Best Safe for your Gold & Silver Bullion


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  • teller121
    teller121  3 weeks back

    Did you haul that thing in there and install all by yourself? Look small enough to where that might be possible but I know I wouldn't be able to do it...and I have no family nearby or that I'd trust if they were here. So, the install guy(s) know about you having a container rated to secure substantial amounts of pm? I hope not.

    • teller121
      teller121  3 weeks back

      what about portable plasma cutters that weigh about forty pounds (at most, these days) and could be carried in the house by a guy or two and plugged into a wall socket? I've seen 6 x 6 holes cut in iron plates in about two minutes. Obviously, this would be a worse case scenario where crooks have some inkling that you might have significant stash in house. This isn't a far-fetched possibility due to family talking, home nurses, in home care, fix-it guys, contractors, or guys who actually installed the safe running their mouths or even being crook themselves. I've never seen an answer to this question and I've never seen a safe write-up that addresses plasma cutting as a means of access.

      (Many yrs ago in law enforcement I investigated a guy who owned his own home and business security business. Turned out it was a cover for various illegal actions carried out by he and his crew [who did the installs!] over a number of yrs. He got caught and convicted for something far more serious and his whole crew turned on him in the end. But he caused a lot of misery and mischief and it took a series of unlikely events to combine to finally reveal this guy for who he was - and those break-in victims from long ago, I'm sure, never got a dime back.)

      • alan30189
        alan30189  6 months back

        Your safe won’t work worth a damn, when some psycho has a gun pointed at your head and gives you one minute to open it.

        • teller121
          teller121  3 weeks back

          exactly. 2/3 of mine is in two safe deposit boxes and I'd rather take my chances with Caeser than the psycho. I live by myself and ain't getting any younger, despite storm doors and windows and security alarm and guns. I don't know how many times returning to home alone I have failed to look around me before I open the door to house. #1 method of home invasion: the follow-in technique. It's hard to be on the alert all the time and the crook only needs you to be off - guard once. And if you're armed as you approach your home, you might just get yourself killed drawing down on nut who has the drop on you from the bushes.

      • Demansky&TubaInvestmentCo. Fren

        This is probably the smallest tl-15 made, which makes it better in my opinion, because it will be easier to tuck away and hide.

        • Wilhelm Otto Dusseldorf
          Wilhelm Otto Dusseldorf  8 months back

          The problem with safes is hopefully it doesn't cook and melt everything inside during a house fire. That's all I'm concerned about. And don't let anybody know you actually have a safe. Don't show it off to your friends. Hide it from your wife. People talk about everything; nobody can keep a secret. The UPS man ever sees you opening and fondling your silver? Flash him with an MIB flashy thing. Wipe his memory. Hide the safe in places drug addicts won't think to find as they rummage through your house. Buy a doberman and teach him to sniff out crack cocaine and meth and attack anybody who smells like it.

          • Rational Stacker
            Rational Stacker  8 months back

            Honestly, that would take me less than 2 minutes to get into. The metal is thin concrete is not metal it only improves fire rating, which is useless for storing metal.

            There are videos here on youtube of people cutting safes just like that in half in seconds with a cordless skilsaw. If has no catch on the hinge side, no glass relocker and the actuator to open the safe only introduces security issues.

            You could have got a much better safe for a lot less money.

            • Parker
              Parker  3 weeks back

              teller121 I do not think it is possible in 2 minutes

            • teller121
              teller121  3 weeks back

              @Parker plasma cutter would do the trick...reallll easy-like in about two minutes. Check plasma cutting videos on YOU Tube then go to web sites and note where they can be obtained for reasonable prices at 40lbs or less (and that was ten yrs ago when I checked).

            • Parker
              Parker  7 months back

              Rational Stacker actually you are extremely wrong here first off it’s TL-15 rated so U.L. couldn’t get into this safe after 15 minutes of using power tools, 2. it has bolts on the hinge side, 3. it has a glass relocker, 4. Having the TL-15 rating means that it must have a minimum 1inch of steel on body and door, 5 it has a hard plate. The list just goes on and on I would love to see you get into this safe in 2 minutes, it is impossible. You cannot find another U.L. TL-15 safe for under $900 retail

          • Elizabeth Swims
            Elizabeth Swims  1 years back

            Keep your metals secret... shows his metals to the world on YouTube 😂😂😂

            • teller121
              teller121  3 weeks back

              but does it really make it easier for someone to access HIS metals? Maybe his neighbor or work buddy might stumble across this and be clued in but otherwise...not sure it hurts his odds.

          • S H
            S H  1 years back

            Get a cheap safe and keep nothing inside but a bag of concrete and iron weights ( for fun add a GPS tracker ).Give the thief something to waste their time on, maybe not even bolt it down - let them struggle to haul off a 300lb safe thinking they hit the jackpot.
            Meanwhile, take the kick panel off a bathroom vanity or kitchen cabinet and hide your stash there. Or put an I ground safe under a fridge, washer, dryer. Most burglars are drug addicts who spend less than 5 minutes in your home, they want to grab what they can and get out.

            • teller121
              teller121  3 weeks back

              But if you aren't really skilled on the floor safe you are asking for big trouble with that newly formed whole in your foundation or where after all is said and done there's a two-inch drop between the cover plate and the carpet/mat. There's really no good answer to this problem short of a professionally installed floor-safe. if you can do that, I envy you and would have done it yrs ago. As it is, that isn't my thing in life and so my pms are stuck in two of Uncle Sam's boxes and about a third is just around my house tucked away - foolishly. I get a big $$$ safe if I knew they could resist plasma cutters (portable, of course, these days) but I haven't been able to get a straight answer to this question in the decade in which I've been amassing pms.

            • Zarkon
              Zarkon  2 months back

              S H well shit u just gave burglars what to look for now lol...

            • Jupiter Eye
              Jupiter Eye  2 months back

              This is actually a good advice. I was thinking the same thing.

          • teller12
            teller12  1 years back

            bet you haven't you thought about plasma cutters. I'm not a Votech guy but I've heard those cutters cut through steel like a hot knife thru butter. Hope I'm wrong but can't get anyone in safe business to answer me on this...for years. Not my business, but you showed about 400 oz of silver and unknown cash - 8-10k?

            • Demansky&TubaInvestmentCo. Fren
              Demansky&TubaInvestmentCo. Fren  3 months back

              It's best to get a trtl rated safe if you're worried about plasma cutters. These safes are tool/torch proof for a long enough period to deter a criminal.

          • Parker
            Parker  1 years back

            Where did you find this for 900?

            • JackFails
              JackFails  1 years back

              my doesn't say crap

              • Atul Agarwal
                Atul Agarwal  1 years back

                is the door reinforced with concrete ?

                • T. K.
                  T. K.  2 years back

                  Hi Steady Stacker, any advice on a safe that's both good for rifles and bullion?

                  • AmericanBulldogFit
                    AmericanBulldogFit  1 years back

                    Sturdy safes are made in China. Garbage!!

                  • Nomadic Fenceman
                    Nomadic Fenceman  1 years back

                    T.K. Check out "sturdy safes". They seem to be built pretty well and are reasonably priced

                • ArkhonXIX
                  ArkhonXIX  2 years back

                  Ive been using a 900 pound Winchester 32 gun safe. Mines full of valuable collectables, firearms and my stack....and you would need a fucking crane to steal it. Would have to check if it's tool resistant

                  • I hate stupid people
                    I hate stupid people  2 years back

                    ArkhonXIX I just got my antique safe into my house,2000 lbs,ain’t nobody walking away with it. I used a crane to get it up my driveway to the garage and a pallet jack to get it inside

                • Berke Beenhouwer
                  Berke Beenhouwer  2 years back

                  How about the $5 wrench method ? ( A burglar threatens to crush your wife's skull with a $5 wrench, unless you open your safe) A safe without a time lock is not "safe".

                  • teller121
                    teller121  3 weeks back

                    @BikeMeAustin element of surprise, my friend, element of surprise. Wife's alone and likely not carrying Glock. She's followed in (or you, for that matter) and 200lb 20-yr old without a brain in his head looks like he really will cave your skull in if you don't play "spin the dial." Bye bye metal. I don't think many do-it-themselves-people really think these things through honestly about dealing with fairly well planned surprise attack by, say, two thugs, coming out of the dark when you or she returns home late, etc. Never have time to get Glock out and aimed...maybe in time to have it taken from you (or her). LOTS of precautions by all family members really have to be talked about and executed by everyone to make a good plan (plus alarm, firearm training, dog[?], very high quality safe [$$$$], etc., needed. Safety is a lot of trouble, if one is be really serious about it.

                  • BikeMeAustin
                    BikeMeAustin  8 months back

                    Your $5 wrench vs Glock, you lose....

                • ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ
                  ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ  2 years back

                  Way too small for my monster boxes...

                  • Gollammeister
                    Gollammeister  2 years back

                    may i ask the brand name of the safe please

                    • Parker
                      Parker  2 years back

                      The brand is safe company I think

                    • the KO King
                      the KO King  2 years back

                      I hope your kidding...

                    • BadAss Technologies
                      BadAss Technologies  2 years back

                      Ummmmm. . . it's right on the front of the door.

                  • BeHisLikeness
                    BeHisLikeness  2 years back

                    LOL... and when I need to go to Walmart for some groceries, tell me, how do I chip off a piece of the silver or gold to spend? LOL... You people who keep saying to save silver and gold bullion forget that it is NOT SPENDABLE...

                    • teller121
                      teller121  3 weeks back

                      @tim KC and horses were always the means of transport on land for 7,000 yrs...until they weren't. Times change. You change with them (central banking, digital currencies, etc) or become as obsolete as Doc Holliday's bridle and spurs.

                    • teller121
                      teller121  3 weeks back

                      @Eric McManus when that day comes, it'll be banned. the powers that be HATE pms and the kind of people who hoard them. Gold is a no-win deal. It either will be proven to be a disastrous place to put your hard-earned money or it will be confiscated and outlawed. The pinnacle of lose-lose. There'll be no escaping what's coming.

                    • teller121
                      teller121  3 weeks back

                      exactly...and never will be. It's called rejecting the present and desiring so strongly to live in America that no longer exists that you just choose to live in a fantasy world.

                    • RoTimi -
                      RoTimi -  10 months back

                      Wow!!! Now that is what I am talking about!!!!! You tried to warn you but stupid is what stupid does...I am so glad to have seen this story today. I just started getting into coins. Spent several hours yesterday getting educated and buying my 1st sets of pre-64 coins from my local coin shop. I'm looking forward to enjoying this new hobby! :)

                    • S H
                      S H  1 years back

                      A couple years ago when silver was at approx. $35 -$40 an oz. I was at my bank and a young girl in her early 20's was stacking pre 64 half dollars on the counter to be exchanged for cash. She had $40 worth - 80 coins. I told her to take them to a gold/ silver buyer to get more than face value ( at the time, I had no idea what silver was selling for ) I figured she could get $3 each at least. She wanted cash - so I said the bank is can only give you $40, I'll give you $60 and she accepted. An hour later, I was back at the bank depositing a check for just over $1100

                  • fortnut god oof
                    fortnut god oof  2 years back

                    yeah only $900

                    • EL EL
                      EL EL  2 years back

                      The safe is worth more than what is inside !!!

                    • artisli4e
                      artisli4e  2 years back

                      Jerry Contreras lol😂

                  • Tral Faz
                    Tral Faz  2 years back

                    Tin cans

                    • Ben M
                      Ben M  3 years back

                      I also own guard dogs so don't think u will get in or out

                      • teller121
                        teller121  3 weeks back

                        @alan30189 but most on here are thinking of stopping the run-of-the-mill break-in stooge. Most of those guys aren't toting guns and cyanide, right? Unless they have suppressor)s), then those shots will announce the end of the evening's activities, I'd bet. Just the barking of a dog(s), per many inmates surveyed over the yrs, causes vast majority of prospective burglars to move on. Of course, if you have reason to believe that word might've leaked as to your having substantial amounts of pm on premises (friends, family, contractors, in-home care people, fix-it people, postal delivery people, etc.), that's a whole different level of concern...though even then two dogs, imo, would be a very useful piece of "layering" in your defense network, in combination with firearms, solid doors and windows, alarm system, dependable family members (and gun hands?), TL safe or a floor safe (I have no idea how to install perfectly so it is flush with floor and doesn't ruin home's foundation.

                      • FinnishArmy
                        FinnishArmy  2 months back

                        Costa Apostolou Ha, not if you have a pure bread German Shepard taught to bark at a butterfly landing on the front door. Even guests who come over will be barked at for a solid 10 minutes even if we are telling him to stop. No treats or walks will get him to stop. Oh, and he was taught in Finnish, doesn’t understand English, so good luck.

                      • alan30189
                        alan30189  6 months back

                        Ben M - They can be shot or poisoned.

                      • BikeMeAustin
                        BikeMeAustin  8 months back

                        Ever heard of a handgun? Your dogs are useless...

                      • Costa Apostolou
                        Costa Apostolou  2 years back

                        Ben M dogs have been proven to be horrible for protecting your home/valuables, if you ever taught them the words treat/walk they will stop being suspicious immediately after they say the words, tons of videos on YouTube showing dogs are horrible at protecting valuables.

                    • Astrit Bushi
                      Astrit Bushi  3 years back

                      don't put your hopes in gold, cuper

                      • teller121
                        teller121  3 weeks back

                        @Negrodamus not sure what he's getting at, but it might be theological in nature.

                      • Negrodamus
                        Negrodamus  1 years back

                        Astrit Bushi It’s easier to hide from the government and creditor garnishment rather then secret accounts that may get found and frozen.

                    • yebudds
                      yebudds  3 years back

                      Having a safe just advertises to a would be burglar where you keep your valuables. An old shoe box in the a closet should do the trick.

                      • BikeMeAustin
                        BikeMeAustin  8 months back

                        Wow, it never ceases to amaze me at some of the absolutely idiotic remarks on videos like this, damn people are dumb....

                      • teller12
                        teller12  1 years back

                        fire more likely than burglar.

                      • Negrodamus
                        Negrodamus  1 years back

                        Just keep wads of cash in clothes pockets. No burglar ever went through pockets looking for stacks of cash

                      • NFK2Killer
                        NFK2Killer  2 years back

                        How would it advertise if it was brought into the house one time and never moved, how would a burglar know you have a beefy safe? Like he said in the beginning of his video keep your mouth shut about it and no one will know.

                      • Heinzkitz Velvet
                        Heinzkitz Velvet  2 years back

                        Good luck with that.

                    • Cees Van Alff
                      Cees Van Alff  3 years back

                      This safe is easy to open, in Europe Insurance Companies will refuse the storage of valuables in a
                      TL15 safe.

                      • teller121
                        teller121  3 weeks back

                        short of TL-30, it's the best available...right? damn.

                    • Millionaire Gold Dealer

                      Great video 😎 Your channel rocks! I just posted a kick ass video melting Gold Bars, I'm sure you will love. Pls let me know what you think. Tnx and keep on stacking😀

                      • Khairul Nizam
                        Khairul Nizam  3 years back

                        you should store more gold than silver...i think your safe is more expensive than the metal inside..

                        • Kali A
                          Kali A  1 months back

                          alan30189 that makes no sense. The value is the value. It can’t be under or over it’s just what it is, because demand determines its value-

                        • alan30189
                          alan30189  6 months back

                          Khairul Nizam - Silver is more undervalued.

                        • BikeMeAustin
                          BikeMeAustin  8 months back

                          and you would be wrong.

                        • vitaLickMyButerin
                          vitaLickMyButerin  9 months back

                          OP = idiota

                        • CommonSenseMeasures
                          CommonSenseMeasures  9 months back

                          Silver is a long term strategy. Want him to keep upgrading safes every couple years or buy one that matches the long term strategy?

                      • Michael Lindsey
                        Michael Lindsey  3 years back

                        You have a nut and bolt coming up from the floor of the safe??? Are you sure you installed it correctly. Not a very good safe if you are bumping into a bolt with your metals.

                        • fsmoura
                          fsmoura  2 years back

                          *_*cutting intensifies*_*

                        • Captain Howdy
                          Captain Howdy  3 years back

                          Cut that bolt shorter

                        • WellingtonBikeCam01
                          WellingtonBikeCam01  3 years back

                          Yeah, but you can cut off the excess, and/or put a rubber cap over the top of the threaded rod.

                        • Steady Stacker
                          Steady Stacker   3 years back

                          +Michael Lindsey It's a different type of concrete anchor. Its a deep set anchor that is set about a foot into the concrete and when you tighten the bolt, some will stick into the safe. It is standard on these type of TL rated safes.

                      • Silver Falkon
                        Silver Falkon  4 years back

                        First Response!

                        Very good points all around!