Agile Model 52 Gun Cabinet from SecureIt

  • Published: 03 July 2018
  • SecureIt Agile Model 52 Gun Cabinet review, even at 105 pounds it's 14 gauge steel rivals that of the steel found on many big box safes that are 4-8 times as heavy.

    You can find the Agile 52 here-

    Same as in video-
    3 pack from same company-

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Comments • 64

  • 13C Gun Reviews
    13C Gun Reviews   12 months back

    Agile 52-

    • vinny thehourshower
      vinny thehourshower  2 months back

      Why would I purchase this over a 24 gun safe from Liberty? (Serious question, not sarcasm)

      • 13C Gun Reviews
        13C Gun Reviews   2 months back

        I'm guessing you are talking about the centurion? I can't speak to your needs so I don't know why you would. Some reasons might be, same ga steel (14ga on both) but 1/3of the weight (no fire rating aka dry wall). One person can carry it into virtually any area to set it up. Roughly Same interior dimensions when setup. More locking bolts (all sides) on the Agile 52.....

    • TheSnappleman75
      TheSnappleman75  5 months back

      Good review - thanks.

      • Bama HI
        Bama HI  6 months back

        "I'm not going to talk about safes vs cabinets, that's for another video.....continues to talk about safes vs cabinets.

        • Dray Emerson
          Dray Emerson  6 months back

          Think it's possible to buy the 40 and flip the door around?

          • Dray Emerson
            Dray Emerson  6 months back

            @13C Gun Reviews Gotcha, thanks for the response man

          • 13C Gun Reviews
            13C Gun Reviews   6 months back

            I don't have a model 40 but on the 52 the door is factory installed into the front frame. I don't think it'd be possible to reverse it.

        • Castleknight
          Castleknight  6 months back

          Do you use some sort of dehumidifier thing in your cabinet?

          • 13C Gun Reviews
            13C Gun Reviews   6 months back

            Not in this one. It's ventilated on the back and I'm in and out of it every day. On my behemoth, absolutely, I use a golden rod and one of these Evadry's as well-

        • Brendan Fazekas
          Brendan Fazekas  6 months back

          I have a dog a wife and a mother in law if you get past those three take whatever you want you earned it

          • Samurai OG Butch
            Samurai OG Butch  7 months back

            Nice Sideshow Yoda!

          • adamrallard
            adamrallard  8 months back

            I noticed the louvres in yours go pretty much all the way to the top. The photo in secureit’s website doesn’t show the louvres going all the way up.

            Did you somehow add additional louvres or is this the standard configuration all the way to the top? Thank you

          • Matthew W
            Matthew W  8 months back

            Rule one in safe security, you don’t buy a cheap ass safe then put items in which in itself each one cost more than what you paid for the safe, and then broadcasted all over YouTube, what a dumbass, stealth, and the unknown is your best security

            • Matthew W
              Matthew W  6 months back

              Waiting patiently for the update video of when your Philosophy & system was breached, 😄👍

            • 13C Gun Reviews
              13C Gun Reviews   6 months back

              Anyone specifically targeting my house because they know who lives here is bringing a team and a every tool they'd need to open even the toughest of safes. The idea of being in the public eye and also being "stealth" is ridiculous.

          • sandymush
            sandymush  8 months back

            You do realize 11 ga is THICKER than 14 ga right????

            This is made with THINNER metal...

            • 13C Gun Reviews
              13C Gun Reviews   8 months back

              11ga is thicker than 14ga. For $600 you aren't getting 11ga in anything, it's more than likely 16ga and maybe even 18, so perhaps you misunderstood what I was saying.

          • OhioPreparedness
            OhioPreparedness  8 months back

            Yoda is awesome, wow

          • Nate Harris
            Nate Harris  9 months back

            $599 for a few pieces of sheet metal that needs assembly? No thanks! For the same price you can buy a fireproof Liberty safe.

            • TheSnappleman75
              TheSnappleman75  5 months back

              @David Berthelette Agree with most of your comment, I think it's a solid product, but at a high price for the materials used. If it were $600 for a 10ga/8ga walled RSC, i'd say this would be a really great value product.

            • TheSnappleman75
              TheSnappleman75  5 months back

              @13C Gun Reviews The liberty centurion 18 is pretty much identical to the Agile 52. Both about $600, 14 gauge steel, but the centurion has a 30 min fire rating at 1200. 14ga steel on any safe is pretty much the thinnest you can get away with.

            • David Berthelette
              David Berthelette  8 months back

              daaper Well, then it’s perfect for you and you have found a way to justify the cost for you. That’s good! I would never fault anyone for buying something they want and like. ;) I would like to point out, however. Again, not blaming you for your choice and happy that you are satisfied but you are using the argument that safe companies sell us on “hype” and yet you bought into the hype of carpet and drywall being corrosive to firearms. What a bunch of crap that sales pitch is. Drywall and carpet are what most homes are surrounding everything in the house including the guns.

            • daaper
              daaper  8 months back

              @David Berthelette These two people are carrying it out of my house when it's bolted to the floor and wall with my alarm blaring? They've got about 3 minutes at the most to find it and break into it before the cops get there. I would love to see them try to break into this with a screwdriver in any reasonable amount of time. Plus, the size and weight of this allows me to put it places that I can't put one of the RSC behemoths, making it much easier to hide. I'm much more worried about theft than fire, So I'd rather not corrode my guns with a bunch of carpet glue and drywall for something that statistically wouldn't survive the fire's false peace-of-mind.

              As for price, what exactly do the other RSCs provide as far as materials/value that this doesn't? They're bunch of MDF, carpet, and drywall wrapped in 14ga. steel. This gets rid of the crap I don't want and gives me a better way to organize my stuff.

            • David Berthelette
              David Berthelette  8 months back

              I think the point is...the price of this cabinet is VERY difficult to justify. So for the same price as a "safe" you get a cabinet that can be easily carried out of your house by 2 people, broken into with a screwdriver and provides zero fire protection. A gun "safe" that has a fire rating WILL provide SOME protection. If the price for these cabinets was less than half the price...I could see the appeal. Also, the dirty little secret that no one wants to talk about when demonstrating how easy it is to cut into the side of a gun safe is this: If you properly install your safe so it cannot be tipped or the sides and back easily accessed, you will get a reasonable amount of security from all but the most determined thieves with a lot of time to work. Again, the point is not that this is a bad product, it's that it is far too much money.

          • PimpShrimp247
            PimpShrimp247  10 months back

            Cool video, lots of good info. Does anyone know what size door organizer fits on this safe?

            • 13C Gun Reviews
              13C Gun Reviews   10 months back

              You'll have some standoff behind the guns using the mounts that are included. If you put them above the barrels or under the rests but above where any scopes/cary handles might be, you can get pretty creative organizing the inside. 10% off if you grab gift cards first this weekend too-

            • PimpShrimp247
              PimpShrimp247  10 months back

              @13C Gun Reviews thanks for the update! So I'll still plan on getting this cabinet but not a door organizer. Very helpful. Thanks again for the info!

            • 13C Gun Reviews
              13C Gun Reviews   10 months back

              I don't, no. FWIW it's not very deep, so unlike a traditional safe, where your stocks, pistol grips and mag wells are won't have much room at all.

          • Mark Rice
            Mark Rice  10 months back

            Too Funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You better hope you don't have a fire in your house!! No fire protection! You better hope you don't have a fire where that cheap thing is-trust me-it will melt down along with anything in it!!

            • Lee Samuelson
              Lee Samuelson  8 months back

              there is not gunsafe that is fireproof either unless it is over 6 grand and an actual SAFE that is double steel wall with concrete in the middle. I have talked to fire fighters too and these so called gun safes are crap. UL will not give them a fire rating as they HAVE NONE! but go ahead and pay more for the bullshit and have your guns corrode too from the sheet rock and carpet and glue etc. oh the stuff the companies sell to help against corrosion?? they lie to you telling you it is humidity control when it is stuff to control the chemical reaction from the cheap shitting materials.

            • insomthegreat
              insomthegreat  10 months back

              I've seen fireproof gun safes after a fire and there's nothing worth keeping after the fire is over.

          • Sean
            Sean  12 months back

            Been checking out this company's YouTube channel and website. Really changing my mind and leaning towards these guys instead of the brands I was researching before.

            • 13C Gun Reviews
              13C Gun Reviews   12 months back

              It's a departure from the accepted 'norm' we've heard for decades. I like the idea of decentralization and being able to have to the same steel but in a lighter package. Everything has its place.

              Keep your eye open for another sale for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. -

          • Zilch71
            Zilch71  1 years back

            Yea, it’s nice cuz it’s the same as wrapping your guns in tin foil!

            • Zilch71
              Zilch71  1 years back

              13C Gun Reviews must have forgotten lol

            • 13C Gun Reviews
              13C Gun Reviews   1 years back

              Zilch71 Tin foil is for aliens, aluminum foil is for anti theft.

          • TRUESF
            TRUESF  1 years back

            Best review I’ve seen on this product very informative and you seem to have a very level head on this topic a lot of people’s responses to these cabinet/ lockers “my safe is better “but a lot of us know most 1500$ safes are just as easy to get into period, security system and motion detector in the cabinet is a viable option to the big bulky safe/ metal cabinet held together by sheet rock and formaldehyde 👍

          • mugenrios2k
            mugenrios2k  1 years back

            Are the back bolt/screw holes spaced 16" center to center for wall studs??

          • B Tango
            B Tango  1 years back

            Could you use those inexpensive gun magnets instead of the $30 pegs?

            • 13C Gun Reviews
              13C Gun Reviews   1 years back

              B Tango The cabinet is all metal so if the back of them are also magnetic or use something like 3M adhesive I don't see why not.

          • Maggie W
            Maggie W  1 years back

            Nice safe!

            • BOSS 350z
              BOSS 350z  1 years back

              😲 That galil tho... 😵 That may very well be the nicest galil set up ive ever seen. Time to go shopping!

            • eltenda's channel
              eltenda's channel  1 years back

              Very nice!

              • GARY
                GARY  1 years back

                Very Nice

                • A8vscRrabbit
                  A8vscRrabbit  1 years back

                  Unsubbed!.......resubbed hit the bell

                • Danh8su
                  Danh8su  1 years back

                  Stay firsty my friends....

                • Danh8su
                  Danh8su  1 years back