5.11 Belts - A belt for every occasion!


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  • Peter Y
    Peter Y  4 weeks back

    4:40 is when heavy duty starts!

    • Tony
      Tony  4 months back

      Why 5.11 doesnt put velco under the entire belt flap like others is beyond me.

      • ShinerBock2007
        ShinerBock2007  8 months back

        If you have a gut like me, that damn buckle is very painful after a while, the other day I saw someone wear it off to the side ....PERFECT....just for you fat guys!!!

        • Erick López
          Erick López  3 months back

          I wear it with the buckle at 10 o'clock, since I appendix carry but yes it makes a world of difference.

      • Samuel Underwood
        Samuel Underwood  8 months back

        I have had my belt for 7 years and it looks new and I have it on all the time

        • A R
          A R  10 months back

          So if your belt loops rip.....then what? You think the belt is going to end up in your arm pits and rip your arms off??

          • A R
            A R  10 months back

            @SnareMan ok. Makes sense. I was honestly just wondering if you had experience or heard of anyone that ripped their belt loops and got injured. I would assume that a sturdy belt around your body will remain around your body, even without belt loops. Sure it will shift, but hopefully it will remain around the body.

          • SnareMan
            SnareMan   10 months back

            @A R I wasn't sure what you were referring to with the broken belt loops. I made the vid 7 years ago so don't remember everything I said in it.

          • A R
            A R  10 months back

            @SnareMan What do you mean by your one word comment...."huh?"

            I explained my comment by using more words. After warning about broken belt loops.....you simply used 2 words: "be careful."

            But you didn't elaborate at all. So thats why I was trying to guess what you thought would happen if the belt loops were to break.

            There, I spelled it out for you. Haha

          • SnareMan
            SnareMan   10 months back


        • Walt Kowalski
          Walt Kowalski  10 months back

          this is not issue of the belt but pants you wearing
          you can always tuck it up and put in the trouser loop

          • Walt Kowalski
            Walt Kowalski  10 months back

            yep end of the belt

          • SnareMan
            SnareMan   10 months back

            Are you talking about the end of the belt flopping around?

        • Michael Holmes
          Michael Holmes  11 months back

          As a normal citizen and you go to your concealed carry class.... WTF

        • Eric Eckert
          Eric Eckert  1 years back

          Kids don't need belts like that.

          • z1522
            z1522  1 years back

            They may be strong and durable, but I hate gigantic, heavy, protruding buckles that practically scream "Look at my Tactical _____". Actual climbing harnesses today have settled on rather disconcertingly narrow 5/8-3/4" webbing; wider and stiffened is logical for real tactical weight loads, but the buckle area itself desperately needs streamlining, IMO.

            • SnareMan
              SnareMan   1 years back

              Check out my Nexbelt and Kore belt vids. Much more under the radar

          • Frank !
            Frank !  1 years back

            I was looking at getting the Double Duty TDU by 5.11 with the plastic buckle ($17 cheaper) but your review just talked me into the Trainer belt, I literally just placed the order for the tundra colored one with the Stainless steel buckle. Thanks for a very helpful review.

            • SnareMan
              SnareMan   1 years back

              Yea, I think the reinforced belts are a much better option if you are going to be carrying stuff on them

          • towert7
            towert7  1 years back

            Cool Sinn watch. Do (did) you like it?

            • James Crozier
              James Crozier  2 years back

              Nice Sinn

              • James Crozier
                James Crozier  2 years back

                SnareMan I’ll check it out. I just picked up a 856 utc. Sinn are great watches for the money.

              • SnareMan
                SnareMan   2 years back

                Here's the video I did on it: https://youtu.be/4BEu6lrT9LE

              • SnareMan
                SnareMan   2 years back


            • DonutsRYummy
              DonutsRYummy  2 years back

              This is the MFG riggers belt and the engineers belt. Basically all the same just waaaay more expensive.
              That being said I own the trainer and operator 5.11 cause I just love 5.11

              • Devildog 68
                Devildog 68  2 years back

                I have of these belts and I love em an their airport friendly I can wear jeans and a shirt outside and the Nazi TSA doesn't know I have a belt on.

                • Barre Kelley
                  Barre Kelley  2 years back

                  Great info, thank you

                  • SnareMan
                    SnareMan   2 years back

                    You're welcome! Thanks for watching!

                • Ratchetman
                  Ratchetman  2 years back

                  The buckle wears out and won't stay in place.

                  • Mr. Kitty
                    Mr. Kitty  2 years back

                    I've heard of this issue before but it's yet to happen to my 2 trainer belts or my son's 2 trainer belts... My 1 trainer belt is probably 5 or 6 years old but please note I only wear these belts when I carry not everyday.

                • propdoctor21564
                  propdoctor21564  2 years back

                  Recently bought the Operator and man what a difference !!! I also went for years with a standard belt and didn't realize what I was missing.

                  • SnareMan
                    SnareMan   2 years back

                    yup, its crazy when you finally get a real belt and realize what you've actually been using for years that you thought was good. :-)

                • Earl Smith
                  Earl Smith  3 years back

                  It's unfortunate that it's made Taiwan

                  • Christopher C
                    Christopher C  2 years back

                    I just received my Operator belt. "Made in China".

                  • MrSARG222
                    MrSARG222  2 years back

                    still better than China

                • Colin Park
                  Colin Park  3 years back

                  I tried their "leather" gun belt a number of years ago, basically a thin leather cover over a plastic core, it fell apart quickly. I do like their pants though.

                  • SnareMan
                    SnareMan   3 years back

                    Interesting. I haven't tried any of their leather belts.

                • thejpar s
                  thejpar s  3 years back

                  i dont get it,some say stiff leather and some say fiber belts I just want something compfy to wear that supports my gear.I have bought many holsters trying to get the best one for me and really dont want a drawer full of belts lol.Like the flexibilty aspects but want support too.Please help haha..Great review!

                  • SnareMan
                    SnareMan   3 years back

                    No problem

                  • thejpar s
                    thejpar s  3 years back

                    Ok will do thanks..

                  • SnareMan
                    SnareMan   3 years back

                    Check out my recent Nexbelt review. I really like those.

                  • thejpar s
                    thejpar s  3 years back

                    I have tryed couple leather gun belts and they are super stiff and kinda hurts across the back when bending or squating.I think Im gonna give one of these belts a shot.The adjustment aspects I really like as well the hock and loop securing thanks again great review..

                  • SnareMan
                    SnareMan   3 years back

                    Its really a personal preference. If you are going to get a leather belt, just make sure you get a leather gun belt as opposed to one from The Gap.

                • Gadsden Jim
                  Gadsden Jim  3 years back

                  The the reversable TDU belts are thick and sturdy just like the trainer and operator but still have the plastic buckle. I have one as well as a trainer both in 1.5" size.

                  • tawaitai
                    tawaitai  2 years back

                    Wish that the TDU had the velcro keeper feature.

                • r Negoro
                  r Negoro  3 years back

                  There's a lot of these fake 511s belt here, only costs like 2.50 bucks.

                  • Josh McCartney
                    Josh McCartney  3 years back

                    What kind of holster is that?

                    • SnareMan
                      SnareMan   3 years back

                      Sorry for the super late reply. That holster was made by a local guy and I don't really recommend it. The one I've been using for a few years now is from Protek concealment http://www.protekconcealment.com/ That's actually my vid review on their main page. They are great to work with.

                  • Bud Rocks
                    Bud Rocks  3 years back

                    Great review exactly what I was looking for A+

                  • ecalzo
                    ecalzo  3 years back

                    thank you so much for the review sir.. it was very helpful .. thanks again

                  • ARES206
                    ARES206  3 years back

                    Very clear and concise review. Subbed. Great Review.

                    • No Names
                      No Names  3 years back

                      From your video it looks like your belt loops are 1.75, while the very first belt you've shown was 1.5. This particular belt isn't that rigid, so it might have been at least little wider to provide better support for your tactical load, no?

                      • SnareMan
                        SnareMan   3 years back

                        All of my holsters are set up for 1.5" belts so I just have to tolerate a little bit of play I suppose, but it doesn't really every seem to be a problem

                    • Arma Lol
                      Arma Lol  3 years back

                      nothing special, it's a copy of military belt. Been selling this shit at Surplus for ages.

                      • Shotta Cle
                        Shotta Cle  3 years back

                        Great review thank you
                        If you don't mind me asking whats name and model watch you had on in the video? Thanks in advance

                        • SnareMan
                          SnareMan   3 years back

                          No problem. I try and provide good 'customer service' when I can. :-)

                        • Shotta Cle
                          Shotta Cle  3 years back

                          Thanks man that was quick haha

                        • SnareMan
                          SnareMan   3 years back

                          Thanks! Here's you go: https://youtu.be/4BEu6lrT9LE

                      • Bill Blake
                        Bill Blake  3 years back

                        Really nice review Sir. Thanks for taking the time.

                      • nehorlavazapalka
                        nehorlavazapalka  4 years back

                        not as stiff as I hoped (I have the Trainer and ym previous leather belt was stiffer) ..not sure if I am a fan of this. It is enough, but not as much as I wanted.

                        • SnareMan
                          SnareMan   4 years back

                          +nehorlavazapalka Ah, ok.

                        • nehorlavazapalka
                          nehorlavazapalka  4 years back

                          I am mostly limited to 5.11 and some, some SOE stuff since I live in the Czech Republic and not that many companies sell here and the mail price would be too high for me, I'll stick with the Trainer and when the velocro wears out I'll move to leather again, I think..dunno

                        • SnareMan
                          SnareMan   4 years back

                          +nehorlavazapalka Check out the Aegis enhanced belt if you want stiff. I have one of the regular and one of the enhanced and the enhanced is pretty darn stiff.

                      • timothy thomas
                        timothy thomas  4 years back

                        I have done modifications to a lot of gear . I bought a knockoff belt for 8 dollars that says 5:11 on it . Although it is not 5:11 and it's stitching sucked for lack of a better word . As well the sizing was off . The 3 mod's I did to make this belt comparable to that of an 80 dollar belt were as follows . First I doubled the stitching all by hand as I have not yet learned to sew with machine as of yet . It only took 2 days of use before the velcro stitching started coming off so doubling the stitching of the velcro was the first thing . Secondly I could not tighten the belt to the right size so I added velcro to the belt . I used salvaged velcro I gather it here and there as I run across it . Taking it off things people throw by the roadside etc . You don't have to buy it nor do you have to always buy shock cord or nylon if you use creative thinking . Later I was bored and had been watching escape and evade videos and gear reviews and seen something that had not been done in the way I envisioned it . What I did next was to add 2 small velcro pockets to the inside of the belt . The pockets measure 3.75 inches wide by the width of the belt which is 1.50 inches . I fist sewed the little pockets out of a nylon material from an old lunch bag..Once I had the little rectangular pockets . I added velcro to fasten them shut . And finally I sewed them to the belt . First putting one in the rear and secondly adding one to my left side . These little pockets are great for hiding money from your wife ,she will go in your wallet but never in your belt! No more looking like an idiot when you go to buy something and don't have as much money as you assumed . As well as the inspired reason I dropped in a small razor and a small piece of hacksaw blade As well as a handcuff key . I have thought about buying more belts like mine to modify and sell to make a few dollars . I could sell them under 90 dollars especially if I would sit down and learn to use the sewing machine . I would like to hear if ant one else has modified their gear such as bags belts plate carriers etc ?

                        • mdssdp
                          mdssdp  4 years back

                          How long does the velcro last though, it would not last any where near the life of the belt. Is there a way to change it out?

                          • SnareMan
                            SnareMan   4 years back

                            +mdssdp Check out my latest video on the Wilderness Tactical belts. Similar style and I've been wearing the one several times a week to work for probably 5 years and the velcro is still going strong. No problems at all. I suppose if you really wanted to you could have a tailor swap it out, but if you've work the belt down that much its probably easier just to buy a new one.

                        • DemarsPEng
                          DemarsPEng  4 years back

                          Great video! I just got my first EDC/Tactical Belt a few days ago and I must say I love it.

                          I just posted some a video of what seems to be a very high value belt: The Sog Tactical belt for only $15 bucks at Walmart!

                          • bigbillysbeard
                            bigbillysbeard  4 years back

                            with ref to the belts slipping and or the floppy end sticking out, turn the floppy end back on its self and jam it into the buckle. it should stop the nylon slipping back

                            • SnareMan
                              SnareMan   4 years back

                              @bigbillysbeard Thanks! Glad you liked it!

                            • bigbillysbeard
                              bigbillysbeard  4 years back

                              p.s. I thought your review was top notch and ive just ordered an operator belt, so keep them commin

                            • SnareMan
                              SnareMan   4 years back

                              @bigbillysbeard Thanks!

                          • burn after reading
                            burn after reading  5 years back

                            Thank you was not sure if i was wearing this belt right

                            • SnareMan
                              SnareMan   3 years back

                              It just depends on the side of the belt loops on the jeans. You just need to measure them and compare.

                            • Eddie Velasquez
                              Eddie Velasquez  3 years back

                              SnareMan would the trainer belt fit regular jeans because i want to edc my flashlight and mabey a multitool jus tired of keeping it all in my pockets

                            • SnareMan
                              SnareMan   5 years back

                              @Michael Anderson You're welcome! :-)

                          • ultraclassic01hd
                            ultraclassic01hd  5 years back

                            If there is a secret to keeping the TDU belt tight, I sure would like to know!!!! It is always slipping from the point of where it is tightened. The one I bought is reversible but has the same plastic buckle (first demo)  and it slips. 

                            • Victor Grădinaru
                              Victor Grădinaru  4 years back

                              +ultraclassic01hd How do these TDU belts get loose on you folks? I have an ASP Tactical Logo belt and that never happened. I'm comparing them since they're similar in design.

                            • SnareMan
                              SnareMan   5 years back

                              I've actually stopped wearing mine because I didn't like the floppy tip sticking out of my belt loop.

                          • JSTEEZYSNAKE
                            JSTEEZYSNAKE  5 years back

                            they run small!!!!! I'm 36 waist and I needed to order an XL

                            • Roaming Richies
                              Roaming Richies  5 years back

                              What's your advice on the sizing? I'm 6'2 185 and wear a 34-36''. I bought the large in the TDU belt, which is supposed to be for 36-38'', and I only have about 4'' of material when its cinched up. I noticed you have a lot left over. What size waist/belt do you use for these 511's? Thanks.

                              • P LC
                                P LC  9 months back

                                me too, what size belts do you use?

                            • Angelp99
                              Angelp99  5 years back

                              I'm 14 and I use TDU belts and they are WAY better than regular leather belts. Plus, they look really cool in black.

                              • Ateu Cu
                                Ateu Cu  5 years back

                                Very useful, thanks.

                                • Arisbel Rivero
                                  Arisbel Rivero  5 years back

                                  I wore my black one going thru TSA at Gainesvile and the stupid agent told me I had to take it off even after I told him it was a polymer buckle.

                                  • SnareMan
                                    SnareMan   5 years back

                                    Yea, unless you get Pre-check they make you take them all off now.  I made the vid back when they still trusted your belts. 

                                • Nitro9thGenSi
                                  Nitro9thGenSi  5 years back

                                  Great review man!!!

                                  • Gilbert Osuna
                                    Gilbert Osuna  5 years back

                                    Hi Snareman.

                                    Great Vid by the way. Very good
                                    Information. All my Equipment is
                                    Tactical since I'm in The First
                                    Response Team, United States
                                    Civil Air Patrol. A couple of years
                                    Ago I was flying to NY and was
                                    Wearing my Civil Air Patrol Shirt
                                    With the matching Blue 5.11 pants
                                    And tactical Black Web Belt with
                                    Government ID in Hand. TSA still
                                    Made me take off the BELT and
                                    SHOES to be PLACED in their
                                    Plastic box to be run thru the
                                    X-Ray. But it all depends on the
                                    Airport you're going thru. Coming
                                    Back from the Oklahoma City
                                    Air Force Base I had No Problem
                                    Going thru with TSA. I had my
                                    Government Credentials in Hand
                                    and TSA Recognised my ID from
                                    The AIR FORCE and let me pass without a hitch. But AGAIN being they are Practically Next Door to
                                    The AIR FORCE BASE the TSA
                                    In OKLAHOMA CITY AIRPORT
                                    are used to seeing Military
                                    Personnel come thru their Domain.

                                    THANKS AGAIN for YOUR VIDS.

                                    Lt. Gilbert Osuna
                                    Civil Air Patrol
                                    United States
                                    Air Force Auxiliary

                                    • lol lover 2
                                      lol lover 2  3 years back

                                      Hello are you currently still in CAP if so hello fellow CAP member Cadet/A1C Steffens

                                  • Doug Caldwell
                                    Doug Caldwell  5 years back

                                    And what size belt did you get?  I read a number of online reviews which discuss getting belts depending on wearing a holster inside/outside the waistband. Size does matter to fit a gun, if worn, and for the hook/loop to attach properly.

                                    • Doug Caldwell
                                      Doug Caldwell  5 years back

                                      Yes, try before you buy. I went to a 5.11 Tactical store and tried one and got the correct size for me.

                                    • SnareMan
                                      SnareMan   5 years back

                                      Sorry for the delay.  I think I've since sold my 5.11 belts and now mostly use Wilderness Tactical belts so I'm not positive on the size.  You would want to get it a little larger though if you're going to do IWB to account for the extra space.  Might be easiest if you can find a store that has them to try them on to be sure .  I just discovered that with some FirstSpear belts I bought. 

                                  • Doug Caldwell
                                    Doug Caldwell  5 years back

                                    TKS for comments, insight and practical tips on choosing/wearing belts.  BTW: if you travel by air enough check into the expanded TSA PreCheck program; tsa dot gov/tsa-precheck/application-program. Then you might not have to take off the belt.

                                    • SnareMan
                                      SnareMan   5 years back

                                      Thanks.  Yes.  I have both Pre-Check and Global Entry. Makes life so much easier!

                                  • RobertoMatos
                                    RobertoMatos  6 years back

                                    Just commenting here to thank you for the videos, specially this one and the one about the 5.11 stryke pant.. Helped me a lot in deciding between the pants.
                                    Sorry for bad english.

                                    • SnareMan
                                      SnareMan   6 years back

                                      Your english is fine. :-)  glad the vids helped!

                                  • survivaleveryday
                                    survivaleveryday  6 years back

                                    Airport friendly, very good!

                                    • SnareMan
                                      SnareMan   6 years back

                                      Although these days unless you have tsa precheck they still make you take your belt off.