5.11 Tactical Trainer Belt - Hard-Use Review


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  • Jason Mares
    Jason Mares  1 years back

    Can you wear it so that the excess flap goes to the left?
    I carry on the right side so the Velcro strap would interfere.

    • Thomas Skinner
      Thomas Skinner  3 months back

      Yeah I wear mine with the excess on the left only because I'm left handed and I'm always running carabiniers through the end of it. And when I carry I carry on the right so I feel you when you said it would interfere

    • Sam Ford
      Sam Ford  5 months back

      I'm a 34 and tried on the large and the Velcro came through the buckle,I bought a Medium and it fits fine and holds my 1911 IWB holster.
      I bought mine at Academy sports where I could try on different sizes,glad I didn't order one because I was going to order a large online,I would have had to send it back.

    • Jason Mares
      Jason Mares  1 years back

      @Critical Dreamer Thanks for the feedback Sir. Great video that sealed the deal!

    • Critical Dreamer
      Critical Dreamer   1 years back

      Jason Mares Yes. Just feed it through your belt loops starting on your right side. It might feel awkward until you get used to putting your belt on in the "opposite" directiion you're used to, but it quickly becomes second nature. Great belt.

  • Gabriel Swanson
    Gabriel Swanson  1 years back

    I like my 5.11 operation belt, Some people give me shit "URuRfjUSt TryingOToebBE tWActiAl" ... I just got tired of my damn pants hitting the ground every time I got snagged.

    I run security, Use to be jailer, I like the 5.11 products and the durability. Tacta-tards are gonna be tacta-tards and are going to hurt themselves- and that's fine! It's gonna happen... but I love my belt, I have 2. I keep one in the car with a extra set of pants and a backup shirt. I carry a MiniMaglite, Gun, and Keys. Gets the job done, hasn't let me down yet-- unlike OTHER Security officers who were caught dragging their shit around without a belt!

      KANG MONSAI  1 years back

      Great review. True reviews come only after prolonged use. Thanks

      • Rob
        Rob  2 years back

        I just love this belt. I carry a G17 in a Alien holster and this setup works very well for me

        • propdoctor21564
          propdoctor21564  2 years back

          Recently bought the Operator and man what an improvement over my old leather belts.... If you buy one too long the thick velcro part will get into the buckle which is not good.

          • Chrisjan Vapes
            Chrisjan Vapes  2 years back

            What kind of holster is that on the shield?

            • Critical Dreamer
              Critical Dreamer   2 years back

              Chrisjan Vapes StealthGearUSA appendix holster. I did a video on it as well. Thank you for watching.

          • pyrochiilde
            pyrochiilde  3 years back

            I had a belt that was similar in style but cheaper, and the hooks made the inside of the belt loops fray. Any problems with the hooks on this one damaging the belt loops?

            • pyrochiilde
              pyrochiilde  3 years back

              Thank you for the review and quick reply. I especially appreciate that you reviewed it after so much use versus all these other reviews of when it's brand new.

            • Critical Dreamer
              Critical Dreamer   3 years back

              pyrochiilde Not at all. I've been wearing the belt in the video for years and there is no damage whatsoever. I wear 5.11 pants 7 days a week with that belt. Very happy with the quality 5.11 puts out. Thanks for watching!