breaking weight in some vintage receivers. Finally if you want HDMI, USB \MP3 support it is new gear you want period.

                This video was great but, I don't think he included these things my old ugly autistic werewolf self would had included. There is no right or wrong answer. New gear or old depends on what you want from a system. Hope I've helped.

                • Marty Jewell
                  Marty Jewell  1 months back

                  Man, you said it all. I've been into audio since mid 1970's and your comment (if kinda long) is spot on. As my dear departed dad used to say... you can't beat it with a stick!

              • Neil Forbes
                Neil Forbes  3 months back

                DEFINITELY VINTAGE GEAR! Stereo equipment was made to a HIGH standard in the 1970s and early 1980s. Today's stuff costs too much but does not have anywhere near the quality of the older "pre-loved" gear. Plus you can save quite a lot of $$$$$, be it Canadian, American, NZ or Aussie money.

                • Youtube Viewer
                  Youtube Viewer  2 weeks back

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                  Neil Forbes  2 weeks back

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                  Neil Forbes  2 weeks back

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                • Youtube Viewer
                  Youtube Viewer  2 weeks back

                  Neil Forbes took me an hour to set up the theatre amp and an hour and a half to fine tune it

                • Youtube Viewer
                  Youtube Viewer  2 weeks back

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              • Roger Pham
                Roger Pham  3 months back

                For me both modern and vintage audio gear are all great. There con and pro for both side.

                • Evil Strawberry Studios
                  Evil Strawberry Studios  3 months back

                  If you can find a Vintage Turntable that sounds great, and find it cheap. you can have worlds of fun with your lps

                  • HF-7 DXM-6 DXW-12
                    HF-7 DXM-6 DXW-12  3 months back

                    I was gonna get a newer Onkyo with HDMI but I settled for a gently used Yamaha RX-v3000 instead. Im very happy with my choice. It's got the old-school analog guts and Glory topped off with a little bit of digital processing and enough inputs n outputs to connect with the future.

                    • Istvan Bartha
                      Istvan Bartha  4 months back

                      Good question. I built my own speakers in the 80ies...and used a Harman Kardon 635...It was awesome at that time. Later on I gave the stereo away and went for surround systems for 15 years.
                      Last year I found a pair or B&W from 1991 for 60 bucks. I connected them to my Yamaha surround receiver...And oh lord...They sounded fantastic. My guess is that modern 6.5 inch speakers have replaced the old 8/10 inch speakers only because they are smaller. You can transport a % more new speakers for the same price as fewer old speakers. BUT...old speakers are better. They made 20-20 kHz stereo gear in the 60ies !!!

                      • 1978ajax
                        1978ajax  4 months back

                        True that vintage gear can be easy to fix when not working properly, _but it can also be a right royal pain to fix._ One of most common problems, and one not necessarily simple to fix, is worn out capacitors. Depending on the design of the interior space, and the ease with which you can physically access the circuitry, this can be a straightforward job or an absolute bloody nightmare. The expression 'recapped' in an ad indicates that this one is already dealt with.

                        • Jeff polara
                          Jeff polara  4 months back

                          Went to Best Buy to look for some floor speakers...all they carry is car audio or Doushbag Bluetooth Shit...I'll never go back

                          • EF ANDMK
                            EF ANDMK  4 weeks back

                            You really have to dig around to find the quality high end new equipment, and you aren't going to find it at Walmart. However, it is better than the vintage. Speaker technology has come a long way in the last 50 years. "Bluetooth" only means that the speakers are wireless. That's all. If you already have vintage equipment, it can easily and inexpensively be adapted for bluetooth.

                          • Perverted Alchemist
                            Perverted Alchemist  3 months back

                            The Best Buy in my city has floor speakers. As well as several others I have been to in neighboring cities and states. One thing is for certain: When it comes to floor speakers, Best Buy sure loves Sony, Klipsch and Polk, LOL.

                        • nanimitendayo
                          nanimitendayo  4 months back

                          Just bought a pair of some old Polk audio monitor 7's at Goodwill for $10. They sing beautifully with my marantz 2238b.

                          • Axl Rose
                            Axl Rose  3 months back

                            Polk makes a speaker worth 10 bucks?

                        • knivesandfire1
                          knivesandfire1  4 months back

                          I recently bought a NAD 3020 integrated amp (the highly regarded original one from 1979-83) from a seller on Craigslist for $60 USD whereas good condition examples on eBay tend to cost north of $250 USD. I paired it with used (made 5+ years ago) Cerwin Vega bookshelf speakers I got from Value Village for $12 and it sounded dynamic and fun.

                          • James Bay
                            James Bay  4 months back

                            Are you asian?

                            • Channel 33 RPM
                              Channel 33 RPM   4 months back

                              I do get asked that quite a bit. Not Asian, some native Canadian though. There's nerve damage in an eye which causes me to squint more often than I would like, which prob gives the appearance of Asian ancestry.

                          • Ian Ship
                            Ian Ship  5 months back

                            I have a Mix I have a Project Carbon turntable fitted with a Ortofon blue cartridge a Marantz 6006 CD Quad Fm4 tuner Quad 34 pre amp Quad 306 amp and Mordant short 208 speakers. all the Quad equipment has been serviced and updated by Quad .I love the sound of the system

                            • Cj Kinder
                              Cj Kinder  5 months back


                              • hippydippy
                                hippydippy  6 months back

                                Realistic? Too Funny! I've bought, sold & traded high-end vintage gear for years. That thing is absolute garbage! I dare anyone to buy a new system that sounds as good as a lot of vintage systems does for 1/2 the price. Not gonna happen. If you know what you're doing & buy from a reputable seller, you can put together a great reliable vintage system for under a grand. Kids.... Ha!

                                • Channel 33 RPM
                                  Channel 33 RPM   6 months back

                                  Hi hipdip! Sounds like you had a great gig. High-end vintage is cool, but certainly not for everyone. I have not seen this video for some time, so I'm not sure which piece of my gear you are referring to as garbage, lol. I'd probably disagree, but to each their own.

                              • Liam Reuter
                                Liam Reuter  6 months back

                                I bought an amazing pair of vintage Marantz sp-1200 loudspeakers, for $20, all I had to do was wipe them down and I spent $15 and put new foam surrounds on them, and they sound FANTASTIC, they have a great rock ‘n roll sound

                                • Stephen Dare
                                  Stephen Dare  6 months back

                                  vintage gear is built a lot better than modern stuff and it looks soooo much cooler

                                  • Paul Davies
                                    Paul Davies  2 months back

                                    Agreed my 1974 pioneer system is stunning

                                • Harry Slachmuylders
                                  Harry Slachmuylders  6 months back

                                  Hey I have a question and would really appreciate if you could help me out. I recently got my mom's vintage turntable from when she was young. It's a Philips D5420 and has two (old) external speakers. However, they sound rather awful and I was wondering if I could use new speakers for this turntable. According to the website it has an integrated stereo amplifier. It has another "switchable" signal input (5 pin DIN) located on the side of the device and a Loudspeaker connection (right-left channel) on the rear. The loudspeaker connection is a 2 Pin DIN connection. What should I take into account when buying new speakers? Do I need an external amplifier? How do I connect these boxes to the turntable (since I have never seen speakers with a 2 Pin DIN connection)?

                                  • Channel 33 RPM
                                    Channel 33 RPM   6 months back

                                    Yes, you can... well I'm pretty sure you can. Find a pair of inexpensive speakers and give it a shot!

                                • Jesper Karlsson
                                  Jesper Karlsson  6 months back

                                  Vintage, you save planet by doing it

                                  • Bill Willard
                                    Bill Willard  6 months back

                                    I have a mix of old and new as well. The vintage gear I’ve found I’ve been pretty lucky with, but sometimes parts are not available anymore so you can be stuck if it fails. I have a vintage McIntosh amp that blew one side (Power Guard, where were you when I needed you?) and I’m having a really hard time finding transistors that aren’t made now. Can’t get them from McIntosh either.

                                    • Rich Hopkins
                                      Rich Hopkins  7 months back

                                      Have you heard Rega gear from here in the UK? Their turntables are brilliant

                                      • Paul Davies
                                        Paul Davies  2 months back

                                        I don't like them I run 1974 pioneer system just superb new stuff like rega you have to remove platter to change speed ridiculous.

                                      • Channel 33 RPM
                                        Channel 33 RPM   7 months back

                                        I have. My friend has one and loves it. Unfortunately, I don't tend to see then often here. For some reason, it seems Project has better distribution in Canada.

                                    • Barefoot Everywhere World Awakening

                                      I find this a personal preference. Cost can be a issue, also longevity. If you buy a 70s amp and it is still working that shows it's long life. On the other hand if you want any lifespan for new equipment you are going to have to deep into your bank account. I bought a Sony reciever in the late 90s for almost $600 and trashed it about 5 years in. One big problem with a lot of the new tube amplifier is that there is no output on most for a cassette deck to record and I have 2 decks and over 700 tapes and that keeps growing from thrift store finds. There are tones of music out there that was never digitized, and I will buy them in any format. If you want new tube is the way to go, but remember you get what you pay for. I actually like vintage. You can get a really good system for way under $2000 or even $1000 if you are patient. My Sony TA-1150 amplifier about 8 years ago cost me $3.00 in near mint condition. I use a tube preamp on my turntable and it sounds sweet on my Advent New Large Loudspeakers also from Goodwill for $12.00, the 10" woofers foam was blown, but for $29.00 on Ebay I bought a repair kit that any idiot can use. So there is an amp and speakers for $41.00. This Sony back in 1973 was nicknamed the Mac Killer because it was in a side by side comparison to the best McIntosh amp that came put that year it performed as well if not better.

                                      • George Arnold
                                        George Arnold  7 months back

                                        I got a great deal vintage slq3 turntable direct drive fully automatic with automatic track repeat QUARTZ LOCK PERFECT WORKING ORDER £50 😆

                                        • Toney Isaiah
                                          Toney Isaiah  7 months back

                                          It can be a nightmare
                                          but once you get through
                                          it, it's a piece of 🎂.

                                          • Toney Isaiah
                                            Toney Isaiah  7 months back

                                            Where I purchased it.

                                            • Toney Isaiah
                                              Toney Isaiah  7 months back

                                              I was living in Centralia,Il
                                              at a pawn shop.

                                              • Toney Isaiah
                                                Toney Isaiah  7 months back

                                                I own a Pioneer receiver
                                                which was made around
                                                1997. It sounds excellent.
                                                I paid 60.00.

                                                • Paul Davies
                                                  Paul Davies  2 months back

                                                  My 1974 pioneer system is stunning in both sound and looks.

                                              • Toney Isaiah
                                                Toney Isaiah  7 months back

                                                You are absolutely correct

                                                • Jake Mallinder
                                                  Jake Mallinder  8 months back

                                                  I’m a new collector since Christmas. I bought the same marantz amp and CD player as yours for approx £100 each from eBay here in the UK. There is lots of Used Hifi gear in great condition because more and people are getting rid to save space and replace with Sonos systems. I am really pleased with both and the rega p1 turntable. Great channel. Is really informing me as a newcomer to vinyl.

                                                  • Channel 33 RPM
                                                    Channel 33 RPM   8 months back

                                                    Hey Jake! Welcome to the world of vinyl, and thank you for watching my videos. You snagged a great deal on the Marantz gear. Congrats!

                                                • Daniel Marie Rock
                                                  Daniel Marie Rock  8 months back

                                                  vintage audio is much better sound

                                                  • Arielle West
                                                    Arielle West  8 months back

                                                    I like new stuff, but there’s a lot of inexpensive rubbish out there using really cheap components which don’t have the best quality, nor will they last very long. It’s also more difficult to work on modern equipment and much of it is made to be thrown away. ICs simply didn’t exist in this HiFi golden age so they had to use regular components. I would say to buy what fits your needs and style. However, remember that older is becoming more popular and since there’s a finite amount of it the price is rising. The idea back then was for companies to produce the highest quality with the largest amount of features possible. The problem with that is units sold become fewer, and that model has changed. What would I say progress is? Producing a sound nearly identical to that of say a tube, but in a package that’s a small fraction of the size and for a small fraction of the price.

                                                    • Mike Keller
                                                      Mike Keller  8 months back


                                                      • BASS LOVER
                                                        BASS LOVER  9 months back

                                                        New stuff are all chinese i heard a lot of old and new speakers and trust me old stuff sounds a lot better

                                                        • Baerchenization
                                                          Baerchenization  9 months back

                                                          Guys, try - it is like Google for audio sales. I just found the speakers there I gonna die with :)

                                                          • Barry P
                                                            Barry P  9 months back

                                                            I have a mixture so totally agree

                                                            • Samuel pyke
                                                              Samuel pyke  10 months back

                                                              Old table New pre amp old amp New speakers it the best

                                                              • gasbike100mpg
                                                                gasbike100mpg  10 months back

                                                                vintage infinity IL40 tower speakers ($150) versus new pioneer sp-fs52 or Onkyo skf-4800, any opinions?

                                                                • Paul Davies
                                                                  Paul Davies  2 months back

                                                                  Pioneer, my 1974 pioneer hifi is mind blowing

                                                              • Doug G
                                                                Doug G  10 months back

                                                                Every time I jam my Pioneer SX1250 I think “ yea I love vintage”. How much would it cost to produce this beast today? It’s bad to the bone. I do have Parasound and Conrad Johnson but my Pioneer is my pride and joy.

                                                                • Doug G
                                                                  Doug G  4 weeks back

                                                                  Perverted Alchemist makes sense, I look at the weighted flywheel with strings not to mention the faceted knobs and front plate with window within window meters. It’s crazy the detailed pieces that went into building it.

                                                                • Perverted Alchemist
                                                                  Perverted Alchemist  3 months back

                                                                  A rough estimate would be about the same price as a McIntosh amp...and I am being serious. Look at all the material they used to build it, which has since gone up due to inflation.

                                                              • Heiko R.
                                                                Heiko R.  11 months back

                                                                I think, it depends on budget. I own a technics su v 900 amp (twin mono construction with four big elcos), which is close to high end amps like accuphase. It works perfectly and it was only 600 dollars. I also use a dual cs 731q turntable (made in germany), a denon tu 800 and two technics cd players. I love these old high end components that would cost thousands today.

                                                                • Robert Quinn
                                                                  Robert Quinn  11 months back

                                                                  ok just picked up JBL 80 E's for 75 bucks/pair mint condition, for my upstairs music room at an estate sale. I am never this lucky, nor was I looking for speakers, I went to check out albums. On the other hand I bought a Thorens TD 45 a year ago from Europe and after paying a fair amount of money to fix the arm, I still don't like it and don't use it anymore so, you are right, be careful and have patience, love this episode...

                                                                  • HouseofRecordsTacoma
                                                                    HouseofRecordsTacoma  11 months back

                                                                    Good advice. Some used stereo shops will warranty items for 30 days.