Locksmithing 101 - Safe Lock Basics


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  • joblessalex
    joblessalex  10 months back

    Sooo boring...... even the video has crickets

    • Matt McHenry
      Matt McHenry  1 years back

      I know, right! my girlfriend from the next room was like, what are you doing in there!!! Great video though!

      • logan
        logan  1 years back

        I drilled one of those open today

        • aaron jackson
          aaron jackson  2 years back

          kill that cricket

          • iwannagod
            iwannagod  3 years back

            hi. i can open a anti-spy combination using a microcamera. i'm from Brazil. Contact me!

            • Rafael Diaz
              Rafael Diaz  3 years back

              Suggest not using ascending or descending numbers for this lock.. 20, 30, 40 or 40, 30, 20 better to use 20, 40, 30 or 30, 20, 40. Just good info for your viewers.

              • GreatestJack Black
                GreatestJack Black  9 months back

                For the three combination numbers I recommend a high number, low number, high number to slow down a thief trying to do every possible combination and no numbers with fives and zeros in them. And no birthday or driver licence or door numbers or easy numbers in the three combo numbers.

            • cody brooks
              cody brooks  3 years back

              That cricket is driving me nuts!!!!!!! good video though, thanks

              • J Hoffy
                J Hoffy  3 years back

                Did you ever get the manipulation guide from mastersmith on kp?

                • GreatestJack Black
                  GreatestJack Black  9 months back

                  As of about the year 2008 mechanical dial safe locks can no longer be finger manipulated to find unknown combination numbers. Newer locks are made better. Older locks can be manipulated open.

              • 32937isready
                32937isready  3 years back

                Can use open the lock by just looking at the opened box in the back. If so, how?

                • GreatestJack Black
                  GreatestJack Black  9 months back

                  You seem to be asking that if you were locked inside a safe or vault can the lock be opened from the back with the lock cover off. Some locks have a RE-LOCK spring that should be pushed or removed to allow the bolt to go to the open position. For some locks you will need a screwdriver to remove a screw on the lever and bolt because it is one piece of metal.

                • J Hoffy
                  J Hoffy  3 years back

                  Drill the safe, and use a scope to see the gates on the wheels in relation to the fence. Doesn't work on group 1 safe locks I believe though.

              • prankster1590
                prankster1590  4 years back

                So what happened with the wheels when the combination was changed?

                • GreatestJack Black
                  GreatestJack Black  9 months back

                  Each combination wheel with a gate has something like a hubcap in the middle. Imagine the hubcap being taped to the combination wheel. The change key removes the tape so the outer wheel can be changed to a different combination number. Removing the change key puts the tape back securely. I am just using tape as an example. The hubcap really has like 200 teeth on it so that the hubcap gets turning freedom from the few teeth of a combination wheel lever when the change key is turned when changing the combination number of that wheel. The change key is long enough to change the combination number of all three wheels at the same time.

              • Rich Anderson
                Rich Anderson  4 years back

                Amazingly helpful. We had the combo for an old S&G safe at work but didn't know how to put it in, how to reset the wheel first or how to get the bolt across. In first time thanks to this.

                • Bon Bon
                  Bon Bon  4 years back

                  Can you explain a bit more about how the combination CHANGING mechanism works?
                  I suppose the changing key disengages the cams from the driving shaft so that you can rotate it freely to a different combination, and then after removing the key, the shaft engages again with the "open" state of the cams for the new combinations. Am I right?

                  I used a similar approach when building a prototype of a combination lock with my LEGO Technic bricks: I made two separate sets of wheels, one with the gates, and one engaged to the driving wheel where one can input the combination. Closing the door would engage both sets of wheels (pairwise) with an additional cog wheel for each pair. And it worked well. One could change the combination when the door was open, and only then. So there was no need for any additional programming keys.

                  • John Wasser
                    John Wasser  4 years back

                    +Bon Bon You have it right. The part of the disks that the knob turns can be disengaged from the part of the disks with the gates and change mechanism. When you dial the combination at the change index the three holes for the change key line up under the keyhole, just like dialing at the regular index lines up the three gates at the fence. When you insert the change key and rotate it, the three turning parts disengage from the gated parts. You dial the NEW combination at the change index. When you turn the change key back and remove it you have set the new combination. When you dial the new combination at the regular index the three gates again line up under the fence and the lock can be opened.

                    Having a separate index for changing the combination means that someone has to know the current combination to change it, even if the safe door is open. Of course if the safe door is open they could remove the back of the lock and determine the current combination fairly quickly.

                • B & B Locksmith And Security Inc

                  Very good explanetion .

                  • Vladimir Makarov
                    Vladimir Makarov  4 years back

                    would it be OK to drill out the fence?

                    • FilmMagician
                      FilmMagician  5 years back

                      That cricket was hilarious

                      • club tap
                        club tap  5 years back

                        Good Video...Are you out of Kokomo Indiana?

                        • Szilard Pergel
                          Szilard Pergel  6 years back

                          the best video ever thanks

                          • kris yosecsafe
                            kris yosecsafe  6 years back

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                            • Greg Kelsey
                              Greg Kelsey  7 years back

                              What book?

                              • Steven Beardsley
                                Steven Beardsley  7 years back

                                Thanks for sharing big help

                                • Clint Walker
                                  Clint Walker  7 years back

                                  I watched about half this damn video and I thought I had crickets in the room with me, it felt a hell'uva lot better when I killed the sound on the vid for a second.

                                  • schlossereioldorf
                                    schlossereioldorf  7 years back

                                    Super video, we also do something to Germany,
                                    would also make such a video in German
                                    Super I can say.
                                    Greetings from Bremen, Germany

                                    • Mo Cee
                                      Mo Cee  7 years back

                                      where can i get that tool?

                                      • Yaron N
                                        Yaron N  7 years back

                                        Very nice!!

                                        • Hydrophile44
                                          Hydrophile44  8 years back

                                          Well, to listen to the sounds of crickets on a video, where you can control the volume of the sound is one thing. But to have even one of them right in the same room with you when you are trying to sleep at night, as I have had a few times in the past, is another thing altogether. A very LOUD!, IRRITATING! thing, in fact. So, I can appreciate what you're talking about.

                                          • kokomolock
                                            kokomolock   8 years back

                                            LOL, everyone loves the crickets except me!!!

                                          • Hydrophile44
                                            Hydrophile44  8 years back

                                            Excellent video! Very educational. Yay, Crickets.

                                            • emattsmith
                                              emattsmith  8 years back

                                              Great explanation! Thanks! Also, the cricket in the backround had my kids going nuts as to where it could be in the house! Thanks!

                                              • Juan Cruz
                                                Juan Cruz  8 years back

                                                Very good video, excellent instructions

                                                • CKFYCoren
                                                  CKFYCoren  8 years back

                                                  so every lock could have a different way of opening?

                                                  • charlie sunga
                                                    charlie sunga  8 years back

                                                    very nice vid tnx koko.

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                                                      nhojyelbom  8 years back

                                                      good stuff koko!

                                                      • crackerms0100
                                                        crackerms0100  9 years back

                                                        why do you have a LH mount

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                                                          pikbois1975  9 years back

                                                          Nice vid :)

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                                                            bobcat5AM  9 years back

                                                            Awesome video mate! :o)

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                                                              kokomolock   9 years back

                                                              @jonrbbar Thanks for watching.

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                                                                kokomolock   9 years back

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                                                                    kokomolock   9 years back

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                                                                    • kokomolock
                                                                      kokomolock   9 years back

                                                                      @soulizsouliz If you can put tension on the handle and make the wheels bind, then it is a direct drive safe, not the type I did in the video here. The wheel you found was more than likely the drive cam which would be the last number of the combo, not the first. There are ways to manipulate these but not for discussion here, send me a PM for more details. Thanks.

                                                                      • GreatestJack Black
                                                                        GreatestJack Black  9 months back

                                                                        I totally understand your message here. A direct drive safe combination lock is a cheap lock that I don't recommend if you want high security. Maybe use it on a toy box or a box of costume jewlery or a very hidden safe or a closet.

                                                                    • soulizsouliz
                                                                      soulizsouliz  9 years back

                                                                      Is there any way to "pick" it open? I tried my dads old safe a while ago. Its also a three wheel safe lock with a handle that open and close the safe when you've got the right comco. I put tension on the safe handle and turned the wheel until i felt it kinda moved the handle and dad said that was the 1st digit :o I dont know it that was luck or not but I could'nt get the 2 remaning =)

                                                                      • red
                                                                        red  9 years back

                                                                        very educational video thanks

                                                                        • CWingate
                                                                          CWingate  9 years back

                                                                          Awesome video, great information, learning new things all the time now.

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                                                                            jonrbbar  9 years back

                                                                            great video! thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

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