How to unlock your sentry safe when it's low on battery and you have lost the key.

  • Published: 21 September 2014
  • If your safe battery is low, the latch mechanism won't open even if the code is correct and shows a green light. I figured out this neat trick with a magnet that might also work for you. Keep in mind, the magnet is ridiculously powerful and that's why it works.

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  • jason warren
    jason warren  1 months back

    u can open that pile of shit with scissors or nail clippers lol

    • Health Matters AZ
      Health Matters AZ  2 months back

      I have the same safe and it was DEAD...can't find key either. I heated up the lock and keypad area for about 2 min with a hairdryer to try and regain some battery juice. It didn't work on its own, but once I hit the safe and keypad about 4 times with a giant book, the batteries came back to life and i was able to put code in and it opened!! Thank god for these videos and shared ideas!

      • Tae Rice
        Tae Rice  3 months back

        Where you applied the magnet, is that where the solenoid is?

        • Mike Cleveland
          Mike Cleveland  3 months back

          THANK YOU

          • Tony MTA
            Tony MTA  7 months back

            Question, why u didn’t used the key 🔑 ? And is enough space for one hand gun and ammo ?

            • BuckGreywolfe
              BuckGreywolfe  5 months back

              Average Car Guy
              He should buy the replacement key: ONLY $30.00!!!

            • Average Car Guy
              Average Car Guy  7 months back

              Check the last three words in the title. And yes, it's plenty big for a pistol and ammo.

          • Jacob Barbulescu
            Jacob Barbulescu  9 months back

            Perfect, I don’t know the safe combination or have the key for the specific safe I want to open. Finally, I can open it! Next, tell me how to open a front door with no key so I can finally break in and unlock my neighbor’s safe I’ve been trying to get money from.

            • j. s.
              j. s.  9 months back

              Why not just use the key?

            • Rick Malone
              Rick Malone  9 months back

              You have a magnet, why use the pin at all?

              • Tan Rezaei
                Tan Rezaei   9 months back

                The problem is that entering the code does still unlock the lock but not with enough force to clear the catch. The magnet is just helping the pin move out of the way. If you have forgotten your code this method won't work for you.

            • BloodyxProtest
              BloodyxProtest  10 months back

              Thanks man.

              • Lets get to 1mill without vids J

                That's why you don't buy digital safes lmao

                • matias ortiz
                  matias ortiz  2 years back

                  Where do i get the magnet?
                  I cant open my V560 sentry

                  • Rollin Coal
                    Rollin Coal  2 years back

                    My battery door popped off thus the batteries fell out inside the safe and I couldn’t find my lock keys so I set mine on the kitchen counter and lifted the end up (if facing the safe the left end) about 4 inches and let it slam down while Twisting the lock knob at the same time! The knob twisted open on the second try! I guess the solonoid latch must bounce down from the slam? I was just heading to the lock smith and thought I would try one last thing I saw this trick in the comments on some other YouTube page! ! IT WORKED!

                    • sarahjaynedoran
                      sarahjaynedoran  2 months back

                      Rollin Coal THANK YOU!!! This worked for me too.

                  • Connie Zielinski
                    Connie Zielinski  2 years back

                    What type of battery does this use

                    • Gustavo Pineda
                      Gustavo Pineda  2 years back

                      Thank you
                      mine does the same but I thought is was malfunctioning
                      because I didn't get the low batteries signal

                      • SosoPlayz
                        SosoPlayz  2 years back

                        i slammed mine on the ground and it opened

                        • Average Car Guy
                          Average Car Guy  7 months back

                          Mine is bolted into that closet you see in the video. I highly recommend bolting yours down. If they can pick it up, its as good as gone.

                        • ali
                          ali  1 years back

                          SosoPlayz shook

                      • Michelle's Daughter
                        Michelle's Daughter  3 years back

                        I love u. thank u so much for the help. I was freaking out bc I couldn't get in to my box

                        • HifiCentret
                          HifiCentret  3 years back

                          Just pick the lock. The tubular is easy enough if you know how but that wafer lock you can pick with just two paper clicks. Yeah you might want to consider a better safe :D

                          • James Smeaton
                            James Smeaton  3 years back

                            Just tap it with a book or rubber mallet, if the code is correct, the batteries have been changed and still giving three red beeps. Worked for me, holy shit what a panic!

                            • Aryn Martin
                              Aryn Martin  3 years back

                              Is there any way to open it ... all of these factors included [keys locked in safe, batteries dying] but without the magnet? I don't have a power enough magnet to do this and ... I need to get into my safe. Should have changed the batteries a few weeks back ... I knew it lol. :(

                              • Average Car Guy
                                Average Car Guy  7 months back

                                Another commenter noted that you can heat the keyhole with a hair dryer for a few minutes which will make the battery more responsive apparently ... You could try that.

                              • Rick Malone
                                Rick Malone  9 months back

                                One of the most powerful magnets you can get is only $15...
                                Also, just use the bounce method.

                            • Todd Strong
                              Todd Strong  3 years back

                              How strong of a magnet do I need to open this model of safe? My battery died before I could get around to changing it...

                              • Todd Strong
                                Todd Strong  3 years back

                                Hello, the battery started out showing green lights I believe. Then the lights turned yellow and I figure I should change them... but I didn't get around to it. And after six months I went to open the safe and it was 100% dead. I had to order a magnet and I got it open that way.

                              • Ray Brown
                                Ray Brown  3 years back

                                hard to say, but enuff to pick up probably 2 lbs pal...

                              • Todd Strong
                                Todd Strong  3 years back


                              • Average Car Guy
                                Average Car Guy  3 years back

                                +Todd Strong that's awesome! I'm glad my video was helpful to you.

                              • Todd Strong
                                Todd Strong  3 years back

                                I received my magnet this evening, I ordered the "1pc Quality Neodymium 2"x 1"x 1"thick rare earth magnet block" from "magnet4us" on eBay. I have the identical safe as you and the batteries were showing their weakness for about 6 months before the juice finally wore out. It cost me $41.06 Canadian but IT OPENED MY SAFE!!!! Did it exactly as you demonstrated and am so happy!!! It has been locked since Jan.31 (over 5 months ago). Didn't know how to break in until your video so thank you very much for posting it! Sending good karma your way bro! :-D

                            • Mark
                              Mark  3 years back

                              would this magnet trick work if u forgot the combo ?

                              • Rick Malone
                                Rick Malone  9 months back

                                Any rare earth magnet can open basically any type of safe remotely similar to this one, all by itself...

                              • Zheng Lai
                                Zheng Lai  1 years back

                                magnets can do anything, as long as they are strong enough.

                            • Kai Mano
                              Kai Mano  4 years back

                              Here's a really easy solution: If the battery has any life left just run a hairdryer on max heat and slower fan speed aimed at the keyhole/bottom area of the metal surround (so the metal conducts the heat into the mechanism and so to the battery as much as possible). Do this for a couple of minutes or until the metal feels warm and try the combination again. I did. The lights lit up like an airport runway and the bolts opened as if the battery was new. Job done. Now to change the batteries.

                              • theknob1
                                theknob1  2 years back

                                I used this solution but got a little different advice. I was trying it on a large commercial Sentry Safe with fire proof and anti-drill plates. Model TC8-331. Batteries showed no life as no lights lit up on key pad. Lost mechanical emergency key. I knew the code. I carefully heated the door with a hair dryer for 20 minutes solid concentrating on the latch handle and area around key pad and between pad and latch being very careful not to get plastics too warm. Also I removed the key pad and blasted the back a few times just to warm the circuit board as well as through the holes for the key pad wires to pass and the emergency key lock hole. Then generally warmed the entire door. Got it quite warm in late October in the mid South. As instructed from a discussion board expert, I waited ten minutes after heating. Punched in the number once and it opened! Hallelujah! Replaced the batteries with fresh and noted date on door and a internet reminder! Thanks for the help! Saved me a long wait on a key and $50 minimum!

                              • EnjoyCocaColaLight
                                EnjoyCocaColaLight  4 years back

                                +Kai Mano Or just wreck it with a magnet like this guy did and save time.

                              • Kai Mano
                                Kai Mano  4 years back

                                +Stephanie Coulter Thank you and you are most welcome Stephanie. I will now order my Superman costume. :)))

                              • Stephanie Coulter
                                Stephanie Coulter  4 years back

                                your suggestion on using hair dryer to give the batteries a lil life worked great! thank you so much for posting it. saved the day!

                            • WOWCruiser
                              WOWCruiser  4 years back

                              I don't get it??? Why not make a video to teach people how to change battery???

                              • Todd Strong
                                Todd Strong  3 years back

                                Haha that's hilarious! My batteries inside were blinking for about 6 months before it finally gave out on me. I wrongly assumed it had a fail safe, thought it wouldn't lock if the batteries were actually dead... I was dead wrong. It was locked for 5 months, couldn't open or access the battery panel inside. Well I got my magnet today and opened the safe! Tomorrow I'll replace the batteries! :-D

                            • Marc M
                              Marc M  4 years back

                              where do u get magnet

                              • Rick Malone
                                Rick Malone  9 months back

                                Amazon, $10 for one 20x better than that crap.

                              • Todd Strong
                                Todd Strong  3 years back

                                I ordered the "1pc Quality Neodymium 2"x 1"x 1"thick rare earth magnet block" from "magnet4us" on eBay. It came today and opened my safe!

                              • Jesus
                                Jesus  3 years back

                                at the shop

                            • Nanci Lepper
                              Nanci Lepper  4 years back

                              And when you can't find that larger amagnet you're screwed how about you scroll down and the little hairpin works great

                              • bosscs
                                bosscs  3 years back

                                +Nanci Lepper how to do so>?? you mean inside key hole???

                            • Simplicity
                              Simplicity  4 years back

                              where do i buy one of those magnets?

                              • Average Car Guy
                                Average Car Guy  3 years back

                                +Todd Strong that's great to hear!

                              • Todd Strong
                                Todd Strong  3 years back

                                I ordered the "1pc Quality Neodymium 2"x 1"x 1"thick rare earth magnet block" from "magnet4us" on eBay.

                              • 2K2LIVE
                                2K2LIVE  3 years back

                                amazon neodymium rare earth magnet

                            • TheLinedrivehitter
                              TheLinedrivehitter  4 years back

                              or just change the battery

                              • Average Car Guy
                                Average Car Guy  4 years back

                                Well the battery can only be changed from the inside so...