GunVault SpeedVault SV500 Review


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  • John Nguyen
    John Nguyen  7 days back

    Thanks. That tamper mode check is amazing

    • Greyson Greyhater
      Greyson Greyhater  2 months back

      It's good that you didn't get the finger print reader, because it could defeat it with a chewing gum foil wrapper. Check Handgun Safe Research. I'd also be a bit leery of the tubular lock, but I'm leery on almost all handgun safes that have a backup key lock. Anyway, thanks for sharing. I thought this was a very nice review, and I hope it serves you well.

      • Anderson C
        Anderson C  3 months back

        Installing it under your computer looks like a desktop case. :) No one would guess it's a gun safe. Or a safe period. I would have installed it further in so that the front of the safe is flush with the in case of a robbery the thief should walk past it. Instead of attracting attention.

        You could also get the "hidden gun furniture". Forget the brand name. They have mirrors that have a hidden space behind it...for quick access. Also a clock. And some other kinds of furniture.

        • Tammy Wiedmer
          Tammy Wiedmer  6 months back

          That's amazing its the same combination as my Luggage !

          • Pete Conrad Jr.
            Pete Conrad Jr.  6 months back

            There are only 24 possible combinations. If you just try them all, you should get the safe to open before it locks you out for bad attempts.

            • Matt Allen
              Matt Allen  5 months back

              @Kanye East There are literally thousands of combinations and it locks after repeated failed attempts. The probability is that a lucky guess is highly highly unlikely to occur.

            • Kanye East
              Kanye East  5 months back

              Call me crazy, but I don’t like those odds. Too afraid a curious child would get lucky and access it

            • Matt Allen
              Matt Allen  5 months back

              That's with no repeating digits..... There are 256 combinations with 1-4 and allowed repeating digits (i.e. 1111, 1112, etc.). Also, combining key presses (which this safe allows) exponentially increases possible combinations above that.

          • Brandon Laliberte
            Brandon Laliberte  7 months back

            Can you mount this to a flat wall directly on the opposite side of where the gun deploys?

            • Seth Bender
              Seth Bender  7 months back

              fors anyone know if this will fit a pistol with a light mounted on the rail. the cusion looked like it would not

              • caged lion
                caged lion  7 months back

                Bad ass pull and shoot my kind of safe look but dont touch push a few buttons its go time

                • Lea Ann Savage
                  Lea Ann Savage  8 months back

                  These lock boxes are designed for planned obsolescence. Figure out how long the warranty is, and ask yourself if you are ok with the price of the unit knowing that it is only guaranteed to work during the warranty period. The motorized unit is embedded, and cannot be repaired or replaced. A quick Google search for “GunVault Reviews” reveals that they fail, and quite frequently. I wish that I had searched for reviews before spending a lot of money on mine. When the motorized unit that opens the vault fails (and it will) you can only open the vault with a key. Customer service will not offer you ANYTHING other than an apology, and instructions to use the Vault with a key from now on.

                  • iCore ZX14R
                    iCore ZX14R  9 months back

                    Nice review Steve. Question, could you mount it a little farther in (semi-hidden) and still manipulate the keys? Thanks for any feedback.

                    • Titan Pistol Vault
                      Titan Pistol Vault  9 months back

                      Check out the Amazon reviews for this product! it will surprise you.

                      • Michael Y
                        Michael Y  9 months back

                        I dont like that its only a 4 digit set up. If my old math teachers did a good job, i think there's only 24 possible combinations, some oen could easily sit there and run through combinations until they get it right.

                        • Matt Allen
                          Matt Allen  5 months back

                          That's with no repeating digits..... There are 256 combinations with 1-4 and allowed repeating digits (i.e. 1111, 1112, etc.). Also, combining key presses (which this safe allows) exponentially increases possible combinations above that.

                      • Jay Bojorquez
                        Jay Bojorquez  10 months back

                        I don't like that bounce

                        • Critical Thinker with Common Sense

                          This shit is getting ridiculous!! Just put the gun on your desk or in a draw........stop being so fucking paranoid!!!! Some of yall got guns all over your house and for what??

                          • MonstaFreak13
                            MonstaFreak13  10 months back

                            the silent mode and multi-button combination sold me, im picking one up asap.

                            • The Bardock
                              The Bardock  12 months back

                              I've heard these are kinda jankey easy to break into? Also you should paint yours make it blend in with your desk saw somebody paint there's the color of a wall looks great

                              • Mr1bigsexy
                                Mr1bigsexy  1 years back

                                So you can just slide the safe off of the bracket and take the safe away??

                                • Steve Jenkins
                                  Steve Jenkins   1 years back

                                  The screw-down bolts that secure the safe to the bracket attach from the inside. So the safe has to be open in order to be mounted to (or unmounted from) the wall.

                              • Justin Villalobos
                                Justin Villalobos  1 years back

                                People don't really use 1234 lol that's dumb

                                • hillmanant
                                  hillmanant  1 years back

                                  I love this safe. I bought the biometric version next to my bed, nearly silent button on that one btw for those disliking the button noise. My Springfield XD fits nice with 16+1 in the chamber and 2 extra clips.

                                  • Fettie Team
                                    Fettie Team  1 years back

                                    Takes to long .. keep mines on my lap , table , floor, drawer, somebody bust in unexpectedly no time to hit password.. stressful situation you might put in the wrong password or never get the password in time

                                    • Kanye East
                                      Kanye East  5 months back

                                      Fettie Team how many times has that ever happened? Lol willing to bet you don’t know anyone that’s happened to as well

                                  • Joshua Guss
                                    Joshua Guss  1 years back

                                    "1 2 3 4" Is a very easy combination. You better change that!

                                    • Daniel Campos
                                      Daniel Campos  1 years back

                                      Steve Jenkins very nice sarcastic reply. You stole the words almost directly out of my mouth.

                                    • Joshua Guss
                                      Joshua Guss  1 years back


                                    • Steve Jenkins
                                      Steve Jenkins   1 years back

                                      Why didn't I think of that? ;) To make the video, I kept the default 1234 for demonstration purposes... rather than have anyone who sees this know my actual code. My REAL code is 4321. ;)

                                  • ImuaHayn 808
                                    ImuaHayn 808  2 years back

                                    geat video, just ordered 2 from Costco today $70 each

                                    • shinerlightman
                                      shinerlightman  2 years back

                                      Do you remember the length of the 4 wood screws provided to install the bracket? Doing a little preplanning for a place to install. I called Gun Vault and they could not answer.

                                      • Joe Boyne
                                        Joe Boyne  2 years back

                                        Good review Steve! Just picked one up via Costco email sale for $69.99 if anyone else is looking.

                                        • Christian Sanchez
                                          Christian Sanchez  2 years back

                                          I feel that this can be made thinner. Although looks like a good product.

                                          • SLiMER H4L
                                            SLiMER H4L  2 years back

                                            How strong is it from trying to open it Incase of burglary

                                            • Adam Oldaker
                                              Adam Oldaker  2 years back

                                              Is your password seriously 1234?

                                              • Steve Jenkins
                                                Steve Jenkins   2 years back

                                                LOL, no. That's the default password I decided to keep in place for purposes of the video. My REAL password is 4321. ;)

                                            • Kevin
                                              Kevin  2 years back

                                              Steve, I have this one and I love it. Easy to set up. Well it would have been easy but I always over build things. I built a 10GA mounting plate that you cannot get between the safe and the wall to pry it away from the wall. Oh you can get these at Costco, they had it on sale for $99.00 a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for the very good video.

                                              • Carlos G
                                                Carlos G  2 years back

                                                I'd like too see how fast he could get into one in the dark

                                                • grizz474
                                                  grizz474  2 years back

                                                  I have the same thing. It's good for keeping little hands away from something they shouldn't be touching. Keep in mind that anyone with the desire and a medium sized screwdriver can break into it though.

                                                  • Mike Van Schendel
                                                    Mike Van Schendel  2 years back

                                                    its america. land with a serious gun problem addiction.

                                                  • Max
                                                    Max  2 years back

                                                    I have this safe. Its great. Not the purpose of my comment. Major thumbs up for using "snake oil" as a reference to all forms of hocus pocus. I use this term almost daily regarding homeopathy, spiritual healing, aura reading, reiki, astrology, etc... more people need to wake up and smell the snake oil.

                                                    • Richbirdhunter 2016
                                                      Richbirdhunter 2016  2 years back

                                                      The thing I don't like is how loud the buttons are, we generally need our gun after an ambush and the beeping just telegraphs our location. My Hornady does the same thing.

                                                      • Beatyofeet32
                                                        Beatyofeet32  2 years back

                                                        You didn't see how he said you can mute that?

                                                    • MythSlasher
                                                      MythSlasher  2 years back

                                                      fantastic review

                                                      and i completely with you on "No' to the fingerprint scan...that might be good for getting into your computer, but for a high stress life or death situation, i want those nice big buttons AND the loud beeps...I want to KNOW that i fully depressed that button

                                                      sold me

                                                      • C.C. 95
                                                        C.C. 95  2 years back

                                                        Thanks. I saw another youtuber video that had an issue, and it turned out to be that Lithium batteries do not work well with this unit. (May or may not have caused a failure. The manufacturer told him to NOT use lithium batteries).Just FYI.

                                                        • Catholic51
                                                          Catholic51  2 years back

                                                          really good review thanks for going through everything...

                                                          • ItsInTheDetails
                                                            ItsInTheDetails  2 years back

                                                            I like the silent mode thanks! Im getting this!

                                                            • dethknot117
                                                              dethknot117  2 years back

                                                              This thing is so cool, cant wait to get one.

                                                              • Kyle Aramburo
                                                                Kyle Aramburo  2 years back

                                                                Great review thanks!

                                                                • Michael Hamilton
                                                                  Michael Hamilton  2 years back

                                                                  I love this idea in every way except for one thing. I wish that there were an option for the mechanism to work fully mechanically. Something about it being battery operated and electronic just bothers me a little bit. I know that it will warn you if the battery is low and there is even a key if all else fails, but I just think for sheer reliability and ease of use, it would be very useful for it to be fully mechanical. To get an idea of the type of mechanism that I'm talking about, look up the Fort Knox PB1 Original Pistol Safe. If they could somehow implement that into this product I think that it would be 100% solid for what it is.

                                                                  • romansten9
                                                                    romansten9  1 years back

                                                                    Zilch71 I'm sure you could pad the parts that are noisy

                                                                  • Zilch71
                                                                    Zilch71  2 years back

                                                                    Michael Hamilton it’s also loud when it falls open

                                                                  • Ron Smith
                                                                    Ron Smith  2 years back

                                                                    I was thinking the same thing. I have the fort knox auto pistol safe. They're awesome. Tough, reliable and never worry about batteries.

                                                                • Michael Hamilton
                                                                  Michael Hamilton  2 years back

                                                                  Oh my god. I'm so glad that you mentioned Amazon! I was stupid for not thinking of that in the first place. But just as a tip for anyone out there- I went straight to the actual website to find the product when I first heard about it and they have it priced at like $230 dollars. Little did I know that you can find one on eBay for as low as $77!!!

                                                                  • Awww you u tube mad ain't ya

                                                                    Did the screws not mess up the drawers opening or closing??

                                                                    • Sicilan Mike
                                                                      Sicilan Mike  3 years back

                                                                      HOW DO YOU LIKE IT SO FAR?

                                                                      • Daniel Ben Israel
                                                                        Daniel Ben Israel  3 years back

                                                                        What happens when A thief breaks in the house and takes the whole safe? Lol

                                                                        • Daniel Ben Israel
                                                                          Daniel Ben Israel  3 years back

                                                                          +Jhonny Garcia Makes senses.

                                                                        • Jhonny Garcia
                                                                          Jhonny Garcia  3 years back

                                                                          Daniel Ben Israel it's more a child deterant type thing it 70 on Costco currently

                                                                      • Ron Randquist
                                                                        Ron Randquist  3 years back

                                                                        Question: Would a .357 Revolver with a 6" barrel fit in this safe?

                                                                        • ShowALK
                                                                          ShowALK  3 years back

                                                                          Oh my gosh, you have a Steyr M9A1, I'm so jealous >_<

                                                                          • meximan2600
                                                                            meximan2600  3 years back

                                                                            I have the same password on my luggage!

                                                                            • Steve Jenkins
                                                                              Steve Jenkins   2 years back

                                                                              I see your Schwartz is as big as mine.

                                                                            • Ryan Crisp
                                                                              Ryan Crisp  2 years back

                                                                              meximan2600 Hail Screw!

                                                                            • Brett F Sexton
                                                                              Brett F Sexton  2 years back

                                                                              how did it take 6 months for someone to comment on the Spaceballs reference?!? Brilliant!!

                                                                          • RaginCajun 77346
                                                                            RaginCajun 77346  3 years back

                                                                            The biometric holds over 200 fingerprint options so (a) multiple finger angle, (b) multiple fingers, (c) multiple people

                                                                            • Manny Dorsey
                                                                              Manny Dorsey  1 years back

                                                                              Good luck getting that to work if you have blood on your hands