The Club Vehicle Security Safe Review -

  • Published: 05 February 2014
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    Today, we're going to be taking a look at The Club Vehicle Security Safe part number LB200. This Person Vault is a great way to keep all of your valuable safe underneath the seat of your vehicle or in your camp site or when you go into the hotel. It has this nice knob here that wherever it's installed, for example, if you install underneath the seat, the majority of it is hidden. All you got to do is simply just pull out on this little handle to quickly access your cellphone, wallet, or any other personal items. You can see on the inside here is a nice soft felt material so that if you have any items that are fragile or breakable, it's not going to have abrasive metal surface on the inside and there's also nice removable soft foam protective pad on the bottom, again, to help protect any valuables or breakables. It's made of a strong metal material which is nice added security for your valuables. Now, there are two ways that you can use this vault. There is this plug here which can simply plug in into that hole and the two keys that are included is use to lock it, and basically, the lock is going to go into that groove and prevent anyone from opening it, so it could be just free standing or you can use this rubber coated steel cable, which this cable can go around the post of your seat or any steel structure in your vehicle to help prevent anyone from actually removing the box from the vehicle if they happen to get in. How you'll do that is simply, again, use one of the two included keys and replace this plug here with this plug here.

    Now what you would do is simply wrap this around a steel structure or something, for example, like a seat post or something like that in your car, and this little hoop will go around it, then you will just simply slide this plug in the hole and then lock it in place. Not only are your valuables going to be secured inside the box, but the box is going to be secured to the vehicle or the camp site or wherever else you need to take the box to. Now, we'll go ahead and show you how we're going to be connecting it to the seat post in our vehicle. First, we'll just need to unlock the box and put our valuables inside. What we'll do is we'll go ahead underneath the seat and find a strong sturdy connection point, so I'll just use this bar here which is used to adjust the seat back and forth just to kind of give you a quick example. Basically, what we'll do is we'll simply just wrap this around post here, slide this back through, insert that plug into that hole, so now with the cord secure, just go ahead and shove the remaining wire cable, and then, now we have our safe underneath the seat. Now don't be worried about this cable here.

    It is coated with a nice rubber so it's not going to scratch any of the painted metal surfaces in your vehicle. Now, when we get in and we're driving, basically the safe is out of the way of our legs, anything else when we're driving so it's not going to affect our driving. Now if you don't have enough room underneath the seat to secure the Personal Vault to, you can find a sturdy steel structure in the trunk of your vehicle. The box is also large enough for most modern compact handguns. The box's external dimensions are 8-1/2 inches long by 6 inches wide by 2-3/4 inches tall, and the cable dimensions are 1/4 inch in diameter by 30 inches long, and the Personal Vault comes with a 90-day limited warranty. Now, with our valuables all secured inside of our vehicle, that'll complete today's review of The Club Vehicle Security Safe part number LB200. .
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  • The Survivalist
    The Survivalist  6 months back

    You can also drill hole in the bottom of the case, bolt it to the floor of your truck, and slide the box from over it to open it up.