7 pin Safe Tubular Lock picked.

  • Published: 19 August 2013
  • Another little fun project which hopefully will advance my technique in using these tubular picks. Could SPP it I suppose, but why do that when you've gone to the expense of buying the tools.
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  • JD Gullett
    JD Gullett  6 months back

    Good show old boy, bloody American with a cheap gunsafe that others on here wiggle the tubular pick 2 seconds and wa la Open!!! But like you said old boy you have to tinker with it a bit and it does piss you about quite a lot!!!! Also you showing how to set and zero out the pins helped a great deal!!! Cheers!!!!! Wish me luck!!!!

    • holio
      holio  6 months back

      Same here

  • Fred Harvey
    Fred Harvey  6 months back

    I just ordered one of these sets. I have a safe like this and the battery died. Inside is a loaded .357 Magnum. Ouch!

    • Ben7seven7
      Ben7seven7  7 months back

      You’re not using the right technique with the pick. You should not be lifting the pick in and out, you need to be using constant pressure down into the lock and lightly jiggle left and right.

      If you have trouble getting in right away still then you need to adjust the tension of the collar. You should always start with the lightener tension on the collar followed by very slightly tighter tension if needed.

      Once the lock is open immediately pull the pick out and snugly tighten down the collar so it holds the feeler gauges into place. You now will have a the equivalent of a working key. You can use southords included decoder for the purpose of having a new key made.

      • Gordon Talge
        Gordon Talge  8 months back

        Turn it half way so that it's not all the way open. Remove the pick and reset the feelers. Then careful not to turn the lock push the pick in solid so the feelers will set, then tighten the ring.

        You then will have a "key".

        • Ahmed Ali
          Ahmed Ali  1 years back

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          • PHILL DIXON
            PHILL DIXON  1 years back

            Keep practising, you did well opening that my friend. Ive been messing about with locks about 40 years and still ain’t perfect.

            • Eduardo Patricio K
              Eduardo Patricio K  1 years back

              Sos un desastre sorete

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                  • Miza Rahman
                    Miza Rahman  1 years back

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                    • Miza Rahman
                      Miza Rahman  1 years back

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                      • Søren
                        Søren  1 years back

                        Thanks for your video !! Could a 8 pin tubular lock pick open a 7 pin tubular lock ???

                        • shadow run
                          shadow run  1 years back

                          i bought my set of 3 from ebay. and damn, it works! it opened my dsfety lock box, as well. lol damn im happy it worked. ha ha ure funny. thanks for the video. also, my motorcycle has the same type of lock. hmm. so i should test these, and see, so if i for get my keys..and NO, ITS NOT A HARLEY!

                          • khidr yetrib
                            khidr yetrib  2 years back

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                            • Maj. Dude
                              Maj. Dude  2 years back

                              Maybe it was the camera, but it looked to me like you were not holding the lock picker straight enough, a little too much downward angle?

                              • Mickel Nick
                                Mickel Nick  2 years back

                                where can i buy

                                • miroslav bićanić
                                  miroslav bićanić  2 years back

                                  PLEAS WASH YOUR NAILS "BLJAK"

                                  • unklemiso
                                    unklemiso  3 years back

                                    what is this tool you're using?

                                    • Paul G
                                      Paul G  3 years back

                                      Those small digital safes can be opened by hitting the edge of the plastic housing above the bit you turn with any hard object, hit and turn together & it should open. Failing that, picking up the safe then dropping it as you turn the open dial thingy usually opens them, you can bounce the safe on a mattress or sofa turning as it hits, this opens most electronic safes. Some can also have their codes changed by cutting a coke can to make a slim piece of metal which slides in between the door & hinges where there's a reset button which gets pressed in, enabling you to change codes. Helpful if you forget code & loose keys!!!

                                      • PHILL DIXON
                                        PHILL DIXON  1 years back

                                        LDU2U i agree theres no skill in brute force i like proper lock picking its an art.

                                      • רחל
                                        רחל  1 years back

                                        Paul G None of those methods you mentioned worked succesfully on my safe.

                                      • Jose Ramon Ochoa Estrada
                                        Jose Ramon Ochoa Estrada  1 years back

                                        Paul G

                                      • LDU2U
                                        LDU2U   3 years back

                                        Yeah I know Paul, there are plenty of YT videos doing the bumping method, but this video is purely for the Locksport enthusiasts. You access that reset button through the hole at the back of the safe, obviously when the safe is not fixed to the wall of course. This video is more about practicing with a tubular pick among the Locksport hobbyists such as myself. Thank You for watching and input though Paul ;-)

                                    • Handle
                                      Handle  3 years back

                                      Where can I buy

                                      • Mogens Steffensen
                                        Mogens Steffensen  11 months back


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                                      • Ahmed Ali
                                        Ahmed Ali  1 years back

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                                        فايز T zz  1 years back

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                                      • LDU2U
                                        LDU2U   3 years back

                                        But don't expect them to work on every lock, you only see tubular locks being successfully picked on YT?  They are OK I suppose, but you need a lot of practice and patience if you think all locks can be picked with these?  Happy picking :-)

                                    • Slick Six
                                      Slick Six  3 years back

                                      Use a better tubular pick and practice and it will be in some case's quicker than the key its self. Brilliant pick in the right hands of a locksmith.

                                      • Brenden Thieroff
                                        Brenden Thieroff  5 months back

                                        Ben7seven7 actually knows what he's talking about. That safe is very cheap and easy to open. It should be stupidly easy. You don't have the right technique or feel. You're doing it wrong, making excuses, and have people that don't know how to pick backing you up and making excuses for you.

                                        Trust me, I can open these safes without picks with and without batteries, and no damage.

                                      • Brenden Thieroff
                                        Brenden Thieroff  5 months back

                                        Slick Six doesn't know what he's talking about. Southard is a quality pick.

                                      • LDU2U
                                        LDU2U   3 years back

                                        If I can offer my opinion Stephanie, I have this one and a cheap Chinese one, they all function the same. For example, the collar to tension the 7 pick wires don't tension them equally. This may work on normal cheap tubular locks, but they certainly cause problems with high end security tubular locks, with variable spring tensions acting on different pins, and security pins in the lock. "Peterson" tubular pick I believe is the best, but are very expensive.

                                      • stephanie benoit
                                        stephanie benoit  3 years back

                                        +Slick Six what would be a good tubular pick to get?

                                      • LDU2U
                                        LDU2U   3 years back

                                        +Slick Six
                                        Too true. I've only picked a couple tubulars anyway, in fact I haven't done one since that video. Thanks for watching Slick.

                                    • Rock Star
                                      Rock Star  4 years back

                                      Fuck the video, I'm guessing your Australian? if not, either way your accent is awesome :0

                                      • chin wong
                                        chin wong  5 years back

                                        i have the same problem,when trying too relock,with tubular lock picks.

                                        GREAT VID,WAYNE,UK

                                        • Raymond Gill
                                          Raymond Gill  5 years back

                                          Interesting thank you.

                                          • LDU2U
                                            LDU2U   5 years back

                                            Thanks for watching :-)

                                        • MefjuPL
                                          MefjuPL  5 years back

                                          to see if the is 7 pin or 8 pin ? I mean safe

                                          • LDU2U
                                            LDU2U   6 years back

                                            Cheers for watching :-) Doesn't hurt to build up the pick arsenal to tackle whatever comes your way, it's all experience and fun..lol

                                            • Ali Ozturk
                                              Ali Ozturk  11 months back

                                              LDU2U where are you and how much do you charge to unlock a digital safe. Battery is dead and lost the keys. I'm in London.

                                            • فايز T zz
                                              فايز T zz  1 years back


                                          • e4kan
                                            e4kan  6 years back

                                            Nicely done, must get me 1 of those tubular picks :)))

                                            • LDU2U
                                              LDU2U   6 years back

                                              I actually did try that with this one Jim, didn't try very long though, decided that needs a little practice too so thought I'd continue practicing with tubular technique instead :-))))

                                              • Norseman Lockpicker
                                                Norseman Lockpicker  6 years back

                                                Experimenting with this things is what makes it fun.
                                                Try different tension prior to picking, and you'll figure it out.
                                                I normally start with quite heavy tension. And if I'm not successful, I'll lighten up on it. That way when the lock turns, non of the pick pins moves further, and after locking the pins I have a working "key".

                                                Good luck :o)

                                                • LDU2U
                                                  LDU2U   6 years back

                                                  Yeah, I'm still honing up on the techniques required for these. Even though I locked that collar after picking it, I still had trouble relocking it using the pick? Of course it wouldn't relock straight away for the camera, just doesn't relock consistently using the pick for some reason, again it's technique I guess.

                                                  • LDU2U
                                                    LDU2U   6 years back

                                                    Cheers Rich. This one was a little different when relocking it.

                                                    • LDU2U
                                                      LDU2U   6 years back

                                                      Thanks JM ;-)

                                                      • LDU2U
                                                        LDU2U   6 years back

                                                        Cheers mate ;-) Gave me another opportunity to play with a tubular.

                                                        • Norseman Lockpicker
                                                          Norseman Lockpicker  6 years back

                                                          Tubular lock on a safe. Nice one.
                                                          I don't have very much experience with this locks and picks. But I have had similar challenges when using my tubular pick. I uses a little more tension on the pick pins (tight the tension srew a bit more). Solved my issues.

                                                          • waddac2
                                                            waddac2  6 years back

                                                            Nice one Nev mate, well picked buddy :o))))