Obama’s security ring


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  • M Tio
    M Tio  2 months back

    Damn, the president rolls with some fine mofo’s

    • Richard Marden
      Richard Marden  3 months back

      To bad this clown didnt stay in Africa where he was born the illegal.

      • GSHeverything _27
        GSHeverything _27  4 months back

        SATANIC bastards

        • Star Dust
          Star Dust  2 months back

          You talking about yourself?

      • wackjob
        wackjob  5 months back

        my security blanket plugs into the wall with 3 settings

        • Jamoliddin Fakhriddinov
          Jamoliddin Fakhriddinov  5 months back

          Do u know da wei ?

          • Nova Exclusives
            Nova Exclusives  6 months back

            The one, the only, the P.O.T.U.S.

            • PRO’s Gaming
              PRO’s Gaming  7 months back

              Made in Africa!

              • Controversial Zimbabwe TV

                Thank God he is gone Trump is way better

                • Star Dust
                  Star Dust  4 weeks back

                  Trump' s time to go will come as well.

              • Gusmach Oboma
                Gusmach Oboma  2 years back


                • teddy labis
                  teddy labis  2 years back

                  not my president

                  • hadson onchangwa
                    hadson onchangwa  2 years back


                    • daniel hovis
                      daniel hovis  2 years back


                      • semir z
                        semir z  2 years back

                        O lift lift lift luft loft lift ,i farted

                        • Junior Junior
                          Junior Junior  2 years back

                          Yes he was apowerful leader

                          • Evans Onsarigo
                            Evans Onsarigo  2 years back

                            power is good coz it is God given, however, if men could pay such honour to a fellow man,then how much should Christ and God in the highest hierarchy of power should be honoured ???

                          • Tammy Scammon
                            Tammy Scammon  2 years back

                            If he would only stay there

                            • Nicole Damaris
                              Nicole Damaris  2 years back

                              Welcome home mr Obama.

                              • Russ Carr
                                Russ Carr  2 years back

                                I rather see a story about secrete service vices then all this security info..

                                • Russ Carr
                                  Russ Carr  2 years back

                                  Never seen this much info on the beast...? Too much if you ask me..

                                • San47di
                                  San47di  2 years back

                                  One thing she says that is NOT True, that the Secret Service is Not Fully knowledgeable of All of The Beast Capabilities. Those Agents qualified to operate those Vehicles ARE FULLY knowledgeable involving capabilities of those Vehicles!

                                  • Thomasreed
                                    Thomasreed  8 months back

                                    It would make sense though.

                                • Husbandman Mediator
                                  Husbandman Mediator  3 years back

                                  This is something that no one hear about Trump having this kind of respect and superpower you go Obama

                                  • Elizabeth Balazs
                                    Elizabeth Balazs  1 months back

                                    All your comment is wrong. We love our PRESIDENT Donald Trump he is the best PRESIDENT. You have to read more about Obama or talk with American citizens.

                                  • Elizabeth Balazs
                                    Elizabeth Balazs  1 months back

                                    @Husbandman Mediator MORAN

                                  • Elizabeth Balazs
                                    Elizabeth Balazs  1 months back

                                    You are wrong, ask our opinions

                                  • Rhino
                                    Rhino  2 months back

                                    Well, liberals own the media, so it is no surprise there is no good news about trump.

                                  • Husbandman Mediator
                                    Husbandman Mediator  2 years back

                                    @Dave Smith​ What Presidency No Trump was trying to stop everything Obama was issuing out. While Obama was in Office now that is a dump Trump lie. Where ever you get that lie from its made up. While your president not mine's Trump was doing business deals with other companies trying to have these other people whom he have meet at his building. Remember Trump was at the Trump Tower doing these business deals . But really how is Trump helping anyone with getting a Job when it's with soft ware everyone doesn't work thoses type of jobs. Trump said he brought in more jobs maybe so with his business but not with all and every different types of jobs Nah no way 5,000 jobs nothing with Trump ideas. Now let's see Obama has brought in more jobs than any other President that I know of lower the budget in so many ways. He has done so much in his 8 yrs. Obama has help the poor with low income help with signing in Obama care 27 million + more that are on it but now your president Trump will have a effect of sickness of all people not having no insurance coverage with no plan. Now you call this Dump Trump the President when he has no kind of coverage plan for all when y'all elected Trump in Office Trump never had a plan for nothing. I don't care what you say and how you say it Obama is the Man who always had a plan Obama plans worked out even before his departure of the President Office.

                                • Bitch Chocker
                                  Bitch Chocker  3 years back

                                  Nothing but a fucking waste of resources with this fucking dick sucking self anointed corrupt beraucrates. Fuck all of them

                                  • mehmood hassan
                                    mehmood hassan  3 years back

                                    not superpower

                                    • AARM-USRA
                                      AARM-USRA  3 years back

                                      "We are going to Kenya! Tell the Kenyans what our security detail will look like. That'll keep me safe."

                                    • No Dabbing Allowed
                                      No Dabbing Allowed  3 years back

                                      Supah powah

                                      • RegioMty
                                        RegioMty  1 months back


                                      • Yanlem K
                                        Yanlem K  6 months back

                                        Hahahaha...I laugh so hard.

                                    • mustaqiim channel
                                      mustaqiim channel  3 years back

                                      Africanti niidhashay wasa Gallo yahay xunta

                                      • gadowski fans
                                        gadowski fans  3 years back


                                      • munisingmom
                                        munisingmom  3 years back

                                        I love Obama.....beautiful wife and 2 lovely well raised daughters. He's too kind to be President

                                      • Sam Tennesson
                                        Sam Tennesson  3 years back

                                        Of course, there won't be a security issue in his home country.

                                        • rivalsairsoft
                                          rivalsairsoft  3 years back

                                          welcome home

                                          • Randall
                                            Randall  3 years back

                                            Waste of tax payer money protecting this asshole

                                          • Gean Castillo
                                            Gean Castillo  3 years back

                                            This kind of videos are like webinars for ISIS assholes lol!!! They believe that watching shit like this, they will make it happen!!

                                          • mxcisl337 Goys of Summer

                                            This piece of shit can spend millions in tax payer money for armored limos, helicopters and armed military personnel, but doesn't want me to be able to buy an AR15 to protect myself? FUCK HIM.

                                            • JDeffenb1018
                                              JDeffenb1018  3 years back

                                              I need an AR15 to defend myself from my own government. Why does the president get special privileges?

                                            • Niyas Niyas
                                              Niyas Niyas  3 years back

                                              +NitaKuwait Niyas

                                            • Niyas Niyas
                                              Niyas Niyas  3 years back


                                            • mxcisl337 Goys of Summer
                                              mxcisl337 Goys of Summer  3 years back

                                              Most Democrats as in citizens, or as in politicians? Look at states like CA and NY and tell me they don't want to ban guns. I wouldn't say ALL Democrats want to ban guns, just most of them....well, ban them from the average joe; police and military can still be armed to the teeth.

                                          • Bunker Builders
                                            Bunker Builders  3 years back

                                            bug proof limo lmao

                                          • Tonio Yendis
                                            Tonio Yendis  3 years back

                                            American power on full display! Please keep our POTUS safe - we love and need him!

                                            • Adidasp4
                                              Adidasp4  3 years back

                                              World's "super power"

                                              • Me Me
                                                Me Me  2 months back

                                                Lol,that got me laughing when she said that!!

                                            • poyoo turkanculture
                                              poyoo turkanculture  3 years back

                                              Obama god blearce you

                                              • poyoo turkanculture
                                                poyoo turkanculture  3 years back

                                                Obama blerce you

                                                • Sadock Sylvester
                                                  Sadock Sylvester  4 years back

                                                  thanks Mr Obama to visited Africa

                                                • mwendapoleee
                                                  mwendapoleee  4 years back

                                                  I want

                                                • skynetcapital limited
                                                  skynetcapital limited  4 years back

                                                  • Ongenyo Cyprian
                                                    Ongenyo Cyprian  4 years back

                                                    Power is good, en a lesson that we kenyan can lead in any part of the world