Breaking in to a Locked Safe from a Storage Auction! WHAT IS INSIDE???


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  • Donna Johnson
    Donna Johnson  1 months back

    guess i missed this episode. These guys really cant be that dumb. even the parts of a 200 year old pocket watch are worth a fortune.

    • Sherrell Einsig
      Sherrell Einsig  2 months back

      Good video Dave

      • John Dickinson
        John Dickinson  3 months back

        There is a market for the busted up movements, parts for Etsy artists making sreampunk items. Check it out.

        • banmadabon
          banmadabon  4 months back

          Treat this stuff with care geez! A watchmaker surely will buy all in bulk for a hefty sum...But no ravaging like junkies that need to score immediately...Gold! Gold! Sad to see...

          • EEGE
            EEGE  4 months back

            Anchor could be the watch- and bracelet brand Paul Hewitt. Has same size and marks/imprints.

            • Arlo Arceo
              Arlo Arceo  5 months back

              Gold parts

              • Lorena Coleman
                Lorena Coleman  5 months back

                Was like watching Larry Moe and Curly....seriously! Where did you find these airheads?

                • jane peacock
                  jane peacock  5 months back

                  Can always sell me your stamped gold filled items :)

                  • jane peacock
                    jane peacock  5 months back

                    From what i seen u got a lot of gold just in the gold filled items like cuff links and watch cases. For 800 gram clean gold filled you could get anywhere from 22 to 30 gram pure gold. I refine these items when most overlook them

                    • Dontavious Fleming
                      Dontavious Fleming  5 months back

                      He would've had so much more views if this video wasn't so long

                      • Tammy Hollia
                        Tammy Hollia  5 months back

                        Is the anchor not off a mariners watch

                        • Monica Deane
                          Monica Deane  5 months back

                          someone on the internet makes motorcycle miniatures with old watch pieces.Pretty interesting !!

                          • Terry Ketron
                            Terry Ketron  6 months back

                            Well... if there's ever a safe cracked at a jewelry store these fellows are not likely to be suspects. However you have to admire their tenacity and general "stick-to-itiveness". And they were working with 3 to 5 pound edged chunks of steel while wearing cloth shoes and sandals. Hmmmmm.

                            • Max Mustermann
                              Max Mustermann  6 months back

                              Did you actually make any profit out of this storage auction?

                              • warning and fails fanny
                                warning and fails fanny  7 months back

                                Hi sar how are you I'm shahab from Pakistan

                                • Lee Byron Cantara
                                  Lee Byron Cantara  7 months back

                                  If i was there...i could have just get the old watches and some of its parts....they could have sell the parts and have money...and for the watches, they could just made it as a collection or many more things that they can do with it.

                                  • helen riddoch
                                    helen riddoch  7 months back

                                    got no idea

                                    • N.L.W
                                      N.L.W  7 months back

                                      What's the name of the safe so I can get one

                                      • Jimmy Mendoza
                                        Jimmy Mendoza  8 months back

                                        You guys suck at camera angle !

                                        • Chad Howell
                                          Chad Howell  8 months back

                                          Damn!...Ever heard of ebay...some real treasures in those watches and parts....I think these guys are clueless...I read a comment where the guy from the channel said he melted down the gold from watch parts....duh!...worth ALOT more than scrap!...and don't even get me started about destroying the safe! a locksmith $30/40 and u got a $500!...u guys are stepping over dollars, to pick up pennies....shame!

                                          • Blue Bus Dave
                                            Blue Bus Dave   8 months back

                                            For opening the safe they let me buy all the watch parts I am making bank online ✌️✌️✌️

                                        • Tammy Weber
                                          Tammy Weber  8 months back

                                          The comments here...they bought the units! That makes it their property. Why in the hell are you watching if it is so Lmao So many judges. Keep having fun guys, I enjoy your travels and finds.

                                          • Jake Fitzgerald
                                            Jake Fitzgerald  2 months back

                                            All the people with the rude, hateful comments are just jealous that they don't have their own safe to open.

                                          • Tall dan
                                            Tall dan  5 months back

                                            Was a lot of fun opening the safe instead of waiting for a locksmith to open it

                                          • Blue Bus Dave
                                            Blue Bus Dave   8 months back

                                            I agree never know what will make people upset ✌️✌️✌️

                                        • Decide Motivation
                                          Decide Motivation  8 months back

                                          Thanks for sharing this guys - I OVE these kinds of vids, its like we are there with you discovering it all. Love it.. please keep making these.. UK Subscriber AAAA

                                          • Blue Bus Dave
                                            Blue Bus Dave   8 months back

                                            I don’t plant stuff check out the rest of my videos

                                        • Heather Collier
                                          Heather Collier  8 months back

                                          Auckland yeah I love FORD

                                          • Bill Woehl
                                            Bill Woehl  8 months back

                                            Ya all would have been terrible bank robbers, LoL

                                            • Joyce Smith
                                              Joyce Smith  8 months back


                                            • Joyce Smith
                                              Joyce Smith  8 months back

                                              These guys are rude and abusive and also ignorant as to the value of the items they have ..very unprofessional..ugh there lucky to have you as a friend who has intelligence..

                                              • Blue Bus Dave
                                                Blue Bus Dave   8 months back

                                                They sold me all the watches at the end There New Yorkers

                                            • Henryk Hales
                                              Henryk Hales  8 months back

                                              Its nice to see someone who has no idea of what they have.

                                              • Blue Bus Dave
                                                Blue Bus Dave   8 months back

                                                You with that nail on the head✌️✌️✌️

                                            • JEFF JACK
                                              JEFF JACK  8 months back

                                              Oh this is valuable? Nice! SLAM! WAM! POW! CLING! CRASH! ....Palm Face

                                              • jmariliou
                                                jmariliou  8 months back

                                                All that has been found before opening the safe is much more expensive than the contents of the safe. They look more like ordinary burglars than experts !!!!!

                                                • Andrea Stultz
                                                  Andrea Stultz  8 months back

                                                  You guys should watch Jared..I STORAGE WARS. HE BUSTS THEM FAST. IDK HOW. I NEVER PAYED ATTN. BUT I SEEN ANOTHER STORAGE BIDDER PAY HIM (I THINK $100. )to open 1 he had and it was empty.

                                                  • Dale Riccetti
                                                    Dale Riccetti  8 months back

                                                    That is simply stupid and time wasting busting into a safe like that, but I like your videos anyway :-)

                                                    • Tarman The Champion
                                                      Tarman The Champion  8 months back

                                                      The easiest way to open a safe like that is to drop it on a concrete floor from 2-3 stories up. It will leave a dent in the concrete & ruin the safe, but you can at least open the thing up within 10 mins..

                                                      • Jeff Bjodstrup
                                                        Jeff Bjodstrup  8 months back

                                                        CHARLES CHAPLIN COULD HAVE DONE THAT BETTER AMATEURS!

                                                      • Sam Eakins
                                                        Sam Eakins  8 months back

                                                        Mr. Dave you really need a plasma cutter! Wish I had one for you

                                                      • Emperor Of Mankind
                                                        Emperor Of Mankind  8 months back

                                                        Jesus Christ people. When the hell will you learn that an angle grinder with a cutting wheel will peel open a safe's side or rear panel in a few minutes? It'll open it like a sardine can

                                                        • Emperor Of Mankind
                                                          Emperor Of Mankind  8 months back

                                                          @Blue Bus Dave Perhaps a new opportunity for investment? :)

                                                        • Blue Bus Dave
                                                          Blue Bus Dave   8 months back

                                                          They don’t have outlets in storage rooms And my grinder doesn’t have a battery pack

                                                      • Lee Robinson
                                                        Lee Robinson  8 months back

                                                        I bet Xmas is so exciting at your house, just give me the box, what a prick

                                                        • T B
                                                          T B  8 months back

                                                          I watched the manner in which they processed this room and died a little on the inside...

                                                          • banmadabon
                                                            banmadabon  4 months back

                                                            same to me...they looked like junkies who broke in a flat in search for quick cash to score a fix...

                                                        • bill bill
                                                          bill bill  9 months back

                                                          don't mind the floor u clown's

                                                          • blkctthwt
                                                            blkctthwt  9 months back

                                                            Gardall GA16122GC UL Rated 2 Hour Fire Safe W/ Combination Lock
                                                            Thick 4-1/4" door with recessed anti-pry design
                                                            Safe walls are 2-1/2" thick
                                                            Two active bolts that lock in 3 directions, massive 1" diameter round bolts that extend deep into safe's body Center

                                                            • charles wisher
                                                              charles wisher  9 months back


                                                              • Blue Bus Dave
                                                                Blue Bus Dave   9 months back

                                                                It Definitely was I got all the watches from my friend

                                                            • Jimmy Jim
                                                              Jimmy Jim  9 months back

                                                              If have to do this by myself. These goofs look like thieves...

                                                              • liz smith
                                                                liz smith  9 months back

                                                                some of those watch gadgets could be made of gold and some could be rare......

                                                                • Blue Bus Dave
                                                                  Blue Bus Dave   9 months back

                                                                  I got a few watches for opening that safe ✌️✌️✌️

                                                              • Brandon Reid
                                                                Brandon Reid  9 months back

                                                                So watches are really expensive depending on the movement. I sent my Rolex day date in for a cracked bezel. They replace the hands etc when they do a repair and send the originals back to you as well. $300 for new hands so potentially a lot of money in those watch parts and especially those faces.

                                                                • Nancy Brown
                                                                  Nancy Brown  9 months back

                                                                  For the price you would get from the diamonds if they are real you could have paid a locksmith to open it.

                                                                  • Jimmy Walters
                                                                    Jimmy Walters  9 months back

                                                                    The old watch repair man is rolling over in his grave.

                                                                    • Blue Bus Dave
                                                                      Blue Bus Dave   9 months back

                                                                      At least I got a bunch of his watches for helping opening the safe

                                                                  • Jimmy Walters
                                                                    Jimmy Walters  9 months back

                                                                    A punch of crack heads.

                                                                    • Craig Allen
                                                                      Craig Allen  9 months back

                                                                      The lot of them should invest in pants belts.

                                                                      • gene mayne
                                                                        gene mayne  9 months back

                                                                        its so sad to see a safe opened like that money wasted learn how crack a safe