Champion Safe vs Liberty Safe Tractor Pull - The Safe Keeper

  • Published: 23 June 2017
  • A challenge between Champion Safe and Liberty Safe. A dollar-to-dollar comparison on the pull strength of each companies safe doors. At the end, there was a clear Champion.

    The Safe Keeper in Las Vegas

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  • Travis Lipke
    Travis Lipke  1 months back

    Wow, you guys are so dumb!

    • Jose L plascencia
      Jose L plascencia  2 months back

      wait? the bolts were not deployed on the liberty!!

      • reelnative01
        reelnative01  2 months back

        If champion ever want to sell another safe and be known as an honest company they would take this post down, cause this makes you all look like crook liers , only a fool would think this is a fare test

        • potgrow 420
          potgrow 420  2 months back

          Liberty safe co stop with the bs marketing lies. Your safe sucks

          • potgrow 420
            potgrow 420  2 months back

            Liberty safe sucks

            • Robert Salas
              Robert Salas  2 months back

              Just for my kids not to get to my shit . That's what is for . If I'm keeping real valuables I'll keeps in a safe box at a bank

              • Robert Salas
                Robert Salas  2 months back

                Because there will be someone with a tractor inside your house to steal your guns .

                • Dick Burns
                  Dick Burns  2 months back

                  I feel safe knowing burglars will need a fucking tractor to get my safe open.

                  • Ken Berscheit
                    Ken Berscheit  2 months back

                    if someone has a trackhoe or front end loader and needs to get into a liberty , I think the neighbors will notice or someone will wake up during the night????

                    • 1995dresser
                      1995dresser  3 months back

                      That's how my Guns were stolen  two guys came with two Giant front end Loaders  in broad daylight while my neighbors were home and pulled the door off the safe   WTF ???  what is the point of this Video  if you have a Giant front end Loader you can break into a safe

                      • John Gayle
                        John Gayle  4 months back

                        not a fair test

                        • Bob Hager
                          Bob Hager  4 months back

                          The pulling side receives more force due to the friction caused by the weight of the safes.

                          • Vlql Vlql
                            Vlql Vlql  4 months back

                            This is a brown envelope test...

                            • I'm Me
                              I'm Me  5 months back

                              OMG #1, after watching video over several times, it is clear that the excavator is pulling the Champion safe. If one watches the location of the safes on the pavement, it is plain that they move toward the excavator as the Liberty door fails.
                              OMG #2, there are a bunch of folks that don't understand basic physics or don't understand this test. Booboobear is mostly correct, but the others have a small point. The friction of the safes on the ground does play a factor. If both safes were sitting on rollers or some friction-less surface, then this would be a more nearly equal contest. As is, in order for the safe being pulled to win it would not only have to be stronger than the other safe, it would have to be stronger by an amount sufficient to overcome the friction of both safes on the ground. Since the Champion IS the safe being pulled and overcoming the friction and the strength of the Liberty Safe, it the Champion IS stronger.
                              OMG #3, if one studies the specs presented, it is obvious that the Champion will win each match up. The location and angle of the chains may make some small difference, but if one watches other videos where safe construction is explained, it is clear that the Champion in each case has stronger construction and materials. Whether the prices quoted, versus actual market prices, make that a fair comparison is open for discussion.

                              • Jose Rodriguez
                                Jose Rodriguez  5 months back

                                Why you guys don't pull the champion 👎🏻

                                • Douglas Williams
                                  Douglas Williams  5 months back

                                  Disregarding the static VS dynamic argument, nobody and I mean nobody, would try to break into any, except for the very cheapest gun safes, by trying to pry the door off. What they will do is get an angle grinder and cut into the side of the safe. So, what really matters the most, except for the very cheapest el-cheapo safes that you can actually pry the door off with a crowbar, is the thickness of the metal of the body of the safe. All these kind of safes buy you is time. Given enough time, a burgler with an angle grinder will get into the safe.

                                  • Don't Tread On Me
                                    Don't Tread On Me  6 months back

                                    Why was the Liberty Safe door panel always removed seems like it was tampered with before the test but they never showed the doors or the door panel on the other safe seems like a CNN trick to me

                                    • Mark C
                                      Mark C  6 months back

                                      Who is going to have a giant loader and excavator to rip open my safe? The machines used cost WAY more than the safe and probably what anyone watching this is going to store inside of it.

                                      • Gene Harmon
                                        Gene Harmon  6 months back

                                        This fake news commercial brought to you by Champion Safes. I guess its a good thing my basement living room is too small to get a dozer into.

                                        • Gamer LP
                                          Gamer LP  6 months back

                                          Kuchenblechmafia. cake sheet mafia

                                          • flematejr
                                            flematejr  6 months back

                                            Lets blow them both up and see what happens

                                            • LICKHER&STICKHER INTHEPINK

                                              THE LIE MAKERS !
                                              IS THE NAME OF YOUR LOUSY ASSHOLE CHANNEL...
                                              WHAT A BUNCH OF PUNK BITCHES !

                                              • Big Injun
                                                Big Injun  7 months back

                                                Can we test champion vs fort knox

                                                • John Lacher
                                                  John Lacher  7 months back

                                                  The Paradise CA fire of 11/8/2018 left various brands of safes burned up and contents destroyed. Champion and Liberty were two of several that burned up.

                                                  • XsTaT1c
                                                    XsTaT1c  4 months back

                                                    Actually there was a few Liberty safes that had their contents in perfect condition after the fire

                                                • Rick Daystar
                                                  Rick Daystar  7 months back

                                                  How do you get a front loader into the bedroom closet where you might find the safe? Then you ask the homeowner to open it so you can drill and bolt in pull rings...then you close it THEN you hook the chains to it and pull it open.
                                                  A more informative video would be showing the difficulty prying it open or the time it takes to use a angle grinder to cut the side open..

                                                  • Spartan0536
                                                    Spartan0536  7 months back

                                                    I agree that Champion makes decent safes for the money, but this is a pretty poorly done test and very one sided. That being said I am in the market for either a Fort Knox or a VaultPro safe.

                                                    • Russell Harrison
                                                      Russell Harrison  7 months back

                                                      Worst test ever. All the stress was on the left side of the liberty safe. Proves nothing.

                                                      • machaf
                                                        machaf  7 months back

                                                        I really don't see the point of this massively flawed video. How about a real world scenario? That excavator could open both of those safes in 10 seconds.

                                                        • Tom V-dog
                                                          Tom V-dog  8 months back

                                                          Nothing but music... NOT WATCHING THE VIDEO... NOT WORTH MY TIME WITH NO COMMENTARY

                                                          • chadj79
                                                            chadj79  8 months back

                                                            What a scam. I wouldn’t touch the Champion safe, just for the fact that they need to do a test like this to try and fool people. Put the Champion on the pulling side and it would lose every time as well. 😂

                                                            • Tango two 4
                                                              Tango two 4  8 months back

                                                              So I am going to break into a safe screw it to the wall, drill holes , put 10k lb anchor eyelets in it , shut the door lock and then fire up the excavator and pull the fucker apart ? WTF. MOST STUPID TEST IVE SEEN.

                                                              • bjtaudio
                                                                bjtaudio  8 months back

                                                                Look like the failure mode is the lock bolt body bending sideways as its just plastic boots in side a thin folded frame, useless!. The locking body should be solid so that the only why is to pull so hard the the bolt sheer in half!, the chain would break well before this.

                                                                • Rocky West
                                                                  Rocky West  9 months back

                                                                  Obviously this is nothing but a rigged test.

                                                                  • M Hamma
                                                                    M Hamma  9 months back

                                                                    I giggle at the static vs dynamic crowd. 3rd law of motion is? These were not moving bodies, they were static. They door was actually more likely to come off of the dynamic side. Dynamic loading is more severe, especially when it's pulling the combined weight of the safes with it. The dynamic load vs static is truly negligible with the dynamic side facing HIGHER loads. This was actually biased against champion, and it still won.

                                                                    • KD Customs
                                                                      KD Customs  9 months back

                                                                      I'm sure after seeing this Liberty tried and failed... you think they would post it?

                                                                      • KD Customs
                                                                        KD Customs  9 months back

                                                                        this is old and Liberty has nothing to show???? but they posted them breaking into that weak ass safe?

                                                                    • pbanthonyv
                                                                      pbanthonyv  9 months back

                                                                      Regardless of how this test is rigged or not. A true safe shouldn't break open that easily. Yes I know a tractor can exert tremendous amount of force, but it's being applied very inefficiently compared to something like a crowbar which uses leverage and pries the safe apart in addition to out.

                                                                      A good safe would break the chain.

                                                                      • RA 375
                                                                        RA 375  9 months back

                                                                        Hopefully I'll wake up or the neighbors will call the police when someone with chains and a loader are going through my house.. xD

                                                                        • Gameskool
                                                                          Gameskool  10 months back

                                                                          VERY FAKE NEWS!

                                                                          • When you pull off the heist just right

                                                                            Dishonest review. The safe bodies are effectively anchors, themselves. There's going to be A LOT less pull force on the anchored safe than on the pulled safe, by at least one order of magnitude.

                                                                            • Frankiecoast
                                                                              Frankiecoast  11 months back

                                                                              This test is stupid..

                                                                              • David Coulter
                                                                                David Coulter  11 months back

                                                                                So this was done by a Champion dealer right?

                                                                                • Alton Rowell
                                                                                  Alton Rowell  11 months back

                                                                                  Champion is not the only safe that would pass this tractor pull.
                                                                                  And who's going to drive a tractor into your house? .
                                                                                  As far as safes go . NO SAFE IS SAFE FROM BEING LOADED UP ON A FLATBED TRUCK.
                                                                                  HELL that's crazy. I can see it now. Someone coming to your house with a chain and tractor and a flatbed truck. Yes they pull the safe Tru the walls and destroy your basement and pull the safe on to a truck.
                                                                                  Then they got to use a cutting torch to get into it.
                                                                                  And maby you only got 1000.00 dollors worth of guns in it.
                                                                                  Hell my nabors would call 911, cia,fbi,naacp,and GOD only knows.

                                                                                  • Alton Rowell
                                                                                    Alton Rowell  11 months back

                                                                                    U huck a tractor up to a safe and start pulling on it. And the safe is going with the tractor.
                                                                                    Thows safes were drilled and taped with two 1 inch eyelets.
                                                                                    And bolted from the inside.
                                                                                    That's not a fair testing procedures.

                                                                                    • LR Hall
                                                                                      LR Hall  12 months back

                                                                                      Sham test, shame on you.

                                                                                      • rb89509
                                                                                        rb89509  1 years back

                                                                                        Looks like there are quite a few disappointed Liberty Safe owners here.

                                                                                        • 2JaGz
                                                                                          2JaGz  10 months back

                                                                                          Hahaha. I'll just say this. I'm in the safe business, I sale multiple brands including the 2 tested here. I'll take a Liberty safe over a champion safe everytime. Yes even the cheap liberty's over the expensive champions.

                                                                                      • Byron Langley
                                                                                        Byron Langley  1 years back

                                                                                        Your only pulling on one safe door, you just anchor your safes door. That’s not a fair test, anchor both safes and pull on the doors until their break then measure the force it took for each safe. That will determine which safe is tougher. I don’t even own any of these safes I own a Cannon lol

                                                                                        • D10 DozerMan
                                                                                          D10 DozerMan  1 months back

                                                                                          My exact thoughts. They only pulled on the door of the Liberty and not on the champion😂

                                                                                      • TheOutdoorsman
                                                                                        TheOutdoorsman  1 years back

                                                                                        They used Liberties lower line for the test, probably one of the foreign non USA made models . Also notice the steel thickness want comparable for the test either.You get what you pay for with any of them. Keeps kids from messing with them and that is a plus no matter what brand you get. Raise responsible kids with morals most of the terrible gun related stuff would stop. Biggest problem is bad parenting and liberal views. Its destroying our country.

                                                                                        • Supreme Quart
                                                                                          Supreme Quart  1 years back

                                                                                          That 821f never moved. Liberty was always on that side (anchor), and they pulled with the back hoe/excavator arm.