Joshua vs Ruiz 2 in Saudi: Pros and Cons | ReFLEXions special


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  • Anthony pahita
    Anthony pahita  1 months back

    We all know why aj wants it in Saudi? Because he is a Muslim,the character of the man that he WONT EVEN ADMITT HE IS MUSLIM COZ ALL HE DOES IS LIE!

    • Anthony pahita
      Anthony pahita  1 months back

      Sick of Hearn and aj! All they care about is the money!

      • Teemoos
        Teemoos  1 months back

        Leave the politics out of boxing.

        • TheRoyalEnforcer
          TheRoyalEnforcer  1 months back

          Gonna use a free steam on this one, cant support it.

          • ZEE M ZEE
            ZEE M ZEE  1 months back

            luv these mate. great content as always.

            • Nemo Dive Bahia Brasil
              Nemo Dive Bahia Brasil  1 months back

              should be called`the dust up in the dessert`!!!!

              • Mujtaba Mustafa
                Mujtaba Mustafa  1 months back

                The politicians don't say anything and its their job so why should AJ and jeprodise his own position

                • M O
                  M O  1 months back

                  there are no positives for fans, women, journalists, equality, humanity and justice. only hearns and sky tv bank accounts. personally i won't be buying, watching or supporting joshua ever again.

                  • Anthony pahita
                    Anthony pahita  1 months back

                    M O fucking right mate! Me too, sick of this aj cunt! All him and Hearn care about is money in a country where human rights don’t exist! SCUMBAGS!

                • Adam T
                  Adam T  1 months back

                  Shut up why does aj need to be the laMB YOU DO IT

                  • oi oi
                    oi oi  1 months back

                    Next fights will be in Syria, North Korea and Iran

                    • Scott 70
                      Scott 70  1 months back

                      Joshua and Ruiz would most likely be gagged from saying anything negative against the Saudi dictatorship. If anyrhing they will be getting extra to talk the joint up.

                      • DJ RAJE
                        DJ RAJE  1 months back

                        Boycott ppv this event

                        • Nathan Jones
                          Nathan Jones  1 months back

                          It's a big fight, don't really matter wher it is if ya watchin it on ppv.