Wertheim CM25RE Grade 3 High Security Safe

  • Published: 18 January 2017
  • Wertheim Safes are quickly becoming the leading Safe Brand in New Zealand incorporating cutting edge design and industry leading ultra performance barrier materials.
    Auckland Safe and Lock Servicing is a family owned and operated business established in 1975, with 85 years of combined experience.
    Auckland Safe and Lock are the country’s leading supplier of High Security Safes and Vault doors. We have extensive knowledge of the European (EN1143-1) and New Zealand standards (AS/NZS3809:1998)
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Comments • 3

    APACHE-LOCKSPORT  3 years back

    I see its only got bolts on one side for a grade 3 safe. In the UK that's 35 grand cash rated. Grade 3. Is that the same in OZ?

    • Peter SSJ
      Peter SSJ  2 years back

      APACHE-LOCKSPORT That's not exactly true. It has a fixed, full height, continuous bolt on the right side of the safe too.

    • Auckland Safe And Lock Servicing Ltd
      Auckland Safe And Lock Servicing Ltd   3 years back

      APACHE-LOCKSPORT The design of the safe using a UHPC barrier only requires it to have one way boltwork, other companies use two three or four way but that's dep meant on the design and construction and how the stand up to the testing.
      We are in New Zealand and these have and Grade 3 safes have a 100k cash rating but our exchange rate is quite different. Also insurance companies here are operating slightly different.